ACTUALLY HAPPENED is a digital platform that gives people the chance to have their personal stories turned into animations and shared around the world.
Whether it’s a story of triumph or heartbreak, a challenge or a failure, about something deadly serious and sad or just for fun, we want to hear about it! The only criteria is that it must be true. The animations we create from your stories will be viewed, shared and engaged with by people online through their computers, tablets and smartphones.
Send your story! Enjoy your stay :)
Tags: Animated Stories. Story time. Real Life Stories.

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  1. Ell

    this is like another storybooth, but it's like a knock-off channel.

  2. PhilCorrupted

    You are story booth but bad

  3. DrBeef TV

    Storybooth came years before this channel..

  4. B Sa

    yup it is a lot like a story both krstyn


    ACTUALLY HAPPENED pls tell me how can I send you a story

  6. Ariana Sunara

    Me: mom buy me some bleach *finds channle* never mind about the bleach mom

  7. Gianna Louie

    HI how can i submit a story? i hve a pretty good one i would like to submit. please reply soon

  8. Nico Mc Blox

    wait these stories are ripped from r/thathappened?

  9. miraculouse holder

    I love these stories I even subscribed plz make more I've seen all of them!

  10. Circum Crippled

    Story: "How I got circumcised and impotent at age 30"

  11. Playbro555

    Not a copy of storybooth. I like this channel a lot. Waiting for a new vid! Keep up the good work

  12. The cap guy Why?

    Your copying story booth boi -.-

    1. Jimmy Crystal Jones 101

      No they are not.

    2. PurpleDragon 305


  13. Nadergawad studet


  14. Nadergawad studet

    this channel is 4 months old geez

  15. Nadergawad studet

    wow im a fool

  16. Nadergawad studet

    hmmmmmm... may 2018..

  17. Nadergawad studet


  18. Nadergawad studet

    this is a copy of story booth most of the videos are connected like im pregnant at 15 and i fell in love with a gay this is ridiculous! why is this channel so popular this is clearly bright side since there uploads are insanely fast and sub count is climbing by the second!

  19. KyrstynKitty

    Umm this is a lot like storybooth

    1. PurpleDragon 305


  20. ishgria2591 56

    I want to submit my story too but I think the website where I'm gonna submit is the wrong website.

  21. Kahonie

    How do we submit stories?

  22. klone wolf secondary account

    I may sound younger than my age

  23. klone wolf secondary account

    Hi I would like like to submit a storu I am 16 trying to adjust to a British school because I am russian

  24. JustAmit

    whoever want to submit a story need to send to this email: he literally wrote this in every video outro

  25. Little Miss Elena

    how can I submit a story

    1. JustAmit

  26. Hallo Theween

    How do you submit a story?

    1. JustAmit

  27. Yakko Warner

    Lol its just storybooth 2

  28. Jessica m

    nice story

  29. Crazy Roses

    how to sumbit a story?

    1. JustAmit

  30. Samara Janae

    How do we submit

    1. JustAmit

  31. Chloe Harrison

    hi was this channle just reacently made?

  32. A random Person

    hello i was wondering how can i submit a story i have one about my depression.

  33. Snay Lion

    How do you submit a story?

  34. ImaginativeUnicorn0 Squishes & More!

    STOP COPYING StoryBooth, THEY ARE WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jimmy Crystal Jones 101

      They are not

    2. Nadergawad studet

      oh is that so... why is i am pregnant at 16 on story booth and the same vid came out and i kissed a gay in here to?!

    3. Eliza_Yt

      shes not copying storyboth.

    4. Virtus Plays

      fuck you

  35. DoughnutsDelicious

    I love you guys! Funny, sad, or maybe just ordinary stories! Keep up the good work and I will always love you guys!

  36. Huseyin bahadir

    this channel makes me cry

  37. Just My Pc

    Hi i was wonder how i can send a story I have one about depression

  38. Dinolives 3000

    how do i submit my story? i have one that no one would ever suspect

    1. JustAmit

  39. _the.big. gay.teen_

    Hey! I love your channel and I have a few interesting but mostly pretty sad stories myself actually. How could I submit them?

  40. Xơydyvuye Zxc

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS BTW it really is an eyeopener for the things that I am not really aware of, especially the one about HIVs... God bless :) :)

  41. Xơydyvuye Zxc

    at first I thought all these instances happened to the SAME person...

  42. CatNipp Waffle

    Love your videos! Keep it up! Even better than story booth!

  43. ToastOfUndead

    I love this channel, not only do they create good animations, they co-operate with people who need help, share their stories and not only help the person them self, but others who have the same problems too. Love this channel, never stop.

    1. Tingles AJ

      All of the stories are fake y'know

    2. Xơydyvuye Zxc


  44. MCoded

    This channel deserves more Subscribers. Like if you agree!

  45. YonaGaming

    VOTE Storybooth = like ACTUALLY HAPPENED = comment

  46. f2p noob

    this entire channel is r/thathappened

    1. shrynk

      yup, all these stories definitely happened. 100%. not fake.

    2. CodyXSavageX

      but true, which makes it unsettling

    3. Parad!se


    4. Dame Tu Pacito


  47. Emily Silvernail

    Hi! I was wondering hwo to submit a story? I have one about being pregnant at 17

    1. TorraElfEars

      LDA dickhead

    2. TorraElfEars

      This channel is fake, if you want to submit a story and get it animated, I recommend storybooth. They have a yt channel and a website.

    3. Playbro555

      Can everyone stop making fun of her.

    4. JustAmit

    5. Hallo Theween

      Im sorry about allt he hate that you got on this, I saw Fuck off you little bitches, stop it.

  48. Lapis Fox Animations


    1. Luca Silva

      How tf is there clickbait?

  49. Blitzy

    How do I submit a story?

    1. TheStrange Ginger

      yeah how do we submit?

  50. Awesome Esau

    storybooth much?

    1. PurpleDragon 305


    2. KyrstynKitty

      My exact thought

    3. Hallo Theween


    4. KaiKaiMic MaiMai

      Listen Storybooth didn't make the idea so it is free to use you see jack and mark play the same games but you don't think they are copying each other right they choose what channel they wanted to have and you have very little right to judge them on it