half•alive - still feel. [VIDEO]



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    half•alive’s music video for ‘still feel.’
    Listen on Spotify or Apple Music: fanlink.to/halfalive
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    Instagram: instagr.am/halfaliveco
    Twitter: twitter.com/halfaliveco
    Spotify: spoti.fi/2KsJpjE
    Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/halfaliveco
    Website: halfalive.co
    Directed / Edited / Colored by : Josh Taylor
    Director of Photography : Ryan Wood
    Choreography : bit.ly/JA_Collective
    Producer : Ryan Prouty
    Focus Puller : Daniel Worlock
    Stylist : Madelaine Turner
    when i'm furthest from myself •far away•
    feeling closer to the stars •outer space•
    i've been invaded by the dark •can't escape•
    trying to recognize myself when i feel i've been replaced
    i can feel a kick down in my soul
    and its pulling me back to earth to let me know
    i am not a slave, cant be contained
    so pick me from the dark and pull me from the grave
    i still feel alive
    when it is hopeless, i start to notice
    that i still feel alive
    falling forward back into orbit
    so when i lose my gravity in this sleepy womb
    drifting as i dream, but i'll wake up soon
    to realize the hand of life is reaching out
    to rid me of my pride i call allegiance to myself
    i can feel a kick down in my soul
    it's pulling me back to earth to let me know
    and this heart that beats inside of me will show
    it will show
    floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul?
    lost in the in between, or so it seems, i'm out of control
    floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul
    lost in the in between but i cant keep me asleep for long
    i still feel alive •i can feel it•
    when it is hopeless •it ain't hopeless•
    i start to notice •start to notice•
    i still feel alive •i can feel it•
    falling forward •falling forward•
    back into orbit •yeah•

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    1. nastypablo 2

      This the place that young Sinatra was

    2. Wesley Milligan

      The lighting and aesthetic of this is edible. I'm gonna monch it.

    3. Nugg -Et

      I didn’t really find this catchy and it was really unsatisfying

    4. izagrams


    5. Zahidah Shane

      At first I was like okay... Then the trio starts dancing together and I was like OOKAYYYYYYYYY. I DIG THIS BIG TIME.

    6. Be Raidin

      The thing I’m most confused about is the gloves they were wearing ONLY when they were sitting on the couch. When Josh took off his glasses ten seconds after they were gone!


      When you accidentally make the greatest funk track of the 2010's.

    8. Ezra Radke

      Isn't that the set from The Dark Night?

    9. Kaden B

      this is art man

    10. Sophia Abulencia

      this is so good idgi

    11. Waffles

      Ah, it’s this room

    12. Gūm my

      So cool. I love it...

    13. Lauren

      *West side story has left the chat*

    14. casinomann

      Budget Thomas Middleditch

    15. Seth A La Mode

      Sounds like a band that would open for Patd

    16. adah !


    17. PeppersKrueger

      I like that there are very few cuts in this so a lot of it is one take

    18. Łîfê îš Łêmøńž

      I’ve been waiting to hear this song on a car radio and I finally heard it today

    19. Zie Malone

      I clicked on this video because I recognized the warehouse they’re in and I’m so glad, the tall handsome man dancing is amazing ❤️

    20. imetconormason


    21. Salt Tea

      Birds are not real

    22. Jin is mom but Namjoon's Hope is Jimins Suga Kookie

      Good dance and song.

    23. Little V


    24. Rachael The Dragon Master

      *Step 1:* learn to dance like this. *Step 2:* find someone who can dance like this. *Step 3:* get married.

    25. The Very Strange Emo Kid

      No matter how many times I listen to other kinds of music I still come back to this

    26. Emma PS


    27. Flama Uwur

      I will learn this choreography 💕

    28. ekklesiast

      What a time to be still alive

    29. Nædrin

      hmmmm.... his voice sounds incredible familiar. even the high pitched business.

    30. Carla Sofiaa


    31. Framboise

      real fan has here when he """copying"""" twenty one pilots, you such a good band guys !

    32. NESherv

      5.5k people are half•dead.

    33. KellseyAlexHipo

      I’m actually crying wtf this is beautiful

    34. The Victorian Gamer

      Oh those outfits were so mod 60s and i love it

    35. Crazy Girl Meets World

      I showed this to my dance teacher and she loved it

    36. si pues

      That yellow jacket Is gorgeous.

    37. Adwaith Rajesh

      When you don't take a shower for a week and smell your armpits 1:01

    38. Rouella Denise

      I still dont see why they keep saying they have similiraties w/ TØP. Solid fan of TØP here. all I can say half alive have their own originality & theyre lit

    39. D2 Entertainment

      I love dork swagger.

    40. Trent Kieckow

      Are artists in a competition to find out how stupid of a room they can put themselves in before someone notices? I’ve noticed. Good song, though.

    41. Frankie Waters

      I just stumbled across your music and I have to say you are literally my favorite band now. I love the style. I can now say I was here before you got real famous. You guys are gonna be BIG, I can already tell!

    42. DAYDREAMER !

      me: “okay no more falling for white boys” half•alive: “hi-“ me: “I’d die for you.”

    43. DAYDREAMER !

      They’re dressed like Dwight Schrute

    44. Many Name

      Thanks for the recommendation Dodie!

    45. Kaleb Ward

      Come to Australia!!!!!

    46. Kangoero

      Half Life 3

    47. Mekhee

      Vine buscando cobre y encontré oro ❤

    48. Roselind Icenogle

      This is sooo good!! Im in love with this song!

    49. Renan_Gameer


    50. maya

      AAAAAAAAAAAA so happy i found this