Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix



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    A witch's 16th birthday is very special.
    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix

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    1. Anna Vural

      You Are not Sabrina ı am Sabrina

    2. Delaney Elder


    3. chloe

      Srsl the Satanic stuff is just pathetic. I mean, it's clear as the driven snow *pun intended* that that's Baphomet.

    4. Carlos Rodriguez

      Too much Satan worship for me... Pass!

    5. Whitney Stout

      Yes available Sabrina next season 2 hope season 3 and season 4 new season 5

    6. Saavan Thethy

      This series was dope AF.

    7. Oba Razzak

      So much symbolism and a nod to the occult elite I wouldn't watch this if I were you

    8. td280558

      Satanic shit!

    9. R. Lima

      Amazing show

    10. Underneath The Moon

      I only have compliments to give for this show. Kiernan Shipka? What an actress!!!

    11. Canis Major

      Sabrina actress looks a lot like Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden, known professionally as Maude Adams, was an American actress 1872-1953 Reincarnation??

    12. Yoongi's Black Hair

      Kiernan Shipka is a perfect Sabrina, wise and dangerous but at the same time she emanates such a touchingly innocent thing.

    13. Movie Halloween

    14. Sergio Díaz Nila

      the best teaser for a series ever

    15. OP-EAA MUSIC

      How COME i paid a monthly subscription n 1 annual suscrito yet i cant view my own ACCOUNT

    16. Amadou Pouloulou

      what is the music we hear

    17. Asif A. Ali

      Is that a shorter, and less-smiling-version of Emma Watson? 😐

      1. Asif A. Ali

        +Celestinova Nah. I like Emma. She smiles more.

      2. Celestinova

        She's way better than Emma

    18. Wheeler's & Baby

      I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    19. Ericson Nandeibam

      Guyz Isn't she cute, pretty and adorable? XD. WELL I THINK SHE IS...

    20. 44excalibur

      They should call this the PC adventures of Sabina the SJW.

    21. Holy Gaga


    22. Mike Williams

      Tv14 pedophiles fantasy expressed in a show. Sick.

    23. alex thelizardking

      Wyatt family is missing here

    24. amsoul6425

      Dear Netflix, I hate 1 hour episodes, please go back to 40 min format

      1. amsoul6425

        +Liam Caswell I know, but, let me keep some hope 😩

      2. Liam Caswell

        amsoul6425 the odds are you’ll only get two likes but they will just by pass it as your opinion, not something that should be campaigned for

      3. amsoul6425

        What if someone else see the comment and likes it, it might help to succeed

      4. Liam Caswell

        amsoul6425 🤣🤣🤣their not going to listen to 1 individual out of millions, just accept it

      5. amsoul6425

        +Liam Caswell well, I have to give a try, they might listen

    25. Timothy Aron

      Purge the witches!

    26. Pikavieu

      i want the happy birthday song link

    27. RoxasVentus Sora

      Who sings this song? 😣

    28. Natalie Vazquez

      Damn!!! Prudence's highlight is poppin✨✨✨✨

    29. Valar Dohaeris

      I came searching for the song that plays before videos in the new ad for this show that was released by Netflix

    30. Myingthungo Tungoe

      i hope they dont fuck it up like Riverdale

    31. Khampa Narzary

      Where is Lucifer

    32. Oscar Nunez

      Zelda in the other one was hot, but eh still like it. Ill watch all of them. Nice to see what it would of been without tv censorship.

    33. Hira V

      The ending is ICONIC🖤🖤🖤

    34. Alyssa Johnson

      Is it weird that I like the devil and the girls chanting happy birthday to Sabrina

    35. Fauziaa

      Honestly, from someone who actually watched the show. I can say that it acc is kind of Satanic. They call God the "False God." They say "Hail Satan" and "Praise Satan" in almost every episode if not all. It has HEAVY Satanic themes. Seriously. So if you are religous it'll be hard to watch. You seriously have to take this with a grain of salt.

      1. Alexis Sooklall

        I see how hearing our God get called the "false god" and then hear "hail satan the true god" would be upsetting but it accurately depicts how brainwashed Satan has them all which is needed for the plot and meaning behind this show to come through.

