D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

Puffin Forest

Puffin Forest

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    This animated Dungeons and Dragons story comes from when I ran a mission for the first time in Adventurer's League. I accidentally misread the adventure and turned out I made some crucial mistakes when running it.
    End song: "Bluebird" from the FR-news Audio Library

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    1. OverLord Madness

      The quote at the end perfectly explains what Dark Souls is.

    2. Nathan Lee

      First level character? You guys couldnt magically boost her stats to help her out for her first game? You guys are dicks. I would never set someone up to fail like that.

    3. IDon'tKnowHowtoYouTube

      What happened to the baby wizard??

    4. Paul McNeil

      why so many chult games

    5. Norse Bearry

      I am getting ready to start playing D&D and for some reason they are making me DM so... Yea...

    6. Gabriel Russell

      I must say, I'm disappointed that your doodle of Fenthaza doesn't have amazing abs like her art in the module does.

    7. David Strouse

      It occurs to me that many of the problems that crop up in Puffin's campaigns stem from him either not reading the module properly, or not preparing properly in other cases.

    8. Tinmann

      What happened to the lvl 1?

    9. Jonathon Spencer

      What happened to the level 1 wizlord though!?

    10. Constantine Kuklin

      They fought through the entire temple full of enemies? This is why we had exhaustion as a naturally occuring status effect. Because sure, the barbarian with high strength and constitution, will be able to fight for a long time? But a mage that has next to nothing in both categories? Puh-lease

    11. dt5101961Nelon

      DM: This is a module where player's are forced to be slaved by enemies. *An Elf with chaotic alignment appears. DM: fuck

    12. A Temperamental Octopod

      goin brute mode on a stealth campaign is pretty much Warframe in a nutshell xD

    13. flyingmojo5

      Awesome, but wow, what a crappy module! Missing that bit about RAILROADING the party was not your fault. Your "mistake" was letting the party make their own decisions (as they should) and not RAILROAD them into doing what the module says they should do. That's a *sin* in adventure design and a good example right there of why I avoid Adventurer's League like the plague. Seriously, AL sucks... a lot. So, yeah, you didn't "derail" the story. That's not story. It's RAILROADING of the most obscene kind.

      1. flyingmojo5

        And yes, I realise that ppl would be tempted to read this aloud in an angry nerd voice. And I am fine with that. fr-news.net/online/vidéo-Qmk64IsOld0.html

    14. Dylan McNally

      I got to give you props, Puffin Forest. That campaign was dumb, thinking that submitting themselves as slaves was a good idea, and what do you do? Think of all that as “fluff” and skip that part, derailing the entire campaign. But look at it this way: you won! Moral of story: If you think what the book tells you is wrong, don’t do it.

    15. anionhero

      Reminds me of a campaign I did once where the entire party was supposed to polymorph themselves into Orcs to infiltrate an orcish nation and they were like, "Nope!" So, they attempted to infiltrate this place as themselves. They rage quit the campaign because the sheer number of orcs they had to go through to get their objective completed was INSANE. I tried explaining that was why the adventure calls for them to polymorph into orcs. So, they can get to the objective and back again with a lot less fighting. I was running an actual adventure that I bought from the store. It stated they needed to polymorph. It wasn't suggested that they polymorph, they needed to polymorph to pull this off.

    16. Valentine Tarango Jr.

      Lost interest in this one really quick.

    17. burnt f1ames

      I had to do the same one as gm except my group decided themselves to just run in with no regret and just kill as many as they can. They all died if you couldn’t tell

    18. TheStormingmonkey

      but did your lvl 1 wizard survive and did you let them keep the flame sword

    19. steven deppe

      You gotta admit.... those guys must've gained a LOT of exp points :3

    20. funnyblog100

      Level 1 isn't as much of a problem when you are playing a spellcaster and got things like shield and mage armor. Idk I think I would go storm sorcerer so even if they hit me they are taking lightning or thunder damage.

    21. Savage Antelope

      I’m just curious did this campaign come before or after tomb of anhiliation?

    22. Murad Beybalaev

      Has that level 1 player ever returned?

    23. Colton Stillwell

      Here’s my plan on this module: Find a yuan-ti patrol who work for Ras Nsi and request an audience with him, giving up any weapons or items if necessary to meet him. Then ask about the items he stole and try to work out a deal with him to recover said items; maybe promise to find the cure to his disease.

    24. Phantom Yokai

      Ohh sneks

    25. 2ndJ3ss3 Fl0ur1t3


    26. pol ara

      Real questions: how many actually died and how many fell unconscious?

