Les Twins Return to "Finesse" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B - World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)

NBC World of Dance

NBC World of Dance

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    The Season 1 winners return to the World of Dance stage.
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    NBC World of Dance follows the world's elite dancers in an unparalleled dance competition for a grand prize of $1 million.
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    NBC's dance competition series "World of Dance" is led by a judging team of extraordinary dance superstars - Jennifer Lopez (who also serves as an executive producer), Derek Hough, NE-YO and host/mentor Jenna Dewan. In partnership with preeminent global dance brand World of Dance, the series brings the world's elite dancers together to compete in epic battles of artistry, precision and athleticism. Solo dancers will compete against duos and crews in an unlimited range of dance, including hip-hop, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, stomping and more.
    Les Twins Return to "Finesse" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B - World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)
    NBC World of Dance

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    1. Wanderson Nunes

      1:30 Phone home :')

    2. Shaurya Singh

      00.14 sec. Laurent steps mistakes

    3. Welsen

      Gosh , we can barely see their dance effects with this freaking lighting

    4. Alexander Nikolaevich

      How usually it was perfect !

    5. Jay Dholtani

      Anyone forgets to blink?? 🙄

    6. Eileen Smith

      They are just awesome to watch👍

    7. Joex51

      they are awesome individually but when they are dancing as a duo No one can touch them, No One!

    8. Sharon Hawkins

      Wow these guys are still so amazing, I love to see them performing with such personality and finesse. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    9. Krisjeet Shetty

      Why do they show the judges reactions during dances !! Aaargh!!!!! 😡😡

    10. Elian Dias

      What is the music?

    11. Ami Alamin

      Les Twins.. You ar the great

    12. Master Sage


    13. Juam Matthews

      Les Twins are so great they have skills thanks for sharing

    14. Luis Oliveira

      Music id?

    15. moon light

      wawww incredible they really talented

    16. Lady DX

      I aint messing with these Twins. Theses 2 lil dudes are the stuff. Love it. If i was a judge there's no way I've could have been that calm

    17. taiwana shannon

      To me they will always be winners and that was before WOD. Love them then and now. Les' Twins 4ever!

    18. Kuzaku

      Im still scared when Lau dances idk why, maybe because of his surgery.

    19. raja kumar

      U gays osum🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    20. Dazzling Dancer

      Bring back the dab I see I’m loving it 🍟

    21. Raj Singh

      i like it

    22. Antonio Pablo

      overrated dancers

    23. Yuki Watanabe

      stop showing judger dancing. No one wants to watch that

    24. Lydia P

      Talented + hot asf goddamn

    25. icecream7yum1

      Can't stop watching this video! Les Twins are awesome!

    26. Laugh At LaMare'

      They came a long way. Much props to Les Twins they are such great dancers

    27. Anthony Marshall

      jenny from the block

    28. Blue311

      Siiiiick! 🎉🤩💯💪🏾

    29. Harkins

      I just realized that Larry is the English nickname for Lawrence. And Laurent is the French version of Lawrence. So, really, they are both called Lawrence. Nicely done by their mom!

    30. Shadow Fiend

      guys who know the background music at 2:18 ?

    31. Макс Султанов

      ахуенно как всегда

    32. Malie

      Man you can tell that they truly enjoy dancing

    33. Weah Betty Twum

      I'm proud.

    34. Bruno

      best dancers in the world...les twince... 😍😍

    35. Vic Cypress

      Would have been dope if they kept in sync/time more..and just grooved to the beat with pure swag..For me it was dope..no doubt!..Just too many time signature changes for me..Too much going on..I compare it to a drummer beginning a song with a drum solo from start to finish, lacking actual groove. It looks like they are using physical Morse code to communicate with aliens..haha.. Mind you they are God's walking among mere mortals. Any dickhead who thinks I'm being negative is a clown..I love Les Twins.. Always have, and forever will!!!..Just my 2 cents ya know?..👍🤘😎

    36. djkp xo

      Too messy , nothing so wow about it, overrated

    37. Reeky R.i.Q.

      Aye they was getting lite

    38. wagneraprecidomessias wagner

      vcs sao bom,

    39. KOBE X'O


    40. Jose Ruenes

      I think it’s funny that far superior dancers are being “judged” by mediocre dancers in comparison lol.

    41. eone ishak yakob

      Les Twins aLways number one performance 👍👍🏻👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    42. The CloutScout

      They just finessed my weave..

    43. Osiris

      Not fair how easy they make dancing look then I go out here trying to do what they do and almost kill myself 😂 They really the best to do it ! There’s no comparison

    44. Yonis Ali

      Their dancing just looks like abrupt movements doesn’t seem smooth

    45. Jesus Gonzalez Gomez

      “Eva should’ve won” lol okay..

    46. Eric Corr

      Feness you must be living a good life🌇

    47. MrItsthabest

      You guys are fuckin talented dancers/artists. Choose u guys any day over anyone!

    48. Lootchii GUNKOMBOGOD

      Same fuckin dance moves since 2012 smh

    49. Blake Cammock

      At 0:21 does he point the finger?

    50. Youtubez

      I hate when they show judges reactions idgaf I want to see the performance