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    King Of The Clouds out now // Pray For The Wicked (out now)
    Upcoming tour dates:
    Pray For The Wicked Winter Tour 2019 w/ Two Feet + Betty Who on sale now
    Directed by Ruth Barrett -
    Heaven knows that I’m born too late for these ghosts that I
    chase with these dreams I inflate painted skies in my
    brain every day I’m Carl Sagan in space to escape
    This old world
    This old world
    Somedays I lie wide awake till the sun hits my
    face and I fade elevate from the earth far
    away to a place where I’m free from the weight
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Some only live to die I’m alive to fly higher than
    Angels in outfields inside of my mind I’m
    Ascending these ladders i’m climbin’ say goodbye
    This old world
    This old world
    And when
    I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes in the
    Backbone of night I’m combustible dust in the
    Fire when I can’t sleep a wink I’m too tired
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Take me somewhere I
    Don’t know
    I’m lost
    But I better find it
    I keep searching

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    1. Morgan Stone

      I could've SWORN the lyric was "in the backbone of matter" but now I learn it's "backbone of night" (referencing a Carl Sagan episode) AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. MANDELA EFFECT? LEARNING THE SONG WRONG WHEN LISTENING TO IT ON REPEAT? I'M HAVING A CRISIS.

    2. uFo0xy _

      If I die in a car crash, I want this to be the song I listen to before I die. *sorry if that was dark ;-;*

    3. Julian Moyano

      King Of The Clouds Say Amen This Is Gospel Emperor's New Clothes?

    4. Bunnii hey

      Can anybody tell me what the symbols were?

    5. Analisis Ducks

      I'll be Bastion Nerf Bastion

    6. Max Richard

      I love p!atd so much I have been listening to him since I was in kindergarten now I am in 2nd grade just I love his music keep the good music up Brendan!!!I just love Brendan’s music and voice his voice is just very good :)

    7. LIL DOOP

      Um, this song is like so perfect for a Griffith from Berserk AMV, amiright or amiright?

    8. sad_ dreamer


    9. maddie albion

      Anyone else getting Queen vibes at the beginning with the multiple layered beebos?

    10. Your Mom

      Anyone else just sitting in bed, listening to all of pray for the wicked again? No? Just me? Okay

    11. Bailey

      OMG the devil's key at the end could this be part of the trilogy? oh I know he is king of the clouds maybe he went from hell (in emperor's new clothes) to heaven idk

    12. Grady Kelly

      By far the best song on the album

    13. RegularPinoyGaming

      The video is just wow especially the transitions

    14. Abby -oof-

      👑+☁️= King of the clouds= Zeus Look it up! 😉

    15. annita Denny

      Y the fuck is there so many dislikes

    16. Jasper Maxie

      I know this by heart now. 🖤🖤🖤

    17. Vayetothemax


    18. Egotistically AJ

      P!ATD has reached its max level of emo

    19. Reneé Sherryce

      (V/F) O G N (E/I) C (E/I) N G O (V/F) T H (E/Y) C I N G O (V/F) T H (E/Y) (C/X/K) L O D (C/X/K) that is what the hieroglyphics translates. Okay my fellow sinners, analysis

    20. Tahlia Blairbrown


    21. KIng Creator

      Hey everyone I have a question if you unserstand this song...which I don't... I'm just making sure it is not satanic... The song sounds good and all but I'm afraid it might have something to do with the devil.

    22. jutsu game


    23. cj bazzell

      There's a hidden story: In king of the clouds, he finds the Devil's key, in Saturday night, he gets it stolen and gets hurt, and that's why in this is gospel he is in the hospital. He dies in the hospital, and turns into a demon in emperors new clothes for stealing the key.

    24. Gerard's little sister

      It's national Carl Sagan day lol

    25. Giselle Caruso

      Does anyone know what other song has that part from 2:31-2:34? Help it’s been bugging me for a while!!

    26. Sara Hoster

      Life makes sense now..I can’t believe I never knew what the ending stood for.