      2. Alexis Sooklall

        It delves into demons and Satan because it has to. It won't be accurate to the whole witch thing if it left that out. Regardless, it shows how evil Satan is which in my book is in agreeance with the Bible and Sabrina wanted to be good and wanted to defeat the devil but she fell pray to her emotions... She would do anything to save the ones she loves, Harvey, her friends, her family, even if she has to do bad things to get that done... It's a tale of temptation, all magic comes with a price (probably because its roots are evil), and it's a tale of doing all the wrong things for what she believes are the right reasons... Not so different from some of the lessons you learn in the Bible. Her aunt Hilda who never wanted to join the Church of Night represents goodness, kindness, love and light, while aunt Zelda who murders her own sister every time she doesn't get her way and would do anything for Satan represents the evil side of this show. Whenever her aunt Zelda says things that are messed up, like when she was teaching the little children of the Church of Night "God said if they bit into the apple, they would die, but did Adam and Eve die? No. God lied." ...that is when I just look at it and laugh (because it's just a show), and then recognize her character was brainwashed as a child along with all the other witches and is now in return brainwashing more children and we recognize as Christians that Zelda is in the wrong and it is not true because God didn't mean they will die on the spot. He didn't lie. He meant you will die as in not have eternal life and that was true. Sabrina knew not to trust the devil either and was aware of how manipulative he was and how messed up all the witch traditions Satan wanted the witches to uphold were. She tried to change it at every turn, like the Feast of Feasts tradition for example. It was sick and she recognized that. Sadly, she didn't manage to change anything, but maybe in the future, she will defeat the devil.

    36. akaTheBookTree

      like it better than riverdale; also it's great that they used actors closer to the characters' age. Riverdale ist too overblown...

    37. Myname Here

      Ok, this is the dark version of Sabrina. Based on that, I only have 2 complaints. 1. Whats with the "blurry vision" in ever other scene??? Either film the whole show like that or don't. Jerking back and forth between these is just nerve-racking and distracting. 2. These witches signed their souls to Satan for powers and prestige? Ok. So WHERE is the prestige? WHERE are the powers? Hilda and Zelda run a mortuary for HUMANS, living in an old, run down house, with old run down furniture. And so far, half way through the first season, the only "magic" I've seen is Sabrina casting a couple of spells and turning the radio on. BIG FREEKING DEAL! If they supposedly have SO much power that they signed their souls away for.........WHY aren't they living in a castle or mansion with servants? A penthouse in the middle of a downtown area? Wearing the finest luxury fashions that can be made? Driving the most luxurious vehicles available? I'm with Sabrina........signing your life away is stupid and needles. Especially when you DON'T get what you were promised!!!

    38. Leo Fed

      Sabrina full poweréo-gPj2e2MprAw.html

    39. anil kalal

      Its a 1 hour long episodes of headache!!

    40. allornothing432

      Complete waste of time! Just a sad vehicle for poorly written SJW third wave feminist bullshit. Its god forsaken delusions seeping into every scene like a cancer! Of course every man is emasculated or a chauvinistic punching bag and all the women feisty champions and ever ready to "advise" all the silly men - seriously who gave the nut case a pen? I swear this delusional shit is in every f*cken show and movie, estranged from reality and only ever comfortable in the realm of fiction and feelings.

    41. Aeternuss

      This show should be called '' The SJW Satanic adventure of Hermione Granger'''

    42. Paerigos

      Well I really hope Salem starts talking soon...

    43. Yasiref Jimenez

      ¿alguien dijo sabrita? Ñam ñam

    44. Lipton T ,

      This show wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. 🤷🏾‍♀️. The acting was good but you only hear Salem talk once I believe. They have a weird Fuzz around the edges of the picture. Like the have a blur focus at the wrong freakin time. I give the show 5.7/10.

    45. LemonDrop

      Greendale doesn't look like it produces many winners but Sabrina's friends are especially losers.

    46. Anisha Singh

      It’s amazing 🤩

    47. Liam Caswell

      Can I just say that this is a show based on fantasy verses reality, in order to create a fantasy verses reality you have to have an element of supernatural and an element of real world issues and our current issue is politics with feminism. If we completely deny the problems that we are facing in a series or a film then how is it reality, without reality we just have fantasy. If you just want fantasy, may I suggest watching Teletubbies or the Tweenies. There’s no Donald trump on them shows XD.

    48. the thot hunter

      What the hell is that goat like creature called it looks badass

    49. tdc

      she literally looks like a demon in this trailer but in the actual show she's really nice