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  1. Whelan Fugate-Kirstein

    We want asdf movie 11

  2. Landon Saavedra

    *Sees serial killer* Guy: Faker... *Sees baby with a gun* Guy: HOLY SHOOT I NEED BACK UP!!

  3. Whelan Fugate-Kirstein

    I want and ASDFMovie11: 1. Jim: Hey Simon, what do you want to do? *Simon blares an air horn to Jim's Face* Simon: Sorry Jim 2. Jumpin' Jim: Welcome to Jumpin' Jim's Skydiving Academy. Kevin: *yelling* No. *Jumpin Jim throws Kevin out the door. Jumpin' Jim: *sternly* Stay out of my school, *yelling* And STAY OUT OF MY SKY, Forever 3. Cowboy: *Southern accent* *to Luke* Howdy Partners I'm a Cowboy! Luke: *farts* *British accent* Stay out of my face 4. *Hatsune Miku plays a saxophone to the tune of "Epic Sax Guy" once* *an Ugly Guy shoots her in the balls* Ugly Guy: *Southern accent* Tarnation 5. Gangster: *Gangsta accent* Yo yo yo I'm the Gangsta in the houuuuuuuse 6. *Adam walks in* Butler: *British accent* Welcome back Master Adam. *Adam burps and dies* Butler: If master wishes it 7. Duncan: *Scottish accent* Everything you see is great, boring, and ultra... *Sergei shoots Duncan* Sergei: *Russian accent* Nobody calls me stupid 8. Muffin: Hey Buddy you wanna eat me. Buddy: Sure *Buddy eats the muffin* 9. Keith's Mom: Keith you're invited to you big party *Keith is very very happy* Keith's Mom: April Fools, You're Grounded 10. Jeremy: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to the Ultra Super Tronic Marathon, *Jeremy blows an air horn and the race begins* 11. *Guy's in jail playing a harmonica through a green bullet mic* Guy: *singing* I got them blu-u-ues. Policeman: Shut up dork *Guy stops*

  4. Terri Tango

    R.I.P edd

  5. Chonkinfeckle

    when is asdf 11 comeing out

  6. 5Nights_Creator

    in the asdfmovies, you shoud of added someone looking at sommeing that looks heavy and saying " I wonder how heavy this is?" and when they lift it, it's light and the person saying " oh " and the item falling on them

  7. len 114602

    Tom r u single?

  8. Phantom Yeah

    Hey Tom, a question .... ¿What would you do if Tord comes back?..... Pls continue Eddsword QwQ

  9. pikeyboots738


  10. ChargerProductionz


  11. Mr. Bastian

    when is asdfmovie 11 coming out?

  12. Stealth_Nick

    2 more or 1 more year until asdfmovie 11

  13. ROBLOX Dev [AKA Channel Ransom]


  14. Delylah Jacobsen

    Bro, I just learned you are an executive producer in Don't hug me I'm scared. Lol

  15. Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great I have subscribed you :) I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  16. creeper1015

    is 10 the final asdf :o

  17. Billy Barnett

    I'm trying to see do some sketches of my own. Please can I get some help and ideas (other than what toms already done)

  18. Klaritza Delarosa

    eddsworld had end but at least tom has a channel.

  19. Alec Salatin

    when will asdf movie 11 come out

  20. MickMaaktVideo's

    make more asdf movies

  21. kings of new jersey 2

    i love you

  22. Berton 390YT :v

    ASDFMOVIE 11 PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. Music 4 U

    I have four huge questions for you since this being about the character you gave a voice to for a friend because it's driving me crazy! Plus it's something that all the fans of (the Eddsworld version of you) keep talking about like crazy! Please do answer them if you can because it's stuff like this that makes people go crazy over an animated character. Questions:1.) (since Tom from Eddsworld animations is an extension of you) what's his sexuality?2.) (again previous statement in parenthesis) has he ever had a "one night stand"?3.) (again previous statement in parenthesis from question one) is he in love with Tord or any of the other male characters?4.) would you ever be willing to answer questions from the fans of Tom from Eddsworld?Please tell me the answer to these questions before I lose my mind! Bye!

