News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)



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    1. Animal help Mudlo

      First of al Syka blat

    2. Odin Dave

      Hey bro, y u no like media

    3. Fabian Daja

      You are te biggest idiot ever. I seriously don’t now why you have manny view like dislike wow

    4. Flying Squirrel

      That news story was hilarious. It's like having to explain the same little joke twice to the same person. Maybe those "journalists" really are that dumb 😂

    5. Trying to hit 50 Subs without Vids

      Hi I'm new love ur channel(Plz sub to meh)

    6. Blake Austin Hughes

      I was shit at Tibia but it was still endlessly fun

    7. boo Boi

      (Pewdiepie says bad word)(guy):-gasp- he swore now I can make a video on him saying he swore and tell everyone to kill him and burn his house down -post video-video dies in 1 second because no one watches this guys videos-guy:wait I know what to do I need to create drama-10 years later this guy terns into keemstar-

    8. doctor vader

      Gimme likes

    9. Antonio LolGAMER


    10. Julie

      I like how sometimes it's pronounced pew news and sometimes it's pronounced poo news

    11. Check me Out

      There’s a song called crazy frog with 1.3 billion views



    13. Кристина

      Я не могу. Твой мерч😂 Сука Блять и Макдональдс(Шакдональдс*)😂 Придумать же еще надо😂 Кстати круто что теперь есть субтитры Русские!

    14. mlg Pro

      Можно мне 10 часовую версию, как он говорит "сука блять"

    15. Louis Dammen

      Logan Poul

    16. tildisen 06

      Does anyone here know that pewdiepie is swede? ( he was born i gothenburg in sweeeden) 🇸🇪🇸🇪 any swedes here?

    17. slik frep

      Suscribios a slik frep

    18. R0ffiE


    19. Mihailo Milosevic


    20. Victor Gaming

      O mum suc

    21. Demon Foxy

      #notificationnnnnn YASSSS

    22. 5Dolla SuckySucky

      Why tf is poppy speeking as if she’s pewdiepie

    23. Classique Liberal

      If we join, do we get to see Pew nekkid in the livestream?

    24. Nintra

      Great content! I am 9 years old

    25. Trash Can


    26. Sebastian Muller

      Same my parents never would buy anything video game related

    27. little jimmy I'm a dragon dude

      Who has pewdipies tuber simulator

    28. Laurynas J

      Play minecraft

    29. Famously what's app status by radha production.

      So nice yaar. 🤘🤘✌️✌️👍

    30. Ronaldo Cazaciuc

      Romani sa dea like la coment sau un coment

    31. Who Knows?

      6:13 Oy Vey!

    32. ARTEM OF

      Я из России

    33. Катя Код


    34. Катя Код

      Ты чё ёбнутый круче Макса нету

    35. Manat Chaya

      *I'm from Thailand I love you so much*

    36. Ho-Oh Shiny

      Hey Pew calm down, they are just trying to cause controversy and get views but it will just get yourself more fame instead. I love ur vids btw

    37. Diego Kazama

      Fortnite is the new Minecraft

    38. حسين مقداد العزاوي

      الي مسلم يحط /لايك

    39. Andres nuñez

      Your merch is so expensive for us Latin American, third world countries

    40. Banana Adrien

      Sponsored by bus driver. 🌝

    41. mysticfox2aj fuk u alicha


    42. Niki P

      I just want a pew news mug where the heck can I get one.

    43. Mert Hacıahmetoğlu

      technically "wtf" doing their job with honesty here, but the point is as long as you keep critisizing these dumb organızations in front of your followers and promoting them to do their job ironically they'll go further, cuz as we all know that there is no such thing as a "bad" commercial, it's always a commercial on a purpose to go viral

    44. Mark Cho

      just imagining all the 9 year olds buying saabs rn

    45. DiamondEnderPearl

      Pew die pie does drugs I am not kidding

    46. Karrie Papa

      A friendly reminder to these parents,dota 2 has 25 million tournament every year. So consider influence your kid to go pro on that game if you wanna leech from the money he will made.

    47. an actual apple

      Owh man I feel sad now seeing the way pewdiepie has become. He used to be fun.

    48. Humam Bahoo

      dude this is so funny loooooool