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    Ajoutée Il y a 49 ans


    1. saucedaddy

      I feel like this is Toms cry for help

    2. DJ Sky'07

      HEY DONT MOCK PEOPEL WHO ARE FAT like me and my dad ;-; ITS MEAN

    3. Epic firey Jr is watching movie Mlg Channel

      Oh my God he's so disgusting 🤢🔫

    4. Patrice Laguerre

      I'll take the pug

    5. A.B 129

      of course will is here why wouldnt he be

    6. Billy Bob Joe

      You are not that fat Tom.

    7. SomeThatCallMeTimbo

      Tom, try a Keto diet. Just for a few months. Then maybe a low carb. If you're unhappy with yourself. I have a few coworkers that are on it and they're losing pound after pound every week. It's the only thing I've ever seen actually work for anyone trying to shed off some weight. As for depression. I've met this shadowy figure before in my past. One thing I found that can easily cause issues mentally is an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep and stress. A point in my life I ran on caffeine, worked 55+ hours a week and ate basically never. Well eventually I had a mental breakdown, subconscious it almost seems. I started getting panic attacks, shaking for no reason (like when you're cold but I wasn't cold), heart would race super fast, having feeling of dying. It was bad times. I couldn't ride passenger in a car. I couldn't sit and watch movies without freaking out. I didn't think I'd make it out. That was 9 years ago already. Since then I've gone from living in the basement of my sisters house to owning a house with my loving, goofy, beautiful girlfriend that I've been with for 6 years. A lot can change in a few years. My best advice to anyone is take care of yourself, respect yourself, LAUGH at yourself, and at everything in life really. I've gotten through some tough times by just laughing. Your videos helped me years ago, maybe it's time to let others help you.

    8. same day over and again

      Shit Tom I think I see it too 🤩😂

    9. Kins 3301

      Well - RIP random soldier and Will McDaniel.

    10. Skiilex


    11. Julia Slovenija

      atleast the dog survived

    12. Jai Mc

      As long as the dog survived I don’t care

    13. Aristotle Kaporis

      Bird Box 2

    14. Slather No man

      Hi tom I love FR-news vidos

    15. L.A.M.P Sauce

      where did he get that giant gun?

    16. Brado Seven

      It's just a toy tanks

    17. Harriet Cartw

      good God pls give us bloopers

    18. Jordan Nguyen

      That was hilarious, but omg Tom, be good to yourself.

    19. Chloe Animations The Tord Fangirl :D


    20. Tatan DLRosa

      This is so hilarious 😂😂😂. I can't stop laughing.

    21. Shadowsouls Third account

      That m41 bulldog looks cool

    22. Kons37 Flyingreapper

      Atleast pug survived

    23. Sparky the Farmdog

      0:40 Random Soldier: "OH MY GO IT'S SO DISGUSTING!" *Pulls out another gun and shoots himself* Tom: "Wait, did that guy just kill himself?!"

    24. jacob_ films

      0:39 The subtitles say "Hey Hug You!"

    25. FroggityHoppity

      Hmp, they must be, Fat'ist

    26. What TheTrend

      Omg I'm a massive willmcdaniel fan !

    27. Photo_ Filmmaking

      How did it get soo big? I don’t know Food

    28. Will Fry

      You’re awesome, dude

    29. Evan Zablocki

      ahh, i just saw the first confession video and my god he got so fat

    30. Ikestashmie Ult

      0:29 food you betrayed me

    31. Joey Hijman

      Atleast the dog survived

    32. ZombifiedBuizel

      You know the funny thing is before I clicked on the video I said “Hey that’s not a monster that’s Tom.” I click on the video and holy shit you made the joke I just said. I can not believe the coincidence.

    33. Auto Zenqi

      What happened to this channel?

      1. Whismirk

        he ded

    34. psyduck

      wow that was just depressing

    35. Red Fire Gamer TV /ELEMENTS YOURSELF

      Wth was that?

    36. BoB Rex Productions

      *That was my favourite mum!!*

    37. Rylee Dalen

      I died when he said FUCK YOU

    38. Gabrielle Arrington

      i miss edd and tord and when is eddsworld coming back?????

      1. psyduck

        its been 3 years just give up dude

      2. psyduck


    39. you got blood on my pizza

      That is the best thing you ever made 😂

    40. Tony Core

      Wait is that Sargent pugsly

    41. Jude Robinson

      Where is tord

      1. Pepper Snake

        nobody knows

    42. Raesha Ishino


    43. DeelIo

      that camera work with those toy tanks and real dudes is magnificent

    44. Pepper Snake

      *leave tom alone please**

    45. WOLFBonnie Playzz

      I love it 👍🐴

    46. Krelleman

      This is the highest level of fat shaming 👌

      1. psyduck

        but hes lost so much weight lol

    47. DaMemePlayer

      when i see tomska in vidcon: OH MY GOD! ITS ENOURMOUS!

      1. DaMemePlayer

        +Pepper Snake im so evil >:)

      2. Pepper Snake


    48. White Glint


    49. Jesse Springer

      Wow that first monster was super ugly