Big Fat Monster



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    Who ate all the pies?! And also the pie shop?!
    Monster Creation and Visual Effects by Will McDaniel (
    Featuring Jack Howard (
    and Reb Day (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written and Co-Produced by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Editing and Colour Grading by Elliot Gough (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    On-Set Assistance by Charlie Belle (
    CONTENT WARNING: Comedy violence, body shaming, ugly monster (kinda covered that with the body shaming tho)
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    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Squidge the pug

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    1. Noe Velasquez Jr

      I love it 👍🐎

    2. Jennifer Arellano

      Are you going to do more eddsworld

    3. احمد بانوري

      That is long asssssss no download

    4. JSat

      ya'll crack me up everytime

    5. Yaz Channel


    6. Yaz Channel

      What happen to Eff World

    7. *put name here *

      Now this is some perfect content

    8. Owen Tustinfuchs

      Lmao i just got a tiktok add that used an audio clip from one of your videos.

    9. Marycreation _Channel

      Ahahahhaha that's fantastic XD

    10. Alienation 25

      Hello Tomska the voice actor of tom from eddsworld and friend of edd gould who past away. one question. will you return to Eddsworld ??

    11. eromero gd


    12. Ryan Hill

      What happened?

    13. The Ox

      “How did it get so fat??” “Food maybe”

    14. D.M.S.

      I fucking love this guy!

    15. Tango Gaming

      Dam thats a fat monster

    16. Isy mag Muffins

      what a plottwist!

    17. Yuyu Muha

      More asdfmovie like if u agree

    18. zac dalziell

      Nothing wrong with being fat, we all got our problems

    19. Steve Mettraux

      Tom, are you alright ?

    20. Merc Gaming

      1:51 I can't stop replaying this part XD

    21. mighty wolf94

      He's fat he needs to loose weight again

    22. Xavier Alfonso

      When he say a second monster he meant the monster beside toms thats slime thingy?

    23. Liam Riley

      Squidge just barely escaped.

    24. Steve Steveson

      This deserves more views for real tho

    25. Runic Warrior

      I love when my favorite youtubers collab! I hope we'll see more of Will McDaniels

    26. Sarky Canadian

      Aaw tom

    27. AudzAlpha

      How Was I not hecking notified of this video

    28. Resus Murphy

      we get it, youre fat mate. i am too

    29. Nolan cunningham

      that was fantastic

    30. Zlane

      Fat shaming yourself lol

    31. Captain Kefler

      Thanks Tom

    32. Tyroney Baloney

      man i love gta online

    33. LegendWolf87

      XD this is so stupid it's funny

    34. Toxic Turtle

      *quality video*

    35. תום יונגלן

      “I’m just walking my dog”

    36. Candy Shanez

      This skit is really well put together. But it makes me sad :(

    37. XUVO Anderson


    38. Art Arnan

      tom i know you might have gotten this but maybe you should take over eddsworld kay

    39. Mecarix

      Me every time I use public transports

    40. Fail Marksman


    41. Connor Scully

      You guys are the Monty Python of our generation!

    42. Cheesoid

      Why does the intro sound like a cover of Psycho by Muse? Intentional or no?

    43. RyanCG4L

      0:13 that’s wha she said

    44. Sansys Ketchup

      I’M NOT FAT

    45. King Science

      00:40 best acting since Infinity War 😂😂😂😂

    46. Irish Powerlifter

      Hey Tom, you're a good guy. Just keep being awesome.

    47. un tudii especial :v

      ¡¡I can't stop laughing! Keep it up tomska never give up and ignore the negative comments of people! Hahaha!!!

    48. un tudii especial :v

      Nmms no puedo parar de reir!!! Sigue asi tomska nunca te rindas por los comentarios negativos de la gente! jajaja xD

    49. J.F.M.R STUDIOS

      Wher is Edd :')

    50. ZEMBIEWARLOCKZ0 - Dead Channel