BTS Jin - 'Intro: Epiphany' Lyrics (Eng/Rom/Han/가사)



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    • Artist: Jin (BTS)
    • Song: Intro: Epiphany
    • Album: LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer'
    Kor & Eng: doolsetbangtan
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    1. Tram Pham

      watch the official MV here pleaseéo-fIkZOLsnoqY.html

      1. Chloe Nguyen

        Ayyye viet squad where you at???

      2. BTS & ARMY albania

        Tram Pham please watch my coment because in it has lyrics in albanian

      3. kyuleu

        Because they might want to learn the romanization aswell ?

      4. ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴡᴇᴇᴛɪᴇ

        Haaru Haaru people make lyric vids because its easier to read the lyrics instead of looking down on those captions wasting ur time.

    2. Cessa Mora

      I dont know why but i cried...

    3. Rui Camba

      I actually thought i'm fat when I was in my fourth grade but I really was, until I did my diet and now I'm pretty thin, I lacked confidence and this lyrics just made me smile and the english lyrics fitted Jin tho. People really need to stop sleeping on jin really. His voice can make me sleep but at the same tme make me awake..?? IDK XD what did I just write

    4. 쵸예プ

      아니 슈가 랩 갈수록 늘어 ㅠㅠ❤ 어디까지 늘꺼얌 ㅠㅠ❤❤

    5. Neha D

      I m the one I should love sounds like a korean word to me 😅

    6. Kim Jennie's Crown

      I freaking need *oxyjin* btw why is there little waters on my cheek? *sobbing*

    7. pika pi

      I honestly thought this was taemin at first 😂

    8. pfkxs _

      I’m in the situation where this song reflect my whole action and feeling.. thanks Jintro for realizing me that I should love myself THIS ALBUM GONNA BE GOLD TRUST ME :)

    9. 김슥찌

      노래 너무 좋타ㅜㅜㅜ 힘들고 지친 마음을 위로해주는 느낌ㅠ❤ Forever bts

    10. 힌쥬                      퐁퐁

      목소리가 이곡 딱 내꺼라고 말하는것같다..목소리 너무 좋아..♡ 이곡에 딱 찰떡

    11. 땡해머

      0:23 모두 너에게만 주고 X모두 너에게 맞추고 O

    12. Jeonjun Kook

      Everytime I hear this song makes me cry. I hated myself and wanted to end it couple of times but Bts and my bff was there and helped me through the hard times. Bts aren’t just a Kpop group but they help people. I love them so much and I hope more people love them.💜💜

    13. 뚜비타니

      김석지뉴ㅠㅜ 진짜 내 최애ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 이쁘다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ 사랑해ㅠ

    14. q h

      When is the.album coming out


      the song is right "im the one i should love"

    16. illejeon

      I need *oxyjin*

    17. 즐넛Zelnut

      I'm the one i should love in this world

    18. //청량설연쁨*

      저 이거듣고 울었어요

    19. wongkamsze wong

      vote BTS!

    20. kalysha ramírez


    21. kalysha ramírez

      My ears have been blessed

    22. ASM 101

      So i decided to listen to Epiphany with my eyes closed and i saw a night sky full of stars.Can You Guys Do The Same Thing And Tell Me What You Guys Saw. . . .p.s:I could play this song all night and i bet my sleeo would be 10× better



    24. Wandoh Kerekou

      So well i didn't grow up with my dad, we don't even have a father daughter relationship, he is very close to my others siblings tho, and i always felt bad about it, idk if that song was for his father i really don't... But... Idk I just feel better whem I listen to it

    25. Lil M&M

      Please excuse me while I cry in the corner

    26. Min Yukii육군_

      Why tf did i ear 'Clay' or 'Comeback' at 2:50? But this songs is so btfl ! Omfg..

    27. flower pot

      I've been singing 'im the one i should love' around the house ever since this song came makes me feel warm and happy. Jin was born to sing this song.

    28. Rosella Kim

      Jintro is *Heaven*

    29. Chloe Nguyen

      SOOOOO glad that i found this especially since its my birthday! (jin is my bias #VocalsKing)

    30. Happy Lucky

      I love it but guys! please support bighit and watch the original, it has subs

    31. Juan Sosa Arrieta

      Canta ree lindooo!! :'3 La letra está hermosa

    32. Rini Khoeriyah

      Setiap lagu BTS selalu menyentuh hatiku begitupun lagu ini, aku suka,,♥️♥️♥️😘

    33. ッtrish

      everyone say “thank you jinnie”!

    34. metiytu 27

      artinya hmpir sama dngan...fake love

    35. noraisah arimao

      This is LeJindary .I love this song so much 😙😙😙

    36. Kim Hana

      I can't stop myself from crying.. This is perfect.. I should love myself from now on.. Thank you BTS for come into my life at the lowest situation.

    37. FangirlFandoms

      BTS has helped me love myself a little more. I've always put myself down and I harmed myself when I should've loved myself. Endless nights crying and looking in the mirror hating myself. Not being able to sleep for over thinking about everything. This song means so much to me. " I'm the one I should love in this world " I don't have to prove people anything. I love my kings 💜

    38. Evan Joann

      Jin voice is so smoothing but I always knew it was .😎😎😎😎.he has such a bright future.and I love this song.thank you Jin you waited so patiently.

    39. TheRainbowSkull

      So this is what Bighit's been hiding? I know why now, I've been attacked, his voice is lejindary. But seriously Jin's voice is beautiful and it's sad that he doesn't get many lines. I'm glad that Bighit gave us this beautiful creation. Jin is perfect

    40. Hae Yun Min

      can we just appreciate how perfect is jin for this song?

    41. epiphany bts

      방탄소년단이 이래서 좋음.. 사랑 노래도 좋지만 사랑 노래만 하면 크게 와닿는게 없는데 의미 있는 주제들로 음악을 만들고 노래 해줘서 마음을 울림.. 그리고 이번 곡은 석진이의 아름다운 목소리 때문에 더 울컥한다ㅜㅜ

    42. Jasmine Tiu

      Jin may not be my favorite vocalist but damn, his voice is so soothing and emotional it fits in OSTs.

    43. epiphany bts

      너에게만 주고(X) -> 너에게 맞추고(0)

    44. joonie enthusiast

      i’m the one i should love 💕

    45. BadSuwonBitch10


    46. SantosサントスVanessa바네사


    47. nattyLy

      Beginning gives me Coldplay vibes.

    48. 春 春


    49. Bea Justin Java

      I was depressed but when I listen to this song, it helps me to calm tho. Jin is slaying this tho! 😍😍😍

    50. Sana Sakamaki

      This is probably my favourite intro so far