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    The Trump administration takes its anti-immigration stance to the next level by proposing a policy that would target legal immigrants who have used public assistance programs.
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    1. Esther Aririsukwu

      Where does Trump originally come from???

    2. Pitrus

      Let's kick out all people in the US, since they're all technically immigrants.

    3. Emily Sigmund

      This is disturbing. They have changed the law so they can deport legal imagrents who were forced to sign up for Obamacare, because they signed up for Obamacare. And Trump has been speaking about changing the 14th amendment, so that if you were born in the United States, he could still deport you if he felt like it. The. United States is just a breathe away from state regulated genocide, and lying about it to the public, and those who voted for him shrugging saying 'he's probably not killing them' and 'it 'doesn't affect us, so it doesn't matter.' That's exactly how the concentration camps started up, folks..!

    4. Lala Lyons

      This hypocrite idiot should be deported it was in the Jay Leno Show when he first came to this country and stood up doing his comedy stunt about the blacks in this country that he couldn't understand them blah blah blah this Trevor is biracial one parent is African in the other one is from what are the Scandinavian countries hemax both sides I wonder if he is a citizen but he's got a lot to say

    5. Katie B.

      That doesn't make ANY sense. As a citizen, you're able to receive those services. It's what we pay taxes for. Is he talking about non-citizen legal immigrants? This man, Jesus. 🙄

    6. maclaireful

      The Whitehouse is public housing.

    7. Phillip Bertrand

      And trumpets still say he's not racist.

    8. Yvonne

      Isnt everyone an immigrant in the USA aside from Native Americans? Including Trump...

    9. Yvonne

      Zed! Us Canadians know!

    10. Christian Buczko

      Come to Britain Trever...

    11. Daniela Kaisheva

      I wander if Melania came legally...

    12. MAF F

      I think the agenda is to make Americans white again..

    13. Lila Dance

      In the United States, Congress is prohibited from passing ex post facto laws by clause 3 of Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution. ... Unconstitutional, it is, to penalize people for something that Wasn't illegal when then did it.

    14. Novastarr

      Hating immigrants while married to one is...what? Irony? Hypocrisy? Douchebaggery?

    15. Emil Daniel

      So, who wants to tell Trump that his own grandfather was an immigrant?

    16. Benjamin Camilleri

      So his wife is technically a immigrant who uses goverment services

    17. Lila Rousseau

      If siri were Nelson Mandela 😁😂😃

    18. Freako VEVO

      Deport Melania she’s a tranny

    19. Ice man

      easy to talk trash in the country that give u all these opportunity while SA your home nation is conducting actual genocide.

    20. P Lino


    21. Jun Chen

      I hope he does, this guy's real annoying to the real Americans.

    22. Caroline Balona

      Een, twee, drie - dis a kak storie die!!!!

    23. Thinker Patriot

      Hope they deport you, Trevor! You belong in Africa!

    24. Mwaba

      It is Zebra , I don't even get why they correct us. It's like someone telling you how you pronounce your name

    25. 33231303

      Excellent "same speed" Awesome!

    26. MyChilepepper

      Except he doesn't play by the rules by keeping the rules moving around.

    27. Assya M.

      didn't Trump's father have him born in the US as a citizen and he became president . pathetic double standards

    28. cali 4life

      I can't stand Trevor, I miss John stewart..

    29. Christophe Damon

      2:23 Essscaalllatorsss

    30. Ntswaki Lerobane

      Come back home for a couple of weeks, we really miss you

    31. MrSmashmouth07

      This young is truly one of a kind hey like me

    32. Rovert Robert

      This guy is a fool and as much of a goon as the rest of the liberal elite.

    33. LOKI

      All these liberal snow flakes and there idotic winging about immigration

    34. zunai andre

      This Country is going straight to Luciferville🔥🔥🔥

    35. Danette LaMonica Hudson

      Trump is the biggest user of welfare. I wonder if he will move out of the People's House and Self-deport?

    36. Chantelle Tucker

      Then there be no body in America apart from native Indians

    37. Bonnie Archie


    38. ogsmut

      I think they should get rid of the 14th amendment because that will mean that Trump is not an American citizen and gets send back to Scotland where his mother is from and he will be happy because he can play golf all day and tweet like he does now and not play president 😂😂😂

    39. dave_duuude10

      IT IS ZED

    40. Clarence Tieties

      I'm so confused right now

    41. mark anthony

      F Y Trevor!

    42. Louis Mandem

      America is so funny, “we have a second amendment right to guns that should never be taken away because the constitution is amazing, however the 14th amendment that’s jus crazy”

    43. lexus fazio


    44. Brian Evans

      Hopefully - he IS NOT funny, but still far better than that clown trump!

    45. PivotPilot 859

      My dad's getting deported and know possibly my mom if that happens I'll have to go to Mexico with my parents and I can't stay with my family members because most are in Mexico or can't afford to have another person in their household I haven't even finished High school so that means I have to throw away my future to possibly work in a field for low wage because where my family is from it tough over there and almost impossible to get a better job and you might be wondering why he typed so much because I want to let people know how this might seriously effect people.

    46. Rick Jones

      The 14th Amendment has nothing to do with immigration. It never did. Illegal means illegal.

    47. MaFess ABR

      African American's Sweat made America's Foundations !

    48. Helene Gulley

      then how would he be here legally? Or anybody not of native descent originally? Legally or illegally, people always try to find a way why they are more deserving of being here than other people. listen to them. they'll say something like oh I was boorn here and will say it w this haughty attitude. Who has any say of who they're born to or where? Don't get me wrong I'm happy I don't have to do anything to become an American citizen but that's not going to make me pretend like I am more deserving than the neighbors since I happen to be born here. I mean what special thing did any of us do to be more or less deserving of this land? It does not make sense. You can say you pay your taxes but anybody allowed to come in and work can do the same thing. And we may have been born here but what about those who traveled here.. aren't they actually working harder to become citizens just buy that very action? People are like toddlers, they try to find random reasons why they are more deserving or entitled to something so that they can justify why they are here and someone else is not. This is mine. this is mine and this is mine... Exactly what a toddler would say and may I add that you cannot create land you can tend to it, build on it, etcetera but the land is already here so, you can keep your little area of land but let's not pretend that alll the land of the United States is yours and only yours - you're not on it but you just don't want certain people who you probably won't even meet to be on it. Geez

    49. Fayre Maiden

      Ha ha, that moment i realise the deportation of Trevor would ignite a bidding frenzy. I'm first.. .Come to UK Trev.Forget the rest.. .We are the best. I think Trump thinks his wife is too old now. You know he is one of those that use and discard women. Women are mere play things to him.A true bigoted misgynyst. I'd love to see Melania take him to the cleaners. The guy hates women and a whole lot of others. He's hateful full stop.

    50. outside smoking

      Son: What would you do if Trump tried to kick you out? Me: I don't really care. Son: Let's just leave. Me: Good idea!😊