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Is Trevor Getting Deported? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    The Trump administration takes its anti-immigration stance to the next level by proposing a policy that would target legal immigrants who have used public assistance programs.
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    1. Zachary Trainor

      Its callerd ze @ tevornoah fight me

    2. michaelwsperry

      Address problems in SA dude - they are serious.

    3. Tom Gobin

      Happily change the 14th but not the 2nd? Okay. Makes sense.

    4. Amelie Smith

      if you can change the 14th you can change the 2nd

    5. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

      I resent that comparison, tortoises are much faster than congress.

    6. Jasminder Singh Jesse

      Trump needs to get rid of himself cause he is after all one of the biggest crooks in America , also while you guys are in the process of eradicating this parasite don’t forget his wife !

    7. Wubba lubba dub dub

      Maybe he'll go after his deceased Mum cause she came over illegally and had a baby (or five) including your president . . . ah-ha!? Or maybe he'll go after his current wife who went there illegally and had a baby? His first wife is foreign and went there, had a baby, 1, 2, 3. I'm seeing a pattern here but it's completely inconsistent with his rhetoric Whatcha gonna do? He's an anchor baby!!! And he chain migrated his Mums entire ancestry from Scotland. Look it up. 👍😊🙋 I was born in the states but will live in Canada for the rest of my life, carefree & happy. Thanks. Bye.

    8. Persiansweetcat1

      What about Melania? Kick her out first! And his ex, too! Ivana!

    9. oddie

      Hõmbre! No worry! Just use ladder?

    10. Sam Z.

      what?! Trump wants to give the US back to Amerindians and also throws himself out?

    11. daniel sabum

      The most illegal people on earth are Pink people!!!

    12. Mark Nayojab Fletcher

      What a childish boy Trevor Noah I'm embarrassed to watch the show. So I don't.

    13. ben_dover

      Funny that when it comes to the 2 amendment everyone says that you can not change the constitution but when it comes to the 14 amendment they suddenly say it it possible to change the constitution

    14. Shubham Shukla

      Its zed Not zee..

    15. Jasper Dale Samaniego

      This is absolutely crazy... unfathomably crazy... out of this world crazy!!!

    16. Regina Huber

      Are we throwing his son out?

    17. matblub

      So... without the 14th amendment every American except for the Native Americans is illegal?

    18. Jasminder Singh Jesse

      I want you to make money but make it legally . Now that is what Trump needs to hear .

    19. TheGrandy123

      One day, only trump and his white billionnaire friends will be considered good enough to stay. He might accept generously to invite Putin...

    20. Ajamar 12

      For real man? You get me sick and tired of hearing about Trump. Don't you have something better on your mind? I mean you're funny but the same joke told too many times really bore. You must innovate. Come on

    21. Glogod adaobi

      It’s funny how immigrant America is trying to get rid of immigrants. I bet y’all should move out and give the land back to the indians. Bloody immigrants .

    22. San

      Trevor! I can see it in your eyes.....

    23. Thabelo Makhado

      You stay man

    24. Drew James

      Yeah the 14th amendment can be changed or appealed, but the 2nd amendment stands fast.

    25. Joanne Kim

      Really. I honestly don’t know what’s true and what’s not but I surely am tired of this orange man popping up everywhere. His face pisses me off.

    26. Fatma Said

      That Mitch of a trump

    27. mathmagician

      Only red Indians should remain in America

    28. Samantha Kapoor

      Citizenship for the offspring of illegal immigrants wrongs both legal citizens and those legally waiting to immigrate. The courts have to set straight that the US did not adopt these children. So, they are, foremost, the responsibility of their parents. A judge likely reverted this responsibility. This creates a disconnect, because you can't pretend that a baby equates with a fully self-sufficient citizen to reap benefits when it's dependent on its parents, and should be returned with them! As for Child Benefits, you're not here, so you're not here! Aside, the children can retain US citizenship for education and work potentials. Still, the govt doesn't have to allow them, since others have precedence after applying legally to be born a true US responsibility, and after paying taxes to support the system! This should be the focus to design well, so it doesn't conflict with the Constitution.

    29. Maya’s Kitchen Bakes Shahin

      I can’t stop laughing!

