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    The official audio of "King Of The Clouds" by Panic! At The Disco from the album 'Pray For The Wicked'.
    Directed by Ruth Barrett -
    'Pray For The Wicked' - available now:
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    Heaven knows that I’m born too late for these ghosts that I
    chase with these dreams I inflate painted skies in my
    brain every day I’m Carl Sagan in space to escape
    This old world
    This old world
    Somedays I lie wide awake till the sun hits my
    face and I fade elevate from the earth far
    away to a place where I’m free from the weight
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Some only live to die I’m alive to fly higher than
    Angels in outfields inside of my mind I’m
    Ascending these ladders i’m climbin’ say goodbye
    This old world
    This old world
    And when
    I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes in the
    Backbone of night I’m combustible dust in the
    Fire when I can’t sleep a wink I’m too tired
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Take me somewhere I
    Don’t know
    I’m lost
    But I better find it
    I keep searching
    #PanicAtTheDisco #KingOfTheClouds #PATD #FueledbyRamen #OfficialAudio #PrayForTheWicked

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    1. Natalee Confere

      I'm making it my personal goal to memorize this work of art

    2. Evelyn Gomez


    3. Little V

      we didn’t talk about this song as much as we should have

    4. tina z

      this song just gives me peace from my anxiety like legit

    5. Boba Lola

      A mans' friends decide to bring him to a bar, to concince him they say that they will pay the bill. The man sits with his friends at the bar, him and his friends start alcohol competition to see who can handle the most alcohol. In the end the man wins, but when he places down a glass full of the heaviest beer which he cannot finish, he looks up to see that he has been left alone in the bar. The bartender asks for the money to pay the bill, the man didnt bring any money with him since his friends were gonna pay, now he is in debt. He has to slowly pay the bill since he is too kind to ask for money from anyone. the man is brendon is 'friends' are his band members the alcohol is fans needs/ pressures and the bartender is fans asking for content

    6. Mr B

      This song is about the Anti Christ, don't be deceived. Isaiah 14:12KJB How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: Isaiah 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.Isaiah 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation. Repent...Must believe in the death burial and Resurrection.

    7. Two Ghosts

      Who woulda thought Brendon was Zeus

    8. Piper McLean

      After hearing the backstory, the lyrics of the song suddenly make sense XD

    9. AlienToppedPancakes

      1:50 Like, is that star supposed to stay there or is it an animation flaw. Cause I'm sitting here wrecking my brain trying to analyze the symbolism but heck it seems like they didn't put motion tween on that one f*cker

    10. Qwenty.


    11. Madison Leggett

      Supernanny brought me here

    12. Maki Nishikino

      Brendon’s hopes aren’t the only high things here

    13. Banana_Joe

      I went to the concert on the 18th, IT’S AMAZING!

    14. I dun care

      best song

    15. Gaming For life

      Patd is my nicotine

    16. MTF Neko

      Illuminati conformed!!!!!!!

    17. another random dude


    18. Evil Weevil

      King of the CLOUTS LOLLLLL

    19. Deerwind

      *the flat-earthers are quaking*

    20. Estopalo

      his live voice is better :/

    21. Carmen Lynn young

      1.5 speed 😻😻

    22. Emma Dougherty

      Oh yeah Brendon WAS high when he wrote this hahahahaha seeee? He’s even a god when he’s HIGH! 😂 I bet he can make a dope song when he’s drunk tho ayyye

    23. Balázs Murguly


    24. Ryan Gore

      Those signs at 0:46 are actually Hieroglyphs! Translated they mean "King of the Clouds". (I Checked this by myself)

    25. Stella Snugglz

      I cant tell if brendon needs help or if he's making a major comeback.

    26. Med Aymen

      The eye, triangle ...dah he is taken by illuminati

    27. Weirdo Girl19

      “If you don’t know who to trust, then trust me you’ll be lonely.”

    28. Kayotic Reign

      Is there a video of brenden being high when he was creating these beautiful lyrics? Lol

    29. Tamto

      that was wacky tobacky

    30. Raven Beast

      eh eh Iha English can't even explain how good this is Esta canción es tan Buena Spanish dit nummer is zo goed dutch Napakaganda ng awit na ito Filipino Cette chanson est tellement bien french and αυτό το τραγούδι είναι τόσο καλό greek thats how good it is btw it all just says this song is so good

    31. Sorryimlateee !

      I miss this day

    32. thepoorpotatothatbrendonhurt verymuchso


    33. Pedro Luigi

      Weak: King of the Clouds Strong: King of the Clowns

    34. meg does roblox

      Ok " I don't trust anything or anyone below the Sun" says the guy who literally sang " if you don't know who to trust then trust me you'll be lonely" LOL

    35. Bob rafael

      Then trust in JESUS

    36. Stacee Mills

      nice song

    37. Anthony Montelongo

      This is the best song off PFTW fight me

    38. Maya Au

      Bitch he is

    39. Total Freak Squad

      its good

    40. NadaShaath

      1:50 is satan's star (the upside down start)

    41. GateMaster31 K

      Anyone realize that the thumbnail is the same symbol from LA devotee?

      1. lovePanic!

        GateMaster31 K That music video is basically when they debuted it and made it from them on into the P!ATD logo.

    42. Amira Huwio

      We want a music video please so we can know the whole story of the devils key

      1. Mr B

        Revelation 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. This song is about the Anti christ. Check out Pastor Greg Miller on youtube.

    43. Makayla Ogden

      the 3k dislikes are all ryan ross

    44. Annabelle Escobedo

      Brendon truly is the king of the clouds

    45. Red Shadow


    46. Karim Taha

      Your mom gay

      1. Hana Taha

        No u

    47. TheBluePC 5


    48. TheBluePC 5

      Me: Mom, gimme money to become singer Mom: Are you gonna become Panic! By that? Me: So am I gonna become Einstein by going to school?

    49. sprite wolf9


    50. Greg_Otaku_ Taco

      I when to the Brisbane consert