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  1. TheNewVocal

    Greetings from Singapore =) Wishing you a nice day!

  2. OfficialCarlosVH

    Cool channel!

  3. TheNewVocal

    Greetings from Republic of Singapore =) Wish you a nice day!

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  5. silvana capito

    Lazer is cool

  6. 不二醤FujiChanフジチャン

    Nice music、Nice youtube channel

  7. Alex Guaik

    i cant stop my body!! nice music

  8. Xeniro

    just made a remix of cold water where to send it?? email??

  9. Double Cupp Tv.

    New Fan, Double Cup..... Love the Movement... Euphoic Energy

  10. Sandy Bello

    im loving it sooo badlyy

  11. yuanProduction

    Saw the Cold Water music video and I like it!

  12. X Ray Banned

    Cheers for all the lovely sounds and mixs that you share and create. May I invite you to check my own work - X Ray Banned in France. Blessings - Jah Lives !!

  13. AstronautMan

    Hey majorlazer I put a song in your cold water some of the footage and I did not know what that copyright and received copyright I'm only 11 years old and if my parents knew to it that I have to pay I love so help me please accept copyright and I cry Acsio bed please brass look My Videos Even putting So if you download I will be happy and happy holidays Bay

  14. Akeem Miller

    i saw a video where you guys were playing the remix of vybz kartel's song fever... i cant find it anywhere... could u put it on your channel

  15. GOLDFIRE 864

    plz repon to me. is major lazer a boy or girl

    1. GOLDFIRE 864

      ok thx

    2. Gabriel Maennl

      Some of their songs have girls because other singers (which sometimes are girls) come to them and sing in Major Lazer's song for them.

    3. GOLDFIRE 864

      shessh u should get off for a while

    4. GOLDFIRE 864

      them how come there songs are girls?

    5. GOLDFIRE 864


  16. Diana Elena03

    hey guys ! I would like to listen new songs like Watch out for this !

  17. Vanesa Helguera

    hola me gustan mucho sus canciones me gustaria que compongan una cancion con sia

  18. Angelica Bernard

    Major Lazer when will season 2 of the cartoon Major Lazer will be out Im addicted to the cartoon SOOO much along with your music.

  19. Nat Gezová

    Hi, great music and sound!!! Can you put the song with Baby K on itunes (México) for purchase? for my it's better than the other one you use for latinoamerica, i prefer the Baby K's one, and it's so bad and sad that i can't shoping it in the mexican store!!! so please open your digital borders...

  20. dREamDeM

    I like (light it up)this song shaked me


    congratulations for your channel i became a fan


    Follow Facebook : Tanawan Saejueng

  23. brobicho

    I think another collaboration with MO would be awesome cause Lean On is AMAZING!

  24. Information Kit

    majorlazer Is my favorite channel. You are the greatest channel.

  25. pentex nyx

    Best Channel On FR-news ... and in the universe of course.

    1. pentex nyx

      i dont like justin bieber. major lazer makes me loving him :D

  26. lunvtic b

    please can I use your music for my video

  27. Diego Apaza Quispe

    the best song I've heard is lean on

  28. Diego Apaza Quispe

    When they come to Peru

  29. 網路行銷超人董正隆


  30. Саша Зубов

    Всем привет, я из центральной Европы ) Украина))...вы читаете Пушкина?)

  31. Magalie Tarrerias

    Génial 😃

  32. Noah Moritz

    Hello ! I'm from France !!! I LOVE MAJER LAZER !!! I'm a big fan !


    hello i'm from peru.can you please subscribe on mi channel ,please do this

  34. Jeffery Varey

    Hey, not sure if this will be read by Major Lazer, but I recently did a little mash-up video of pics, and used part of your song jet blue jet, for the background music.. If you do have a chance to read this facebook is not allowing it until I have authorized permission to use it but according to the facebook ruling system, I just think their heads are a little bit biased and zucker had his head stuck in an iceberg... let it be and lettuce be him.

  35. Sarthak Sahu

    Really wanted a good t-shirt of major lazer :) <3

  36. Ozoch

    needed a better picture!!


    me encantan espero que sigan asi los amo olideysi la cubana

  38. Jerrie Bree

    het is een grapje kill

  39. Павел Няшин

    Wow. 1 000 000 000 wiews

  40. xilre

    peace is the mission - war is the outcome

  41. Dec7m2

    The Major lazer cartoon is amazing, just going to wait for the physical copy of it.

  42. Sam Leyn

    3 MILLION !

  43. Psykoman91

    Daaaaamn you already kill 2016 !

  44. Jacquot Rasembo

    You Stupid!!! My Moma reacts to Pon da Floor and i'm grounded for life!!!

  45. Seagull Lord

    I made a pretty cool lyric video for Lean on Im only 16 but I think its pretty cool

  46. Chollos

    Nice one! Buenos descuentos

  47. Gabriel Molnar

    te amo majorlazer

  48. TheSoulGangsta

    i can't listen to this fcking Music i hate Germany for the GEMA

  49. king rage

    i loveeeee major lazer the best

  50. king rage

    coooooool dude