Le Alien (feat. Antoine Daniel)



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    Tom captures a U.F.O.! (Unidentified French Organism)
    Featuring Antoine Daniel (fr-news.net/client-MrAntoineDaniel)
    and Sammy Paul (fr-news.net/client-icoeprproductions)
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (fr-news.net/client-tomska)
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (fr-news.net/client-eddache)
    Editing and Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (fr-news.net/client-elliotexplicit)
    Cinematography by George Shankster (fr-news.net/client-Georaga)
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (fr-news.net/client-hoolopee)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (fr-news.net/client-lildeucedeuce)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Catering and Chauffeuring by Tara Maguire (twitter.com/TaraDoesStuff)
    Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien (twitter.com/ciaranobrien)
    CONTENT WARNING: Gunfire, creepy black eyes, light bondage ;)
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    1. Guinny Piggy

      ... Ils ont découvert notre plan....

    2. Rainbow Rackham

      c'est magnifique

    3. UBrain fr


    4. Citty Kat


    5. Mini Kenny

      wow great subtitles

    6. every think

      'my dick pics' ha ha ha ha ha

    7. AnxiousArtist

      *_*le lamp_**

    8. Dominic Corradi

      2:19 G I G G L E S

    9. Capitaine Formidable

      Qui regarde cette vidéo après avoir vu les dernières vidéos d'Antoine Daniel ?

    10. Random Person

      Great sub titles😀

    11. Jason Hanlan

      a space bar

    12. Soltix Live

      Guy's Hum Je suis québécois alors ça me fais rien

    13. MisterFoo

      It would be L'Alien, but also this about a French person who's an alien so...

    14. Hacker 404

      Not with that attitude

    15. ThingsThatGoBomb

      Stephan netsman-hot club deluxe 4

    16. AdvancedAssassin AA


    17. Pablo [23]

      And a laptop? -yeah uh -with a space-bar *tukukuku

    18. Daxgaming discontinué

      I love how they're talking in actual french instead of saying nonsensical things with a french accent

    19. Seek Cipher

      Can anyone translate what the French Alien says?

    20. Nicky h225

      Erm....what is saying?

    21. Nicky h225

      I just came back from the mother world

    22. amit yoel

      1:44 I died!!! Lol

    23. Lunaric Cat

      (French war cry)

    24. Gamer Kvs

      With a space bar (computer error sounds) check the subtitles


      Also do you like my new lamp? Moth : *YES*

    26. WillemRWD


    27. Matilda Muller

      "do not put my lunch in your ass"

    28. Jamalam

      Sammy Oh No! That bit cracked me up

    29. Doram1ty


    30. Kiera

      The subtitles are incredible

    31. Teddy


    32. MoonDustShine

      'le shooty shooty bang bang' I'm dying XD 😂😂😂

    33. Cherry Bomb Studios

      Fake: They didn’t surrender immediately.

    34. Minelo and her friend.

      "Oh non, toutes les photos de ma bite.." This killed me. I laughed so hard XD (Im french and english)

    35. Gavin the Undeniably Undesirable // MaybeNotOK

      Transcript of the french guy: Hello Help me please I'm very hungry

    36. the gamerator 10

      Actually, by French grammar rules that I learned in and mostly forgot after 9th grade, shouldn't the video be titled, "L'Alien"?

    37. TEHSTINK

      He says: Help me I'm very hungry Do not put my lunch in your ass Aw my dick pics thank you

    38. Pika Girl1667

      French translate hello 1.Bonjour=hello 2.Bon,a l'aide la..=Ok,help.. 3.J'commence a avoir faim=im startin to get hungry 4.Non non...on rentre ca nul pars non=no no we dont put that nowhere no.. 5.noon toute les photos de ma bite=noo my dick pics.. 6.Merci!=Thanks

    39. Vman Vegan

      These subtitles are amazing

    40. DragonSet

      Bon, vu qu'ils ont grillés la phase 2 voici notre plan : phase 1 voler les slips, phase 2 ??, Phase 3 en profiter

    41. Alice :3

      Entre Antoine Daniel et TomSka… Parfait.

    42. Lightning Larry Luciano

      grammatically speaking, that title should be L'alien

    43. Marshmello Gamer

      Oh non toute les photos de ma bite!= Oh no all my dick picks!

    44. OctoGril

      baguettes are just eatable dildos

    45. XIX 5 Gamers XIX

      Je poi boua bonjour monsier

    46. Luna Muna Star

      1:32 should've been "My baguette pictures"

    47. BennyBoi

      What the "alien" says in order. 1) Help me please 2) I'm very hungry 3) Do not put your lunch in my ass 4) The pictures of my dick *sigh* 5) Thank you

    48. addy daddy 10

      Oh my god your subtitles are sooooooo cool

    49. Luke McCowan


    50. VL24

      Omg the subtitles