  24. wat ,


  25. saltedcp

    Tom are you going to do anything for Edd's birthday in a few days?

  26. Hyddra


  27. ProFireFox

    Please do asdfmovie 11. I know you are sick of it, just do it for the fans.

  28. Pøtato

    I like trains

  29. Minecraft Is so lit

    i like plans

  30. Luxury Wrist Watches

    No videos for two months, what's with that?

  31. Creox Xhz


  32. Ana Lorena Hurtado

    I miss Tom

  33. Ana Lorena Hurtado

    Please make more videos!! I need it!! I want more Eddsworld!! I really need to have something to make me happy...

  34. Crazymations

    One question, was the voice of mine turtle someone named Josiah Hunting? (or Josiah Huntingg I`m not sure)

  35. ultimate mememan

    you should remake Asdfmovie 1

  36. Music 4 U

    Hey! How are you Tom? I think it was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done when you kept your friend's world spinning (I loved that you helped keep Edd's world alive here on FR-news...)... Also, huge fan of your voice acting in animations like Eddsworld itself... I personally developed a crush on the animated version of "Tom from Eddsworld" because he's a major animated hottie on the web! I mean, he's already got like over a million people making fan art of him daily... But let's get real for a moment here, I would love it if some of those who created Eddsworld could come together and create a spinoff of the Eddsworld series... I think it would get just as many if not more fans than Eddsworld has achieved because it would reach out to those who have an animated crush, and it would add a new feel to the animation community. It would send a great message as well to the younger viewers (the message being kindness and love is better than fighting and war)(It will also teach other important lessons as well, but I'll just leave you hanging on about the other good lessons it would teach the younger viewers). The spinoff would include new characters with new voices, a few of the original characters (Tom, Matt, and Edd if you would like him to be included so that Edd himself might look down from heaven and see that you keep making the world a better place through your charity work and making people smile on their worst days...), and even more cool unique ideas of new cool types of supernatural characters. I'll let you think about this. But you can come find me on my channel "Music Lover" is my username. You can contact me there or you can email me at also, I would get involved in charity myself, but the only problem is that I'm broke and the only money I have is in a bank account I would need permission from my father to access (and I know that he wouldn't really let me donate more than spare pocket change). To be honest I do donate money to legit charities as often as I can, like whenever I see the salvation army kettles I drop a few dollars in change in each time I walk past one, and on Sunday I learned that the money I used to buy a hot chocolate (since I can't have coffee or I might become severely tired) all went to help support troops in "the service" of the country (the USA). I really like what a nice guy you are... To be honest I think all FR-newsrs who make videos for a living should consider giving money to (legit) charities like you do... Anyways, let me know what you think of the offer any way that you can after you've thought about it. To be honest, I can picture Edd right now up in heaven just being so proud of the amazing person you are today. And I bet you that when the time comes he will greet you with a great hug in heavens gates...

  37. Julian Chancellor

    first in a year

  38. Rebecca Hilger

    Make more asdf movies please also I want a mine turtle and EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!!!

  39. Kton

    yo he got really fat

  40. Cat Shuriken

    anybody here?

  41. OnyxInc

    TomSka hasn't uploaded in a whole month - the cats got him. Ready the defenses!

  42. The Imperial Scoundrel

    muffin: Its muffin time man: no it's 12:30 muffin: but why won't you let me die

  43. Random Animation Productions

    are you going to continue eddsworld???

  44. nrf81


  45. Odin Corbett

    why are all the comments years ago

  46. Odin Corbett

    so tomSKa is tom in eds world

    1. Odin Corbett

      and asdfmove10 is out and your all ugly

  47. Sweaty Bastad

    are you dead tomska??

  48. The Lord15


    1. Odin Corbett


  49. Miel Gerson De Padua

    tom your song is on just dance 2018 is beep beep i.m a sheep