ASMR ZEN TRIGGERS | Binaural Bonsai, Talisman Tingles, Soothing Sand Garden & More

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    ASMR Zeitgeist brings you powerful ZEN TRIGGERS!
    Tonight's binaural tingle session will be in the spirit of ZEN. We're going to rake a little in the Zen garden, prune a bonsai tree, use a Japanese talisman and a lot more.
    Get ready for some soothing sounds and a tiny bit whispering here and there.
    Please listen with headphones to fully enjoy the 3D sounds of this ASMR video. It will give you deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course beautiful Tingles.
    Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content, but the quality of YOUR experience!

    C U SOON! :)


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    1. asmr zeitgeist

      Hey sweet insomniacs and tingle lovers, we all need a little Zen in our lives every now and then, right? So please enjoy tonight trigger session. Please let me know: Which was your favorite Zen sound?? See you soon and always remember: If you understand, things are just as they are. If you don't understand, things are just as they are. ;)

      1. GoldenSpy -Mobile Gamer

        asmr zeitgeist du bist deutsch ider

      2. Cross Launcher

        I have a video idea how about you put together some of your previews at the beginning of your vids and compile them up into one asmr video 👍

      3. 桐生PAPA

        asmr zeitgeist なんか今日は日本らしい動画でいいね👍ぐっすり寝れますzzz

      4. Afton Briggs

        My favourite was the talisman

      5. Sonia Love

        Italia 🇮🇹 relax 🤩

    2. にゃころん

      日本では絶対使わないであろう使い方をしてくる斬新さ! 昔からの日本の道具をASMRに使ってくれるのは日本人としてめっちゃ嬉しい😃

    3. Phoenix Burning Blue Flame

      can you do a science themed asmr?

    4. Ravenclaw

      Can you speak German?

    5. melon lewis

      I can't stop watching!!! This was perfectly thought out and the tingles are none stop ...i couldn't sleep and after 2 mins of this I was in a coma 😂 so now I'm trying to catch up on what I missed great job ❤❤❤❤❤ much love from Chicago!!!

    6. Safar Ahmad

      Where is tingle the pokemon

    7. Taryn Nelson

      I suffer from misophonia yet I can watch certain ASMR’s? I’m not diagnosed but certain sounds make me cry out of frustration.

    8. Gaming Adventures with Charlie

      God this guy is amazing!!

    9. Hannah Smith

      Your Amazing with ASMR

    10. Cristina Altez

      Love thiss

    11. CrystalKillerGomba /C.K.G.

      I can see the Alex X Frank fanfiction

    12. CrystalKillerGomba /C.K.G.


    13. PoRkY :v

      Mi *droga* nocturna,😂 estaria chido que otro video lo hagas relacionado con los mexicanos?8)

    14. l l

      그냥 일본소품이용하는거면 모르겠는데 이마에 일장기 굳이 달았어야됬음? 으...

    15. l l

      머리띠 뭐임 ㅈ같네

    16. Karson Olinger

      Quick tip don’t use a Japanese headband with Chinese items

    17. The Confused cone

      Asmr laichzeit lmao i hate myself for this

    18. ChiaraCarotina

      At the beginning, right after the preview, it should have been ザイトガイスト, that is read "zaitogaisuto", instead of ツアイトガイスト that is read "tsuaitogaisuto" :) but that is my opinion on the name! And as always, GREAT JOB, amazing!

    19. Murat Can Özbek

      Who loves Harakiri? 🗡☯

    20. Geardavid550 Assassin

      Where is frank! >:v

    21. Freckles ASMR Universe

      I love the feeling of soft sand between my hands and feet. Always reminds me of Australian beaches I really love. Great video! Many Greetings , Nancy

    22. A Pesh

      It would be just about perfect if it wasn't for the loud whispering during the video. Though, I absolutely love the channel because of how much love, hard work and creativity are invested in it. The visuals and the variety of sounds are the best in the ASMR world,

    23. Elias Mauerkamp

      endlich habe ich gecheckt, wieso du zeitgeist heisst, aber net deutsch bist

    24. AnimeChic2000

      Omg so tingly I didn't even need headphones! 😄 Thank you so much!

    25. blue baronéo-J0pYiMizdb4.html Check out asmr pinball

    26. Nicolas N13

      your ASMR'S vídeos is very good!!woww i'm braziliam🇧🇷

    27. やまだたろう

      日本人いる?みたいな、同調を求めるコメントキモいからやめとけwwww くそじゃっぷども

    28. artsylife

      I loved the scissors, sand, fan and bamboo ear pick thing and the whole video! Thank you so much for posting this!!

    29. みやの

      😳😳😳😳✨🇯🇵🍣 日本のものばかりだ!嬉しい 最高! AWESOME!! Love you 💋 💕

    30. Neonator

      24:20 A black my N**** keeps you healthy

    31. 김혜원

      어우 좀 놀랐디야...

    32. 道産子!れーみん


    33. xu harry

      Your own voice sounds so good!!!

    34. Shibe Girl

      Thank you for this I appreciate it because I am half Chinese. So thank you zeitgeist!

    35. 燬嘛俁傂酈騫

      very very nice

    36. えくせる


    37. Bonsai Talk

      If you guys did bonsai like we do it... you woulden't have to watch another asmr video again in your life, it's a way of life.

    38. iNK l


    39. Drew Allan

      What happens to frank????

    40. Trouble

      Love, love, love it! I've been studying Buddhism and other eastern philosophies for years. It's brought a lot of relaxation and inner peace. Please do more of this in the future, it was fantastic. Thank you!!!! 💖

    41. 道産子!れーみん

      日本のものがいっぱい!! 嬉しいです(*´ー`*)

    42. Evoluzione

      I love your ASMR video i think you're no.1 in ASMRtist

    43. Vinny JAP

      Dont be a weeb

    44. GOOSE !

      (Twist) Alex is actually frank in disguise

    45. Lorenzo Casanova

      You should really make some sort of ASMR stream!

    46. scorpion117

      Like always, amazing videos😃

    47. FireyFoxer495

      One request, please don’t ever say kitty cat like that again, please.

    48. FireyFoxer495

      I really would like to visit Japan someday.

    49. Slender

      The peel off mask is my favorite

    50. Lil Dom

      I got a 25 minute ad lol