half•alive - still feel. [VIDEO]



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    half•alive’s music video for ‘still feel.’
    Listen on Spotify or Apple Music: fanlink.to/halfalive
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    Spotify: spoti.fi/2KsJpjE
    Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/halfaliveco
    Website: halfalive.co
    Directed / Edited / Colored by : Josh Taylor
    Director of Photography : Ryan Wood
    Choreography : bit.ly/JA_Collective
    Producer : Ryan Prouty
    Focus Puller : Daniel Worlock
    Stylist : Madelaine Turner
    when i'm furthest from myself •far away•
    feeling closer to the stars •outer space•
    i've been invaded by the dark •can't escape•
    trying to recognize myself when i feel i've been replaced
    i can feel a kick down in my soul
    and its pulling me back to earth to let me know
    i am not a slave, cant be contained
    so pick me from the dark and pull me from the grave
    i still feel alive
    when it is hopeless, i start to notice
    that i still feel alive
    falling forward back into orbit
    so when i lose my gravity in this sleepy womb
    drifting as i dream, but i'll wake up soon
    to realize the hand of life is reaching out
    to rid me of my pride i call allegiance to myself
    i can feel a kick down in my soul
    it's pulling me back to earth to let me know
    and this heart that beats inside of me will show
    it will show
    floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul?
    lost in the in between, or so it seems, i'm out of control
    floating in outer space, have i misplaced a part of my soul
    lost in the in between but i cant keep me asleep for long
    i still feel alive •i can feel it•
    when it is hopeless •it ain't hopeless•
    i start to notice •start to notice•
    i still feel alive •i can feel it•
    falling forward •falling forward•
    back into orbit •yeah•

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    1. Hailey Mew

      Is that the batcave?

    2. Ollie Rowan

      for once I’m finally glad that youtube has recommended a video to me. this was beautiful

    3. Melissa Apoka


    4. nicole a

      the trio concept and dance reminds me of the Japanese group Perfume

    5. JJ Leyde

      Guys 3:20 is the best part

    6. cassieidk3


    7. Aubrey Garman

      My boys got 5M views!

    8. Erika Metscher

      I come back to this video every two weeks it is just that GOOD

    9. Stellar Cellar

      I just can't stop watching this video; the dancing is simple but so well done!

    10. Julia Shpilevskaya

      This is so good im fricken speechless! They should receive so much more attention ~ | •

    11. Dreams

      I actually found a band that's really good.

    12. Cassie :3c

      I have literally sent this to everyone I know, absolutely in LOVE!! Great music!!!

    13. Ana Velasquez


    14. Ana Velasquez

      i just love it

    15. Scary Bunny

      This place is in this video to fr-news.net/online/vidéo-UnyLfqpyi94.html

    16. milana muller

      woaaaah,this is actually so nice

    17. insan3d0wn3r

      5mil! good job boys

    18. Robert Frost

      Where's the treadmills?

    19. JWRyan1990

      i've literally watched this like 30 times in the past couple days

    20. Chelcie Abercrombie

      Are you guys planning any sort of tour? This song is wonderful and the video is well made and interesting. I'm looking forward to your future work! :)

    21. Ramenzwiebel


    22. Ramenzwiebel

      You'll better bring a vinyl out soon.

    23. KARIM Ruiz

      I love this song, im ugly

    24. Adnaa G

      Lol y cuando lo ví por primera vez no llegaba ni a las dos mil reproducciones.

    25. Mabe Mabe MabeMabe

      Here from "The Devil Is A Handsome Man", and I'm in love with this song

    26. EMBR_Arctic

      thank you youtube, thank you so much

    27. CuTTyFlaM

      What are they doing in Batman's hideout?

    28. Colin Martin

      That buildup to 3:06 is sickkkkk

    29. Sisi xx

      well... Sounds great

    30. Tam

      Oh my this is groovy I love it

    31. Sophia Nicole

      okay so ive never heard of this band before this just popped up on my recommended for some reason and now im in love

    32. Jesus Morales

      can i say this has 5 mil views that only takes 500k people to watch it 10 times a piece now i have watched it at least 15 soooooooo

    33. Ian Rubini

      Big OK Go vibes from this

    34. the real jordynamo

      I may have listened to this 100 times in a row

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    36. Sterling

      I knew this song was going to get big before it even hit a thousand I'm so very proud

    37. Cardnyl music

      I'm pretty sure Logic shot a music video in that same room

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    39. Thalía Rios

      CHILLS. I got chills throughout the entire video. I am a new fan!

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      from the thumbnail i thought this was a kpop video

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      I love the tibe this song gives 😍😍

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      3:05 fucking KILLED me

    47. Brendon Urie is literally Jesus Christ

      The band AJR really filmed their music video for their song “Burn the house down” at the same place that this video was filmed like that’s crazy

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      Have a crush on this guy ❤️

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      what a genius choreography.