Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a professional Battle Royale Player and Streamer on Twitch.tv/ninja. He currently is playing Fortnite and COD Black Ops 4 Blackout.
- 1st Place Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament E3 2018
- 1st Place PUBG Squads Gamescom Invitational 2017
- 2nd Place H1Z1 5s Dreamhack 2017
- 1st Place H1Z1 Invitational 2015
- 1st Place Halo 4 Dallas 2012
- 1st Place AGL 8 Knoxville
He is known for his goofy energetic personality, his incredible impressions, and can often be found streaming on Twitch.
Be sure to check out the official #TeamNinja brand: www.teamninja.com

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  1. Rizal alfredo

    I love this video

  2. Aris wisuda

    Really good.

  3. Skacle Games

    Hey! Nice content! I have a decent sized Twitch stream hit me up sometime!

  4. Diles46 - AIRSOFT


  5. Micro

    Great video ! Please take a look at my channel aswell :)


    I really enjoy watching your vids - keep up the good work

  7. undrdog

    What are your specs?

  8. Yifu Hu

    PUBG pls

  9. Cameron Roe

    Hey Tyler. Sup. Need a word. I fucked up a while ago, got perma'd in your chat for using the word Autism. I was unbanned which was probably your doing and I was very grateful for that. Today during your Gamescom FPP duos with Chipzy the room was in emote-only mode and I reacted to you dying with ":(". I wasn't trying to spoil anything for anyone, whatsoever. Twitzh mentions they had said not to use crying emotes but I didn't see any mod say that and I was watching chat closely. Here's our chat history from the day. Telling her she was bullying me got me perma'd again, from a 28,800 second timeout for using ":(". ShredEm: Wasn't trying to spoil with ":(" Twitzh. ShredEm: I was sad and my fingers hit colon and bracket. ShredEm: I'm as hyped about this event as you are. Let me participate in the chat please. ShredEm: I won't use any crying emotes I didn't think that'd get me an 8 hour timeout. ShredEm: I sincerely apologize for ruining the experience for you. Twitzh: No cause if it was for me you never would've been unbanned from yout permban from the start. ShredEm: I can tell you think I'm a rotten person. I'm not. I'm a father of 3 and a hard working man. You don't know me and you're just being mean to me because you can. ShredEm: I typed :( Twitzh: Being mean? we've said additional times to do no cry emotes Twitzh: it's seen as spoling ShredEm: I didn't see that or I wouldn't have Twitzh: Still you did it RIGHT after ninja died on main stream. ShredEm: i'm not out to get banned ShredEm: I didn't see ANY mod say "no crying emotes" at all and I've been reading chat the whole time ShredEm: you're fucking bullying me ShredEm: It's all good. I'm fucking used to it. ShredEm: have a nice day. Twitzh: okay so im gonna change the timeout to a ban instead. Twitzh: good job ShredEm: thanks. ShredEm: more bullying bullshit ShredEm: take care. Twitzh: HeyGuys Today, 10:27:23 AM ShredEm: I hope you feel good about yourself. Twitzh: I feel marvellous actually, having a great day. Thanks for caring ninjaAdore If you don't want to undo this I'll understand; but I really enjoy your content and hope you see that Twitzh isn't exactly being fair here. Thanks.

  10. Raidiation

    Hope your honeymoon has been well! Been missing your streams and vids! Keep up the great work man, never stop doing you!

  11. DEZ

    hey ninja your the most well known player on h1z1 i need your assistance with daybreak please if possible .. it would mean alot if you could help me out ..

  12. 鯵


  13. Akoto Editing.

    Halo again :/

  14. Andrew Walker

    Idk if ninja will read this but youtube auto unsubscribed me from your channel. i only subed like a month ago as well, i just noticed i hadn't seen one of your h1z1 highlights in a while. fuck youtube.

  15. Colton

    What's his outro song?