    30. elarna- louise antonio

      You can change the 14th but not the 1st

    31. Sean Williams

      soon babies will be deported back to their wombs

    32. MC Pope

      I' m practicing but after years of saying Zeebra, Zebra doesn't come out naturally.

    33. chiara french

      So Trump is fine with changing/completely ignoring the 14th ammendment but do forbid anyone tries to enforce Stricter gun laws cause that "completely" goes against the 2nd ammendment.... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    34. Rose 2020

      I used to like Trevor Noah as a stand up comedian :-[

    35. j Fj

      As a history student i am so grateful to be living in a time where I don't have to read about Trump in a history book but I do pity my future counterparts for they want have the same.

    36. imtiyaz khan

      So if they came by legally as trump states can he get his kind back to Europe

    37. Roman Guzzman

      What's happening with 🇺🇸

    38. Catina Mauro

      come to Canada, we accept Zed here.... still ZEEbra though...oh well..

    39. Asbestos Fish

      *_Do you think god is scowling at us? Maybe that’s why everything has been so awful lately._*

    40. Thato Modika

      Trump reminds me of the pigs in Animal Farm.

    41. Sammy Hutson

      Honestly this mad man, is a product for immigrant, start from your house trumpet......Your wife is a immigrant, your great great grandfather is a immigrants.....

    42. Rabia Yusuf

      Everyone in America is an belongs to the native people the indians who are scaterd in Alaska and Canada..

    43. Sotha2012

      such a free country here

    44. Gerrie Niemand

      ja ja kom huis toe jy het nou baie geld gemaak,,,,, die DA soek n nuwe president.....haha

    45. nicolas Henry

      Dixit the grandson of a German immigrant married to an illegal Ukrainian model... How is it possible people to belive this guy and think he will save the US? I am worried about you my fellow Americans very worried...

    46. generalnawaki

      hey look at that, trumps trying to make so anyone not white cannot run for president.

    47. naomi tay

      how do u know if they are bad or not? who is deciding that? seriously whats going on USA ?the land of dreams, wow

    48. Andethidial

      And now he is trying to change the 14th for real... Maybe that's his plan to get rid of weapons. Republicans can't argue with the immortality of ammendments if Donald changes one. So the second has to be next if you guys really want to move forward

    49. Elsa

      Z E B R A NOT Z E E B R A

    50. Kurose Riku

      Americans don't even own the country. They're all immigrants

    51. Michelle Press

      Will he deport himself? His mother was born in Scotland in 1930, she married an American then Donald arrived......did he apply for his greencard or did he get one automatically. Imagine if he did change the 4th amendment.....then realised he'd have to book a ryanair flight right back to scotland for himself. 😂😂

    52. Pogg

      Going by what Donald Trump is saying himself and his family would be in dire trouble if he did manage to change the 14th Amendment. Donald Trump's mother was a born and raised Scot (Scotland) and an economic migrant when Donald was born, Trump's kids with his wives Ivana (born in Czechoslovakia) and Melania (born in Slovenia) would be thrown out too (So bye bye Donald Snr., Donald Jr., Ivana, Eric, and Barron). Realistically the only Trump that would be allowed to stay would be the kid of his he never speaks about, Tiffany Trump.

    53. Tinotenda Tafara Masiya

      ...woow trump is rlly taking this far...

    54. The Stationery Draw

      always pronouncied z-e-b-r-a

    55. A W

      I lived in Africa and the Middle East where lots of rich couples would go to America to have their baby so it could have American citizenship. I don't blame them but I don't think the amendment was meant to work like that. I agree it should protect the rights of immigrants.

    56. m i a

      His Devil impression sounds alot like his donald trump voice

    57. theCrazy Guy

      Meanwhile the Indians will chant "Madat karo Santoshi Mata!"

    58. Oloff Horn

      why is the daily show now a political show....

    59. Lizzie Tidey

      *Doing an impression of the devil *does an impression of Donald trump I see what you did there😉

    60. Nawal Ait El Cadi

      Do we have the right to come on holiday , for a cruise and than go back to our country?

    61. Neeraj kumar

      Young burns he sure is.

    62. White Phoenix of the Crown

      When nature turns its back at u.

