Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7



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    1. Wynnter Totman

      Cracked me up (; 5:02

    2. Meh Nerdy

      Dr Phil : you think this is a joke? Her: yes. Meanwhile My dad: you think this is a joke? Me: yes My dad: *sets me on fire and throws my ass down from the Eiffel Tower and drops a grenade in me*

    3. Noah Cooper

      At 14:44 she shiting bricks

    4. allaboutthemskipps litmin

      You know what everyone hates T SEIRES

    5. King Slayer07

      The ramranch7

    6. Princess Enderwomen

      I’m not stupid 😠😠🥺🥺😡😡

    7. King Slayer07

      Dr.Phil, ultimate ThOT bEgOnAnAtOr

    8. Unseen Artworkers

      She looks like Kirsten dUNST

    9. UnispriteYT

      *sMaSh LiKe FoR tHe RaNcH*

    10. grace tharapatla

      Dr.Phil distroys spoiled brat and pewdiepie destroyed both of them. LOL🤘👍🔥📛

    11. David Luebbers

      Just realized if the mom is a “professional” domanatrix then that means the father up there is probably a submissive. Just wanted to point that out.

    12. Carlton Ogulla

      Bitch said, "youre not supposed to do this at this age. Why?" Have you ever heard of the law???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    13. Shiny Hunting Tyrantrum

      It makes me uncomfortable that the girl has braces and is talking about sexual relationships

    14. X Bomb

      Same thots

    15. Aayu Rai

      “Send her to the death ranch” -pewdiepie

    16. Stick Nodes Storytelling [Bradley]

      Does making a face like a terrified bear when I’m tired count as yawning? Cause I gave my little brother nightmares by “yawning.”

    17. Reed Gabriele

      🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Dr Phil is not an actual doctor...

    18. Glee Aldc

      Low key..... Can I go to the ranch plz

    19. Gregory Karaguiozian

      oh no

    20. Yeemo Rat

      the eye thing killed me though

    21. Donuts For Life


    22. Colton Frantz

      My brother abuses my mom and we were going to go to Phil the quick scoper and I was going to Scream SuB To pEWDs

    23. Holden Farrell

      to the ranch with her!!

    24. katie blade crazy

      Note: smoking weed is not against the law because the goverment sells it to people in medicine bottles to get money but they dont want nobody to know that because if we knew that they would not be able to make money off of it

    25. crimson fried jelly bigmacs

      tbh i would be excited for the ranch. I love ranch work its easy.

    26. Rhys Macken

      like your jokes

    27. D. Generate

      I was laughing too.

    28. KordaCol


    29. Heybur78

      OMEGA LOL she got owned

    30. xXTheGodWolfXx

      This doesn't sound like a simple spoiled brat asking for everything This is a spoiled brat who just smoke, drink, and have s** C'MON WTF IS THIS?!

    31. Blister Jam

      I've laughed so hard with this

    32. Carter content

      "Pewdiepie" lets get straight in to the mother

    33. Jem Call

      The ranch! The ranch!!!

    34. Ande Pande

      You already know that the 11K that disliked are T-Series fans who get triggered when they see pewdiepies faceeeee 🤣

    35. Violeta Ratiani

      4:20 um mm I don't wanna see

    36. XLR_Hunter


    37. Marco Vidal

      I wonder what will happen next to this girl

    38. Holo is my passion

      I used to hate PewDiePie now I'm laughing my ass off. I probs didn't understand his humor before.

    39. Sheristan Khan

      Your all video is funny

    40. Nobody

      0:35 me in math class

    41. Saw 8888

      I have to admit I love seeng people cry

    42. Saw 8888

      T gay

    43. gaming boy _

      "i spank people okay... " Me:ok...

    44. Samachi Rulez

      I want her as my mum! 🤣

      1. MaQuaronen FBI


    45. Mr CJ100

      This is how pews makes a 5 min vid o to a 19 min video

    46. V NotASpyMain V

      Sorry i dont yawn

    47. Dat puppet man boi

      Destroy spoiled brats

    48. Mystic8baller

      17:43 "it's like hunger games but with psycho kids..." so like hunger games? 🤦

    49. Nine GAmmer 1789

      One like one kid to the ranch

    50. Killerbees 444

      So basically I don’t think a lot of people will see this but i can’t afford braces and I am wondering if you guys can like this maybe Pewds can see it? And help