Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - “Wake Up In The Sky” [Official Audio]

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

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    1. Däcwi ibnu Ďãçwį

      Smook juan am hai✌

    2. Raizha Rihanna

      I know I’m not the only one who thinks that doesn’t sound like Kodak. 🤔

    3. Addi Palomino

      Waiting for the music video...

    4. RyK Zanchez

      demonios, que rola Ufffffff ahora si dejare de escuchar por un tiempo mis musicas : D

    5. maria

      why does bruno make like 2 fire ass songs a year then dip until next year

    6. Paul Barton

      Well damn (Guwop voice) played this back to back to back! Then back again! Fly

    7. Bruno Carrillo

      La una de las mejores canciones de Bruno Mars

    8. U N D E R__ T A K E R B U T T L E R

      Bruno is wonderful musician at heart and his music blooms like wonders of wonderment . I do think touring around world is very challenging everyday.

    9. Safari Purge Paz

      This a song to smoke a blunt and chill💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

    10. Timeless_ king

      very underated like come on now this is fire

    11. Sarah Tabrizi

      Yooo but if Miguel was on this track instead of Bruno this would be crazy

    12. Mini cagerina

      This is not Bruno

    13. caden barricks

      Matter of time before radio stations light the fuse and this blows up! 💥🔥

    14. Ranya Hadi

      I like Bruno in this song. I usually hate his songs

    15. Krystofer Hernandez

      This is sick!!! Like bruno is so versitile ..i hope he keeps making music as lit as this and 24 k and doo wops and hooligans. He has evolved to be an amazing artist a legend in the making. Not like micheal not like james brown but his own style hes BRUNO FU**ING MARS

    16. Rebekah Diaz

      I think Bruno sounds like Mac Miller! I thought it was a him for so long and then I seen it doesnt feature him. Thats crazy

    17. Ja' Debou

      This needs to be a 100 mill viewed already

    18. Abigail pobee

      Baby daddy did it again

    19. Jayxz

      So unexpected but this hype!

    20. Sushrut Lamani

      young wild and free better tho

    21. Skull Man

      *great collab*

    22. gua miranda

      Ay te amo

    23. Faithce

      Consuming That Gelato

    24. Gabriely Cristina

      I can not stop listening🔥

    25. Jihun W

      Do I alone think the first part of this song is similar to the great showman?

    26. Small Chic

      my god this song is so cool and chill i love it

    27. Javiera Aravena

      I can't wait to see this video!

    28. Legend Pro Sowandey

      Guys😃 any song that bruno is involve with is alllllways g$$d😤 #Greatness👌

      1. Nia J Johnson

        Fuck yes

      2. Legend Pro Sowandey


    29. Antonio Lobaton Rodríguez

      Esto no es trap ,comercial music MTV los 40 👎

    30. Nya Laura

      I listened to this song like 25 times❤️😂 That’s how good this is!❤️👏👏🙌

    31. TonyCoolTV

      Kodak killd it😎😎😎😎

    32. Bruna Metring

      te amo tanto caraio

    33. Joaquin Miguel Trinidad

    34. Zee Mii

      This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. Nicholas Richard

      Repeat till infinity

    36. Tamaya Lester

      This my shit

    37. Jeremy Diesel

      Bruno is the king of hooks, yall remember " Nothing On You" and " Billionaire"????

    38. saul calderon

      I wonder who produce the beat ??

    39. rohit saVage


    40. Oakland Smokin510

      Some soft 👐🏽

    41. ozzy ozi

      Oh my I came from stealing bikes to flying in a G5

    42. Got7 Wang

      Oh shit...I love this...voice of Bruno Mars was awesome ✔

    43. josh

      This a vibe

    44. Juice Wrld

      What a Dope Lyrics When Pop goes rap Lyrics Remains Legend I think he was inspired by X But on diiferent way

    45. Amber Reilly


    46. Dragonlegend.

      2:35 lol

    47. Reagan Dekkinga


    48. Senpai

      Ohh shittt 😱 I love it 😱❤😁

    49. Kitty Long Time

      Yeahh this lit 👌