    27. Luke Green

      Out of curiosity....how did the newbie player fare?

    28. David Folsom

      fane of the night serpent.. isn't a module dude... It's part of a hardcover. You're missing the entirety of multiple chapters before that. The players if they actaully PLAYED up to that point know of the secret back entrance into the fane of the night serpent and very likely might have been there before. The only way through the front door is surrendering or being captured because the yuan ti within omu don't kill you. They capture you and take you.. to the fane of the night serpent. You didn't /miss/ anything, unless a player GOES THROUGH OMU, they CANNOT discover that there is a back entrance.

    29. Leisure

      Force Grey played this.

    30. DWPF Horsemen

      2:02 Can you find the hidden Whimsy?

    31. Toothygrin

      And that whole railroad into the PCs being slaves is why adventurers league is a massive pile of bullshit. My current character, was once a slave, and kills slavers on sight. And she would not even be willing to fake being a slave again.

    32. fatbabyjake

      I honestly would have preferred the way you ran it haha. Much more excitement for sure and much more thinking for the players to do which is one of my favorite parts of tabletop RPG's. I think you did just fine.

    33. PolarBearProject

      Funny... I always called him my DM.

    34. OtisJohn Reidy

      L E T S S P L I T T H E P A R T Y , W H A T C O U L D G O W R O N G?

    35. Katana


    36. Isaac of Thales

      Got any ravenloft stories?

    37. Dnd-ish Official

      Ben, what's your email? I have some questions

    38. Shadowkey392

      What happened to the level 1?

    39. Designated Drinker Pinch Smoker

      first chuckle for me on this one is about 1:05. "i'm playing a wiz-lord :D"

    40. Ni ck

      I just love these stories :D

    41. Django Cribbs

      This module sounds poorly considered. Not bad, just not thought through.

    42. Jermaine Race

      "Yes, they die!" Sounds like OD&D.

    43. The_Nerd

      7:36 if I were in that scenario I would have looked at the snake dude (I have no fucking idea how to spell his name) and said "Sir a group and adventures appears to have broken into your great temple. What do we do?!" Edit' Nvm It's spelled Ras Nsi

    44. Precision DancePads

      What does one shot mean in D&D?

    45. James Kindrick

      game: "This is a stealth mission. Here's an invisibility potion." me: *[incoherent screaming as I enrage and maul my way through hordes of elite guards]*

      1. James Kindrick

        Didn't even need the potion.

    46. alec christiaen

      infiltrate the temple, do some double dealings and trick the enemy? nah, i'd rather make my way through as a gradual meat grinder

    47. Frank Segui

      I dont understand this game at all. No matter how much I hear about it I just dont understand it. Like are there rules?? Is it just a guy telling a story like I dont get it :/

    48. DeadToMe

      so does gm mean game master? me and my friends use dungeon master

    49. vazak11

      This was incredible XD Also loved your shots at the original plan haha.

    50. Angelo

      those storys are somehow awesome :o i want to play dad

    51. potato is not here

      What happened to the level 1?

    52. sicon samson

      So ras nsi is a male lamia?

    53. Sebastian Rod

      that lvl 1 player ding ding ding ding look i got lvls!!!!

    54. Ryan Maciver

      Just found this channel and never played D&D before seriously had a character with my handle BoobsMaknZ and I’m enjoying this so much I wanna play so bad

    55. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      so how did the new girl do?

    56. Aaaa Bbbb


    57. Ak iraa

      What happened to the lv1 player though?

    58. dooseyboy

      Haha would love to know the co ordinator a response to all this

    59. One From Dust

      This seems like rails. I hate rails in RP. And who does?

    60. GreyFox23

      That sounded way more fun then the original story. Also kind of dumb it restricts itself like that with no alternate content besides "You're suppose to die."

    61. Bradley Pruitt

      I have never played dd or anything like it as far as table top games go but your story telling is making me want to nerd out on it

    62. zoliking2

      Yeah, this happened to me all the time, I come up with a situation where combat isn't supposed to be a good option, the players charge in like a king and somehow still win. (Granted, one time I had to pull the "this guy who can just wipe the party easily at this point notices his superior strength and tries to capture the characters alive instead of just finishing them right that turn" bullshit to get them out.)

    63. El chico DGD

      6:42 "Snake, what have you done? You created a time paradox"

    64. Rachelle

      So... what became of the lvl 1 player?

    65. Teirdalin

      But did the level 1 survive?

