Any Regrets?



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    I regret nothing! Well... Apart from starting that zombie apocalypse...
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Starring Dodie ‘dodie’ Clark (,
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Costume and Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Camera Assistance by Erin Hopkins (
    Sound Recording by Karl Laeufer (
    Boom Operation by Matthew Baron
    Produced by Charlie Hicks and Marianne Turton
    On Set Assistance by Alex Guilford
    Featuring Sammy Paul (,
    Daniel J Layton (,
    and Deepraj Singh (,
    with Evan Edinger (,
    Elliot and Silvija as zombies and Eddie as Daddy Clark
    CONTENT WARNING: Mild gore, homoeroticism, and floppy hands.
    TomSka Shirts (
    Twitter (
    Facebook (
    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Jackalope Brighton for providing some of the costumes (

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    1. John Nelsestuen

      Should have had the biracial guy take off a mask and be half black and half white

    2. XxSpookyPrincessxX Builds

      Soo how much kissing are we looking at A THOUSANDS Lol

    3. Buff Natsuki


    4. I’m ANGERY


    5. Mr tree Bread mouth

      Just saw the window says woke at 2:57

    6. zangus the vagabond

      Try watching one hour of tomska videos without having to pee

    7. SmacQ

      i fucking love that subtle hand sign at the end

    8. ylime nonac

      \I\ *AM* -YOUR- *DaDdYmAn*

    9. SpikePlayz


    10. Tango Gaming

      I regret not liking this video

    11. Daan K

      I like how he was hammering a screw at the beginning

    12. eran ben zeev

      Seriously need a cut of the bride made of bees part

    13. Gacha Kun

      Im from thailand bangkok lol

    14. Isaac Denley

      Have you read beast quest

    15. Cody Mccartney

      I regret living

    16. BendyBunch CucumberPatch

      But.. don’t they have guns?

    17. Sir Snuffy

      Almost a year later, and I realize that Sammy calls Eddie daddy right at the end, this is clever in that Eddie is a real daddy and can be called as such.

    18. Hba Gaming

      I have many regrets now

    19. Rafia Sucks

      My comment DroWnED into the section 😢😢 Well Here's a new one. Lol

    20. csinned aral

      I never saw tomtord.....hehe just reminds me of the zombies and the kisses hehehe~lol tom your cute :3

    21. Jasmine Scholz

      She was my wife to be and now she's made of bees

    22. Call Me Jude


    23. Martin Craft MSP

      Me + cousin 1:45

    24. Eloise Shnufflebuffle

      She was my wife to be and now she’s made of bees

    25. LayLay Waffles

      *d a d d y m a n*

    26. jtg 72

      I do not remember seeing Darth Vader and Skywalker kissing

    27. shook shishtar


    28. Yousuf Yousuf

      The part where they kiss is so fucking disgusting

    29. FBI

      Best comedy vid ever

    30. LemonyPanda

      0:56 😂😂😂

    31. Zorros Reales

      I regret not moving to mars😑

    32. ItsTotallyNotAlex

      I regret not killing myself before I watched this video.

    33. M SpookyCarrot1


    34. caroline henley

      Sorry did you just hammer a screw into a wall. With a hammer. Not a screw driver.

    35. Ain ThePirate

      idk why, but i just keep coming back to this video. It was hilarious

    36. Alex Maher

      Tik tok

    37. Alex Maher

      Who else got a booty booty til tok ad

    38. Rock Lee

      That guitar chord during the makeout scene fucking killed me

    39. Raphael Nascimento

      I like zumbi

    40. Raphael Nascimento

      T like zumbi

    41. Alex Carter

      I don't know if I should be disgusted or laugh it's a little bit of both

    42. Red stone Pickaxe

      Wait your in England how you get guns?

    43. ItzLandoPlayz

      i regret never playing minecraft oh wait

    44. Siipbontang513 513

      What the fak

    45. Shawn Brooks

      Like last episode video the kissing was fine but using the same gay kissing 3 times in a row kinda made even me uncomfortable i mean i love the things he does but what with all the gay action recently

    46. Jeff Goldbroom

      Wait dodies dad is eddie

    47. Jman and Doggodude aka Ben and Sami

      You know how your parents quote movies while they’re playing FR-news videos will be that one day So we will show our kids this and ‘You’ve never seen Star Wars? 🎵she was my wife to be but now she’s made of bees how could this happen... to meeee🎵 Kid:UuuUUUUGH

    48. Liam da Lemon!

      can't they use thair guns at the end?

    49. Cloudsen Rainsen

      Tom: “I regret- Wait what?“ *staring at sammy* “ never seen star wars?”

    50. Puppet

      I was not disappointed by any of these short