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    'Disposable cameras are fun, although it does seem wasteful and you don't ever get to see your pictures.'
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    1. TicotazII

      Way to ends it sad, like the office having ended is not hard enough already!!!!

    2. Dylan Skits

      What about the one wear Erin laughed at dwights joke so hard she peed

    3. Chris PB

      Genuinely my favorite character in the whole run of The Office. She's just such a wholesome bean and I love that

    4. Friendly Islands

      Erin was so unfunny. It must've been really cringe to work with

    5. Nicole Alvarez

      When Erin ran to her mom it looked like a little girl running to to her mother after she got her in the market 😩💕

    6. Cyan is not Blue

      The actress who plays Erin’s mom is the same one who played Sheila Jackson in Shameless.

    7. Asad Production Unplugged

      7:16 acting 10/10

    8. Allison Mariah

      "I think I know what to do now... This game is called Pecker Poker"

    9. alexander velasquez

      sooooo ed begley jr from the cinco phone commercial is erin's dad? thats cool

    10. I’m Jay Schif

      Probably my all time favorite character There was never one time when I didn’t find her funny

    11. Brandan Miller

      My god she is cute

    12. oof oof

      Saved the best for last

    13. GPProdigy OSProd

      I love Erin

    14. I'm already tracar

      Erin is so inoccent

    15. Lunch

      Karen> Ellie> Angela> Pam

    16. Kanimate

      I’d smash Wendy/Erin/Kelly/my wife.

    17. Joey Peteza


    18. kristi berry

      tbh i don’t even really like erin but i always cry so hard when she meets her parents

    19. NimW

      Wtf I came here for the insurance bit

    20. Joseph Kim

      *"I would like another alcohol"*

    21. Solarbanz Martinez

      I love Erin’s smile. Makes my fuckin day seeing it

    22. Jonathan Reed

      Who will be the millionth view

    23. Spicy Calcium Boye

      Erin isn’t nice

    24. Chris Neptune

      What about the scene where she’s in the restaurant with Michael and she’s having this amazing fit in regards to Andy and Angela? The sounds she makes are indescribable!

    25. Fahad Barakat

      7:19 so hot

    26. Aj Icy

      The pills had me weak asf😂😂 2019 ?? Where y’all at

    27. summer20105707

      I just can't help but loving Erin. She is so sweet innocent and delightfully stupid.

    28. Jysean

      At 8:40 I was literally BAWLING out crying like wow😭. I thought Jim and Pam was the only one to make me cry but this beats it like this is the hardest time I cried in any show. I watch A LOTT shows and this scene beats all of them.

    29. Obi

      Am I the only one who hated how Erin and Andy broke up after how slow they built up to their relationship and then season 9 Andy decided to be an ass lol

    30. Honey

      Am I the only one who’s :/ about Erin’s parents? They seemingly only reached out to her after she had gotten some popularity, seems scummy to me. She’s an adult for the entire series, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to locate her considering the use of modern technology like social media. It just seems them only “want” her after she’s got fame :/

    31. Be1smaht

      Damnit any one cry at her meeting her parents

    32. sophie szymaniak

      People say that Pam is the office mattress, but in reality it’s Erin.... She dated Andy, Gabe, and Pete.

    33. jeffg24LT21

      7:03 Pam's face!

    34. jeffg24LT21

      3:05 Creed must have been practicing guitar earlier..

    35. Janine Woolery

      Do her feet look really small in the Christmas party scene or is it just me?

    36. Wolves777

      Erin is fine

    37. Felis

      Erin is just domesticated Wendy

    38. Mond731

      It the game of carrd that gets you hardd😭😂😂

    39. Marco Pico

      Is Erin's mother Joan Cusack?

    40. Nerdialismo404

      5:54 Pam being Jim is so cute.

    41. Dmino 524

      Erin is such a cinnamon roll

    42. Life with Ava!

      ”i want another AOCAHAL”

    43. David Maietta

      Doesn't Erin's mom look like justice strouse from a series of unfortunate event

    44. lolita

      SHES SO CUTE “darryl meet bearyl”

    45. tuna yalçın

      erin looks like karen gillian

    46. Dee Lee

      Gabe is foul...making her play scrabble.

    47. Sain Kitts

      Why is she so adorable?

    48. Mr. ON

      Erin is cute

    49. nightw4tchman

      4:00 Yeh, at the beginning of The Shining they didn't really have a perfect family...

    50. Creed Bratton

      Erin (Kelly 2) only reminds me that season was the beginning of Michael’s end...

    51. Kboom 1

      I hate Erin’s character. She’s obnoxious and stupid. And she’s a low key hoe too. Personally my least favorite character. Andy can do better.

    52. Jessica Messica

      Who’s hottest? Pam, Erin, Angela, Karen, Holly, Jan, or Katy?

    53. Michael

      Hotter than Pam, not as hot as Katy.