    63. Lauraqueen F

      Trump should go ahead and end 14th amendment, as time goes on there won't be any difference between USA and north Korea. In fact I have more respect for Kim jong- un than trump.

    64. Neels Boonzaaier

      We honestly do hope you get deported to come and face your own reality!

    65. Trams Am

      Deport him.

    66. Mayor Makuei

      And if they pay taxes!

    67. Gtrgrly

      Trevor Noah is an evil racist

    68. George Sosinsky

      You want to talk about amendments why is the 13 amendment still allowing prisoners to be slaves?

    69. scott peters

      Z..You can't change it because it fits your little song to rhyme with G, and P...bed , dead, zed..come on people!

    70. Royal Satan

      What about bad natives? (sorry they are really not natives!) Like getting rid of Florida to a remote island?

    71. RealJudyi

      So is Trump going to kick out his youngest child?

    72. Mamadou Bah

      Maybe trump go some issue. with his wife

    73. Markus Rubach

      I wish he got deported

    74. Optidorf

      Don't mention the zebras!

    75. Amber Fun

      I never got Obama-care. I paid the fine in protest

    76. adam bu

      Is it me or turmp looks weirsd maybe be i am just tired but look at is eyes

    77. Dre 707

      We'll its about time.bye Trevor!!!!

    78. Nadi Nadia

      Mr Trump need to be reminded that the people called American have historical background ,for example he might have come from Dutch, Turkey, or any other Europe countries The American are immigrants except the people we believe were found here"indian American "the difference is the time of arrival, therefore let the constitution flow as you found it and let alone what you think will please you

    79. Clad 254

      Come back to Kenya lol 🤷‍♀️

    80. DENNIS EVA

      how is the Muslim ban evil ?

    81. nightlightabcd

      I wonder if Trump is also going to deport legal residence that had not paid taxes in seventeen years and won't show their tax returns?

    82. Jiselle Perumal

      Trevor and piers Morgan should have a show on trump and racism comon

    83. whale Pott

      Thats what happens when a narcissistig racist gets elected as President and yes he surely is a racist.

    84. Aditya Warade

      This dude's whole script is around Trump. Always. And still he can't make good jokes

    85. Saif Tamim

      Trump's wife is also an immigrant, isn't she?

    86. Robert Severson

      If this is true good evidence and take those other British pukes with you

    87. Steve Hello

      It would be sweet if Noah was truly deported

    88. Zandile Duma

      I don't know why but it's seems like eve the reporters are hypnotized with the Trump accent😂,not sure about the attitude

    89. bearjew

      Trevor is a foreign national from a country that fully-embraces race-based land expropriation without compensation. Who doesn't like being talked down to by someone like that?

    90. jahman242

      Nope. Unless he is talking about those who have been caught giving false information to customs and immigration in order to manipulate their way in. Then, Yes. Is that what this is about or is this something new and different? Where can I read the policy?

    91. johnpro2

      Donald's ability to con the crowd is starting to wane...

    92. johnpro2

      Not long to go ...

    93. Jordan jay

      Tree though

    94. Hannibal Lekta

      nothing's a surprise in 2018 with the most raciest nation on this planet

    95. lee gibson

      When did the Daily Show stop being funny? oh yeah, Trevor Noah. Why not move this show to CNN and get it over with.

    96. RustyAnne Yakel

      This is getting out of hand

    97. शिव यादव


    98. Narciso de Almeida

      With luck Trump wont sue you and put you in Jail.

    99. Narciso de Almeida

      You Lost your wont work anywhere,you abused your platform Totsi.

      1. samuel baloi

        you can't even spell torso, you need to chill, you too old, you die of a heart attack relax old timer

      2. samuel baloi

        you can't even spell torso, you need to chill, you too old, you die of a heart attack relax old timer

    100. Narciso de Almeida

      Your Time is Up because you Abuse your position you totsi.It was overdue. you have lost your sense oh humor.

      1. samuel baloi

        you can't even spell tsotsi, you need to chill, you too old, you die of a heart attack relax old timer

      2. samuel baloi

        you can't even spell torso, you need to chill, you too old, you die of a heart attack relax old timer