    27. ShadowCookieWolf Hall

      Omg, I just saw a freaking comment say, “You should do, King of clouds since, you did high hopes. Perfect logic.” This is just funny to me.

    28. Jayla Garrison

      *g r o o v y*

    29. Maksymilian Paszek

      I Love this... energy in your tracks

    30. Ben Guarnaccia

      This should have opened the album

    31. Wendy Villatoro

      I hate to be that fan but... This song reminds me of Ryden (sun & moon)

    32. KDpup PUPPY

      Love is not the word for this song it's way past love.

    33. Magic_Master 213

      i love this song... i can't really say anything else

    34. ItzDarkKitty X

      Amazing Song

    35. Morgan Carlisle

      Dog version of King of the Clouds. For my beloved dogs, Panda and Jinga Mommy knows that I did something bad, But I'm not going to tell her what I did or she'll be mad, Because what I did is something horrible, And it won't help that I'm adorable, And if you want to know what I did I'll tell you, But be careful, because you will turn blue, Yes, it's that bad, and I'll feel really sad if I don't tell anyone. So here we go, but before I tell you, I want to say that I feel like this song is way too overdone, And that I don't need any blankets, or any laps, because mom won't let meeeeeeee. BECAUSE I ROLLED IN CHICKEN POOP! IN CHICKEN POOP. I GET SHAMED! I GET SHAMED! Some are willing to die for me, But I don't care because they wouldn't dare displease me because I am the Queen. I'm ascending these stairs and I'm not even aware that I tripped and fell on my chin And I just get back up without committing a sin. Okay, add on if you will! :) Yes, panda has actually rolled in chicken poop (We have 5 chickens). It was very, very gross. :P

      1. Morgan Carlisle

        +André Luiz Moraes Marques It was actually only about 8 minutes or so XD Thanks

      2. André Luiz Moraes Marques

        Very underrated comment, but wow, how much time did you spent in this?

    36. Emma Wise and Ella Wise the beefstick clowns

      Isn't Tove lo the queen of the clouds so....OMG

    37. jmptv gr

      Come to Greece plzzzz

    38. Katelyn Ballard

      i am play roblox and painc

    39. XxNiaVertesxX

      i really want to go to this concert

    40. spencer milla

      so in high hopes, he says "if you don trust anybody than trust me you'll be lonely" but in "King of the clouds" he says "I don't trust anyone"

      1. spencer milla

        +TheGreatZandria you stupid

      2. TheGreatZandria

        spencer milla Brendon is the only one in the band and well HE IS LONLEY

    41. R I F F I N

      This is... beauty

    42. Eugene Young

    43. Morgan Carlisle

      Has anyone tried playing this on the piano? If so, what level was it? Did it sound okay? Was it hard to play? :) Thanks

    44. SAM THE IRISH WOLF 101

      Same Bro I Love Brendon So So So Much He's So Beautiful ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

    45. Hiii Lol

      H He He I He is He is t He is th He is the He is the k He is the ki He is the kin He is the kin He is the king He is the king o He is the king of He is the king of t He is the king of th He is the king of the He is the king of the c He is the king of the cl He is the king of the clo He is the king of the clou He is the king of the clouds He is the king of the cloud He is the king of the clou He is the king of the clo He is the king of the cl He is the king of the c He is the king of the He is the king of th He is the king of t He is the king of He is the king o He is the king He is the kin He is the ki He is the k He is the He is th He is t He is He I He H ........ HE IS THE BEST LMAO

      1. TheGreatZandria

        Hiii Lol you put He is the kin He is the kin

    46. Celebobsessi on

      This song is begging for a music video 😪

    47. Naty Santos

      Why does the Devil's key appear in the video?

    48. Daphne Reloaded

      Satanic salutations AND globe earth propaganda in the same video. So unique.


      what's with the Egyptian hieroglyphics and the zodiac symbols and astrological symbols

    50. Maëliss-01 .Z.