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    1. Christian Johnson

      Many people are calling to end the Saffir-Simpson scale because many people die just because they forget how powerful every hurricane is.

    2. gacha mar

      NO SAY THAT BITCH, I have nightmares whith that

    3. UsagiShouldAllMate USAM

      Florence Is A Category 4 Major Hurricane.

    4. Christopher Jamieson

      500 miles oh boy she's really showing power so fast

      1. Christopher Jamieson

        I tested it let's keep that CLASSIFIED hope camera was watching my EXPERIMENT I wondered if top of the eye boy that's Bio-Cadence I want Antarctica my full chem lab all property as well

      2. Christopher Jamieson

        Antarctica fast who can do all won't listen waited so long my chem lab big enough is Antarctica

    5. LASERBLAST 1978

      Read bible Bad weather for Bad people!

    6. Master Roblox Diamond Miner

      🤢🤮ewww ,but.... I would use superpowers

    7. juju bean

      I’m scared.... I live in Maryland

    8. long khanh

      THE WARNING New prophecies Reveal Global Events in the Lead up to the Second Coming. Look up @ mybookoftruth.com Become a God Remnant Army @ crusadeprayergroup.org CUỘC CẢNH BÁO Những Lời Tiên Tri Mặc Mặc Khải Nhiều Biến Cố Toàn Cầu Trước Cuộc Quang Lâm. Để Biết Thêm Chi Tiết @ sachsuthat.com

    9. thîck sîs

      *it's the gosh darned iphone's fault*



    11. Duke Gotcha

      But in Lucama there was a tornado but failed to form

    12. Ashton Lovell

      Florence peaked at C4, not C3.

    13. Steven S

      Thats not super wide lens, thats flat Earth...what it looks like without special lens tricks.

    14. TYT Sirius


    15. NPC TARD

      Stop HARRP ing ON!

    16. LynXX GAming

      Be safe

    17. Denise Rivarde


    18. Denise Rivarde


    19. 200iQ frog

      1:47 is that guy on the left praying to the god?

    20. Theta Dream

      Monster my ass, that hurricane was very weak

      1. Goatix

        Doesn't look weak to me fr-news.net/online/vidéo-sWwreH4pAL0.html

    21. EBK LOC

      Hi my name Florence how yal like my 40 inch monster cock

    22. Brooklyn Welch

      I'm glad the storm is gone

    23. You, Me, VALHALLA

      Watching from Texas:)

    24. Just Saying its lore.

      Just goes to show how powerful mother nature is. Global warming dam

    25. Just Saying its lore.

      That's a monster storm

    26. Jayda Spackman

      Pooooooooooo nooooooooooo

    27. dimmu borgir

      is this climate war russia vs usa?!

    28. Tanners Even

      Mike Tyson punch? Is that a rape joke¿

    29. Retro MouseX


    30. Virgelia Verzosa

      is typoon Mangkhut stonger than typoon Florence????????😓😓

      1. Goatix

        Yes. A LOT stronger. Florence(peak)= 135 MPH Manghut(peak)= 176 MPH


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      I poop in water my toylet to far


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      f no I live neer the peer


        I go

    35. Priscilla Panlican

      We can't do this in Philippines..even with category 5 typhoon Mangkut..Lack of modern and upgraded disasters management,,,our humble lowly dwellings..We always bend our knees for prayers..This is our strength in braving many storms,,including the strongest typhoon ever hitting the earth..God reveals His weakness to the poor and lowly..May He be blest forever..

    36. 张雅琪


    37. Tankz

      Florida Man Boxes Hurricane Florence

    38. Scaxed

      Is this hurricane bigger that the Katrina or The Harvey one?

    39. Stylish Patato

      *Bless all people who live there*

    40. Ukeward bean

      i live in savannah, its obviously close to it, but i can't leave because my mother is pregnant and is directed not to leave, in case the baby comes early.

    41. Desgreat

      I stay in nc please like and share this video fr-news.net/online/vidéo-EENgoKtLFuQ.html. #prayforthecarolinas

    42. Hot Omelette

      And these hurricanes are all NATURAL?

      1. Goatix

        Yes It's the peak of hurricane season, and multiple cat 5 storms happen arround the globe every year. This is normal.

    43. Kearu C

      Good thing I dont live in Georgia anymore

    44. ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø

      I'm glad North Carolina being destroyed by god judgment gooooood! :D

    45. Sofia Woodzy

      Hope they stay safe and god bless them all like if you agree

    46. cady hada

      devil doer weather manipulators military wicked wizards. Revelation

    47. BaronVonTacocat


      1. Goatix

        fr-news.net/online/vidéo-cDXgJYmLlXE.html Does that look like an exeggeration to you?

    48. R. E. Page

      Category 3? Why are some comparing it to Huricane Katrina when that is much smaller. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5. Media needs to stop making things out to be much worse than what it actually is. It may cause serious damage and residents in the area should prepare and be cautious but media needs to stop hyping up a small kitten to be a Lion or Tiger.

      1. Goatix

        It's comparable because it is hitting an area that's not used to being hit. Plus the flooding was horrible fr-news.net/online/vidéo-cDXgJYmLlXE.html

    49. Urban Moving

      A Category 3 is not a monster storm you lying dipshits its a mid major hurricane most usually break up on landfall and just rain a lot the sheer dishonesty, stunts, exaggeration pushing the satanic environmentalist agenda your fake news is dying we the people piss on it.

      1. Goatix

        Hurricane sandy: Category 3 Did 66 billion dollars in damage Killed 200 people Fourth costliest hurricane in history Just because it is a low cat does not mean it isn't a monster.

    50. foxnest/Isiah

      yeah trump sure global warming isn't real it imaginary.