    66. The Vulgar Marxist

      Yeah, i am not certain how accurite your story is, but the coordinator sounds like either an imbicile or a douchebag. even assuming he did not understand you where a completely novice GM, dropping a level 1 character into a level 5 campaign is....beyond stupid.

    67. Fawful benivictor

      Could have staged a slave revolt to lighten the load on the players

    68. Kylianos3

      Ras Nsi is a very trusting master. To allow a mere slave to walk off into his armory and fetch his flaming sword for him

    69. dallazkatt

      And this is why I bring a laptop and tv to my al games and use roll20. I can’t imagine trying to run this encounter with a group of murder hobos without the digital help

    70. xenu4life

      It really wasn't your fault dude, from the way you describe it that module was REALLY, REALLY BADLY WRITTEN. The players are just supposed to magically know that they have to pretend to be slaves? AND the module writer expected them to be totally cool with giving up all their gear? I can appreciate feeling like you royally screwed up, especially for your first time DMing, but the module writer is a windowlicking moron.

    71. Hivlik

      the cult leader snake guy looks like rolf from ed edd and eddy

    72. Alexander Ducaneaux

      You say GM shouldnt that be DM ?

      1. me

        Dungeon Master is specific to D&D. Game Master is the general term that you can use for any system. If you say DM when you're playing Trudvang Chronicles, people will know what you mean, but it isn't technically correct.

    73. Bard Lich

      So is Accerak a pimp for villains?

    74. BioroidPilot

      sometimes i think when i gmed i made traps and situatiosn that were unfair..then i hear about that campaigns "Ye just agree to be slaves" rule and I think...ye I think i did alright, least i wasnt that bad

    75. Reeven

      I assume that talking book has never met PCs before.

    76. Gloomipede Scolipede

      what an incredible story. I am so proud of you.

    77. Samurie Cooper100

      Best d&d to be in

    78. Manikdreamer

      Wow, what a story!

    79. DeXtar

      what about that lvl 1 player though?

    80. K Wenzek

      Hello, I'm a dwarf

    81. Calpsotoma

      That sounds way more fun than the "right" way.

    82. pulpnonfiction

      That's what you call the "we did it reddit" moment.

    83. TeCool Mage

      I really wanted to see what happened to the lvl 1...

    84. Biak Skull

      But did u manage to keep the noob alive?

    85. BlackSh1rtandJeans

      See, it's shit like this is why I avoid the modules. There's not a lot of wiggle room.

    86. Randy Boi

      It’s called a Lamia. Snake person.

    87. dylan bailly

      1:28, why don't you just level her up

      1. Daniel Clements

        In D&D and other RPGs it is against the rules to just level player characters without them earning the XP to gain such levels. Part of it is because it undermines those who have levels through actually invested the time and gone through adventures (and i the old days of RPGs risked their character getting killed many, many times and have to re-roll a new character and start all over). It is even against the rules for a GM to allow a level 1 character into a adventure meant for level 5 adventures and "baby sit" (ie do anything differently in order to help them survive) in order for the level 1 character to be not outright killed by anything they might encounter.

    88. Bryn R

      10:42 “If you bash your head against it will, eventually, come tumbling down.” Puffin forest

    89. metademetra

      Moral of the story: Do not let Puffin Forrest be your GM if you don’t want to be in a purely absurd situation.

    90. Daniel Clements

      The first two minutes of this video is pretty much what EVERY game master goes through when they try to run an adventure for the fist time. In the end it is not so much about knowing the rules as in trying to maintain some consistency with reality while doing a little bit of a song and dance for the players when needed (ie. being careful not to insta-death them in every situation they encounter).

    91. RaymondLee

      Why would you play dnd only to follow a shitty, predetermined story line

    92. Bruce Grubb

      This kind of situation is why I ran a variant of D&D that sadly would *never* see the light of day in AL back in the day ( gurps.wikia.com/wiki/GURPS_magic_in_D%26D ) - its a lot easier to "balance" things. Ons a side note, what happened to the 1st level player?

    93. Just That Guy

      OR if you bash your head into a wall enough, your skull will cave in and you'll die with no hope of that wall ever getting a dent in it.

    94. Donuttheturtle 2.0

      Fane of the night serpent

    95. nikolai60

      I honestly wanna know what everyone thought of that when it was done, like, I'd think people would be amazed they actually managed to get through that mess.

    96. Draymond506

      7:48 kali ma

    97. The derpy Noob

      At 2:05 whimsy was on the map

    98. Liams Clan

      Wiz lord the best class

    99. Brutal Bob

      Damn that sounds awesome man.