    54. Ajax Flores

      where is the bobbing for apples bit?

    55. Luis Diaz

      I boiled some Gatorade.

    56. Vicente Mahusay

      Her attitude is adorable. I like her character.

    57. Zartasha Shahzadah

      I love Erin! 🙌💕

    58. Doris Lee

      Dwight dancing at 0:41 😂😂😂

    59. Hercule Poirot

      0:17 Every 21 year old on their birthday

    60. Greasy Egg

      Best character in the show. No arguments.

    61. linag广末凉子

      I LOVE HER

    62. DylanK25 _

      plot twist: those people at the end were really just office fanatics who wanted to be on camera

    63. DylanK25 _

      9:04 Kevin of all people is first to realize

    64. Emily Clark

      One detail I noticed... When Erin hugs her mom for the first time it shows Phyllis tearing up. It’s almost like Phyllis has been a motherly figure to her and now their search for Erin’s mom has been successful. Just something to think about. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. Edit: Also, Phyllis is sitting between Andy and Pete.

    65. Kp Slayyys

      Not to be a downer but I wanna talk about Erin and Pete Andy drive all the way to Florida for her risked his job and broke up with his great gf in front of everyone for her yet as soon as he leaves to build a relation WITH HIS BROTHER Pete swoops in and try’s to steal her and he knows she has has a bf so she starts acting like a thot like really the writers really screwed over Andy and Erin’s relation ship toward the end seasons and I hated it sorry for this long rant just was binged watching the office for the fist time and needed to get this off my chest

    66. MarcusTullman

      Starts off as a rather distressing "best of" 🤔

    67. Vincent Lopez

      I boiled some Gatorade...hilarious.

    68. danneltheflannel

      9:24 is what I love so much about the show, even in the most touching moment Stanley is just sleeping haha. The attention to detail is great.

    69. a woolf

      The Tabitha scene is by far one of the most underrated scenes of this show.

    70. Brendan Gordon

      "I don't care if I forget today" - Erin

    71. QuantumBraced

      I was in love with her the whole series, she is just so genuine and sweet.

    72. QuantumBraced

      My favorite one is where she took a picture of Michael asking her to lunch, her face is priceless. But they didn't include that here.

    73. Khari Johnson

      5:51-5:56 is one of my fav scenes in this show 😂😂😂

    74. Triangular Box

      *EAT IT STANLEY!!!* That part always killed me XD


      I still cry everytime Erin meets her parents what is wrong with me

    76. Nolan

      It’s funny nobody remembers that her name is actually kelly

    77. gladiussecus

      I love that woman

    78. MaynardOwns

      Idk why but the disposable camera thing made me realize I have boxes of undeveloped film and disposable cameras. I need to get that shit developed before everyone who knows how to develop film dies and the only people who do it are hipsters who charge insane money because they're the only fuck wads within 100 miles.

    79. Daniel Silecchia

      I wrote a lil di ey

    80. Just Cruz

      So my roommate once told me that the actress once went to a film festival near where we live and at the time he was doing Uber and happened to take her to her hotel late at night. Apparently she’s married, yet the guy she went back to the hotel with wasn’t her husband. Doesn’t change anything, she’s still bae.

    81. Brianna Sanderlin

      I don't know why, but the way she threw that cake in Andy's face always cracks me the fuck up. 🤣😂

    82. A

      Erin has nicest underarms

    83. oXiDe


    84. E vazkee

      I want to be in her and pam

    85. Evelyn Herrera

      Darryll letting Erin have fun being sneak sneaky is sooo cutee

    86. Liam EFC

      1:39 Phyllis' face lmao😂😂she was so offended

    87. Monig Media

      It's a game of cards that get you hard 7:00

    88. bourgeois2002

      She just melts my heart! So cute...

    89. Vince Friel

      easiest character to hate

    90. Rebecca Burgess

      erin is very exotic looking. was her father a GI?

    91. Hated Critic

      You left me in charge of the pens Pam, that's what happened.. Hahahaha soooo good.. Soo good.

    92. Shan Tells

      Erin is A savage

    93. Rudolph Ramirez


    94. Jessie Z

      I love Erin! A very underrated office character

    95. Courtney Michelle

      Can we just admire her adorableness? I love Erin😩

    96. Kushal Garg

      Last one got me

    97. wash beezy

      This writing crew absolutely nailed it with Erin's story line at the end. That was beyond perfect how they did this.

    98. csknives2140

      somehting about her is so hot but i cant quite put my finger in it

      1. csknives2140

        +Courtney Michelle yes, unless she asked me to then i might

      2. Courtney Michelle

        csknives2140 in it?

    99. Callie E

      she was such a great add to the show! one of the most genuine characters

    100. Brendann Keough

      My favorite moment is when she goes "I used to work at s Taco Bell, then it became a Taco Bell express and I just couldn't keep up"