  16. Tyler Hall

    hey ninj, i was wondering if this was legit. I got a twitch message from a user named iltor and then it was followed by a couple numbers and the message said i won a reward and the link was to a free gift card page. When i looked up the user, twitch said it didn't exist. I was hoping you could shed some light on this. Btw i got this message on November 13

  17. Anubis CE

    Hey ninja quick question what sensitivity and look acceleration do you play on for H5?


    how about any thoughts about you joining your new team?

  19. Lord Zed Gaming

    Was very impressed with the video! Keep up the great work and check out my channel if you get a moment. I'd want to collaborate with you sometime. KUDOS!

  20. GuardianHero14

    Hi :) I've subscribed you.

  21. Claudius Boasman

    wow you're a really great player. any tips for a noob. I can't find the right control settings. what sensitivity, aim acceleration and deadzone settings do you use?

  22. Adolfo Chavez


  23. Twenty5Euro

    Hey Ninja, Could you potentially do a tutorial on the thrust/slide/jump technique the pros have been doing? I haven't been able to figure it out along with all of my friends. I think it would get a lot of popularity as I can't even find one on FR-news. Thanks!

  24. awesomegaming 22

    why do u ninja a lot and on every ninja u freak out r u just trying to show off or something

  25. Sam Gray

    Sucks what happened Ninja, sucks that they can be so silly at Liquid. Your new roster looks fantastic, wayyyyy better than what (IMO) looks like a rag-tag jumbling together of formerly big names. You Ninja!

  26. Ninja

    Who's pumped for the new Halo content? I AMMMM

    1. iTzChris

      +NinjasHyper Octl

  27. Ian Traxler

    Would love to see some Halo 5 out of Ninj. I don't really care for most of the people streaming it right now.

  28. Ninja

    Halo is coming... soon

    1. Jonatan Lindh

      +NinjasHyper Nice! :)

  29. iBR BOB

    I want to see Halo again!

  30. quachemo187


  31. Russell B

    lets get a h3 custom match going. I cant find anyone Gamertag : Me Da Ho Me

  32. tikipowernego21

    olle ninja tu me puedes dar clases de MLG es que tu eres PRO

  33. Finalssuse Warspear

    hello ninja xD

  34. McKnuty

    Where be ninja?

  35. big boy

    no more c9?

  36. Jonathan Smith

    Love you ninja

  37. Kurt Barman

    Just flipped through the channels and up comes Family Feud, Who should I see, but my favorite Ninja!! Congrats. You gonna post the episodes?

  38. Stormfast Wolf

    You look like Stampy Cat (Joe)

  39. Anon thetribulation

    Feels good to have halo back on mlg

  40. oOKazeOo

    how your eye thingy going dude? I miss your videos :(

  41. Tomi Odukoya

    When will he come back from eye surgery?

  42. Mephilist


  43. Benjamin Kinney

    Tyler you need more Destiny game play on your channel. Give me your thoughts on raids.

    1. Artorias Junge

      There is no real ranking system in Destiny and no spectator mode......essentially the game was DOA for the pro community.

  44. Rain swtor

    Is the Destiny stream really on 360? Why not X1?

  45. Mbk Roe

    Heyy ninja could you post more halo vids cause its fun watchin them and your funny and i try to learn for them and i do PGL and stuff right now just want to get better please? Thankyou if you do

  46. Ryan K

    When does Ninja stream most of the time? I never see him on any more..

  47. Brian AAM

    Bro,Add Mee Plss, My gt is U R Brian FAT and playing Halo Reach Thx...

  48. Carste420N

    Sup ninja big fan of your stream, I'm following and just subd my gt and twitch account is kILLiinois

  49. jonatan silva ortiz

    Soy tag iSO F I S HT un jugador mexicano de lo mejor que hay, me encanta mucho te juego, que desempeñas en halo reach me gusta mucho, me encantaría que subieran mas gameplay de 1 vs 1 o 4 vs 4, la verdad es que he aprendido mucho de tus vídeos de halo reach, no he tenido el privilegio de jugar contigo. Saludos

  50. Steven Timpson

    Ninja, I am missing your stream!

    1. Ryan K

      Does he even stream any more? Whenever I try to find him he's always offline