Any Regrets?



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    I regret nothing! Well... Apart from starting that zombie apocalypse...
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Starring Dodie ‘dodie’ Clark (,
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Costume and Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Camera Assistance by Erin Hopkins (
    Sound Recording by Karl Laeufer (
    Boom Operation by Matthew Baron
    Produced by Charlie Hicks and Marianne Turton
    On Set Assistance by Alex Guilford
    Featuring Sammy Paul (,
    Daniel J Layton (,
    and Deepraj Singh (,
    with Evan Edinger (,
    Elliot and Silvija as zombies and Eddie as Daddy Clark
    CONTENT WARNING: Mild gore, homoeroticism, and floppy hands.
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    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Jackalope Brighton for providing some of the costumes (

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    1. FloofyCaku Tv

      No regerts

    2. Black Arts

      Yeah... I think that didn't happen..

    3. Cao Nguyên

      at 0:06 that guy was hitting a screw with a hammer

    4. Issythegreat

      Anyone else weirdly getting Shaun of the dead vibes from this

    5. Shouyo Hinata

      I'm biracial... Lol I'm mixed

    6. Althric

      "I want you to be in my next short. It's 4 minutes long and you get significant screen time plus several lines and gags" "Wow thanks" "Oh but a minute in you're revealed to actually be brown and then you become a Muslim man who's played by a different actor" ".....oh"

    7. RopushK

      It's waaaaay too easy to get caught in The Loop - you click on one innocent video and end up watching TomSka for hours. Help!

    8. Dethan Alcaraz

      Their Gaylord no offense


      tomska fat as fuck wtf

    10. YTGoBoomz

      its not regrets its REGERTS

    11. Awkward Mark

      The new season of The Walking Dead looks sick...

    12. ACRBARF 2

      The board broke cause you were hammering a screw

    13. Starkey

      Tom was high on speed and played resident evil 2 and made this. (Get it?)

    14. zothehomo

      I love how dodie makes fun of the biracial thing 😂😂

    15. syna long

      the kissin part tho lol

    16. Alex Comix

      no regruts

    17. who is this boy?????

      anyone else notice that he was hammering in a screw

    18. Tørd Larsson

      I.... erm. SHIP THIS. ;W;

    19. syna long

      da frick

    20. Slaying Cube

      The New Testament was really altered through the years

    21. viper gaming

      Is he gay

    22. Primrose Petals

      *You guys changing Bisexual and Biracial and having people say it isn't real is actually the most realistic part of this*

    23. Łukasz Misiorny

      since when was that in the movie @_@

    24. CaptainStahlnippel

      Ok this... was weird...

    25. Sw!n

      Zombies coming in and he just hits them with the fuck off

    26. Nuclear Nerd

      Tom of the dead.

    27. BirdieBeloved

      She was my wife to be, but now she’s made of bees, how could this happen to meeeee?

    28. Webcat560

      0:06 i have several questions to why he is nailing a screw....

    29. mad_micky

      The "oh fuck off" at the beginning was so British I felt my national pride swell ^^

    30. Fire Dragon

      I regret watching this video now

    31. ZipperBomb

      I am your daddy man

    32. Mehmet Efe Tokgöz


    33. Actual DatBoi

      Isn't Eddie married? thast fucked up

    34. life of an idiot

      Playin cod be like

    35. Dovis Wazzup

      NO HOMO

    36. wolfie alexo


    37. MerMer

      Shawn of the dead? More like Tom of the dead That was horrible I know

    38. Confused Hamster


    39. Ren

      Zē Fuck? XD I knew They were Gay!

    40. Audrey Floyd


    41. Jeremaya Langley

      How tf did they agree to kissing like that??!?!!

    42. Theimportance709

      1:40 : Starwars in a Shellnut

    43. Flor Wisteria

      *No regrets*

    44. Stephanie Obermeier

      Too much gay

    45. Hammy Boi11

      I bit a zombie

    46. upsettiger gaming

      How much were they paid to do this

    47. Yummy Bun

      Is that really how starwars is? Ive never seen it...

    48. Broken Brooklyn

      *I am your daddy man*

    49. old foxy05

      wtf did i just watch

    50. Skylar O'kane

      Did Sammy mumble daddy when kissing dodies dad? Lol

    51. Benjamin Boswell


    52. maximilianmus_59 59

      Ooh *F U C K O F F*

    53. s_lx

      “Oh! Fuck off!”

    54. Karon pad 2.0

      1:41 in the movie he said “no, i am your daddy man”

    55. Maicey Throckmorton

      Dodie's reaction at 1:49 is one of my favorite things.

    56. the star gazers Gonzalez

      I am your daddy man

    57. Ender Z

      Iz a sompiee

    58. Soper Frazzy


    59. CMaster 12

      I’m bisexual

    60. Joshua Zhang


    61. Bla Bla Tr

      Tom how much you give that two kissing guys for kissing

    62. Cøffee

      _”any regrets?”_ Me: you’re already looking at it.

    63. The Only Osh

      She was my wife to be But now she’s made of bees How could this happen To meeeeee

    64. Void Regret

      2019 anyone

    65. arty katykat

      Dodies so cuteeeee

    66. Dawn Weed

      0:06 anyone else notice he’s hammering a screw?

    67. SwagQueen

      are they actually gay like holy shit XD

    68. mr smiley gamer

      now they are gay

    69. Tristen Park

      In the Bible it’s not allowed to be gay

    70. FireMario64

      3:53 Hancock! (Anyone who’s played Fallout 4 will know what I’m talking about.)

    71. furry are the best

      When he said Luke I am your daddy man Darth Vader never said Luke

    72. Phuwanut Sanghirun

      Aye! I live in Thailand

    73. DJ Sky'07

      0:12 he sound like jacksepticye

    74. DJ Sky'07

      that one guy sound like jacksepticye

    75. Craig Evans

      My dude hammering a nail at the start

    76. Ellitri 777

      He is a BBD Big Badass Dude

    77. アニメ恋人


    78. Fuckboy XD


    79. Zachary Bell

      hang on where in the name of god did you film this?

    80. Morgan Black

      "I regret what I did in the capitol of Thailand." "Bangkok?" "Who told you?" *GENIUS*

    81. Joseph Pickens

      She was my wife to be and now she's made of bees how could this happen to me

    82. Redifine11

      It’s really convenient that there are exactly four chairs in exactly that position...

    83. Psycho Qawie

      I regret watching where they gay kissing and make feel want to puke

    84. Connor Harrison

      Enyone realize the first dude was hammering a screw - with a hammer!

    85. Z zeroHD

      They talk about thailand im thai ;)

    86. Josiah Morris

      Who the fuck wrote this

    87. I like bouncy castles

      That was weird on so many levels😕

    88. EDed *

      Gagagagagagagagagagaay yay

    89. Cheeseloaf776

      0:28 flashback to 60 parsecs

    90. Frisk Dreemur

      Um..with those two zombies at the end..Didn’t Tom have a gun?

    91. Splendorman‘s proxie

      Hammering a screw at the beginning

    92. Varmte Productions

      *_B a n g k o k ?_*

    93. Be Happy

      My only regret is watching cream by David firth

    94. Looxtter私


    95. Demon of insanity


    96. Raydog 508

      Wait, was he trying to hammer a screw?

    97. The Mates

      *i Am YoUr DaDdY MaN*

    98. Sir Duck Art

      I don’t know if that’s a happy ending or a sad ending.

    99. TheEpicBurger

      Why is there a scene where you nail a screw why!!

    100. Patrick Brennan