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    King Of The Clouds out now // Pre-order Pray For The Wicked (out 6/22)
    Upcoming tour dates:
    Pray For The Wicked Summer Tour 2018 w/ A R I Z O N A & Hayley Kiyoko happening now
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    Directed by Ruth Barrett -
    Heaven knows that I’m born too late for these ghosts that I
    chase with these dreams I inflate painted skies in my
    brain every day I’m Carl Sagan in space to escape
    This old world
    This old world
    Somedays I lie wide awake till the sun hits my
    face and I fade elevate from the earth far
    away to a place where I’m free from the weight
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Some only live to die I’m alive to fly higher than
    Angels in outfields inside of my mind I’m
    Ascending these ladders i’m climbin’ say goodbye
    This old world
    This old world
    And when
    I fall to rise with stardust in my eyes in the
    Backbone of night I’m combustible dust in the
    Fire when I can’t sleep a wink I’m too tired
    This old world
    This old world
    I don’t trust anything
    Or anyone
    Below the sun
    I don’t feel anything
    At all
    I’m King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    King of the clouds
    Of the clouds
    I get lifted
    I get lifted
    Take me somewhere I
    Don’t know
    I’m lost
    But I better find it
    I keep searching

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    1. Deadpool 24

      i wish brendon had a cover of eye of the tiger

    2. The Four Boys

      My wig got lifted

    3. Spudandcheese MSP

      excuse me? when that little globe of the world watchmacallit came, newzealand WASNT THERE ):::

    4. Mirna Hernandez


    5. squiddy mc squid face

      I guess that we who like this song are people of the sky, wearing feathers and cloud silk. I'd like to be an albatross.

    6. Fatih Demirci

      This The Thing We Can't Explain With Words Actually We Have One Word It's ART

    7. Katie

      Okay great song but can we talk about how he somehow squeezed 'say goodbye' into one syllable lol

    8. Lobster

      shit the deathly hallows

    9. theteu12 plak

      Brasileiros ? cade vcs ?

    10. weave snatcher36

      My weave is in the clouds. While you’re up there, can you plz find it, Beebo?

    11. rosegamer605

      who else just figured out ths is about brendon getting high lol love you beebo Xxxo

    12. Atalia Rivas


    13. Bean G

      I LOVE THIS SONG!❤❤❤

    14. SebastianBlogs

      I do not know how I finish here, but I subscribe.

    15. TwentyOneNiners- - Lights, Camera Action uwu

      Bitch wtf with the devils key lmao

    16. Rameses _Sniper

      In my opinion his voice rivals Adam Levines

    17. ストーカーBeebo

      Brendon is the king of my clouds 😘😘

    18. James Liguma

      I get lifed when I hear this song

    19. Insérer un nom

      2:34 it's the devil key from Say Amen for the ones that can't figure out

    20. Tobie Eslabra

      Mind Blown🌋

    21. izzle sizzle

      We all know that 0:58 was not autotuned

    22. party poison

      this is beautiful the song and animation

    23. Ethan Mason07

      K Ki Kin King King O King Of King Of T King Of Th King Of The King Of The C King Of The Cl King Of The Clo King Of The Clou King Of The Cloud King Of The Clouds King Of The Cloud King Of The Clou King Of The Clo King Of The Cl King Of The C King Of The King Of Th King Of T King Of King O King Kin Ki K

    24. 100subs without vids please sub shellard

      Such an underrated song

    25. Jessica Martino

      In case anyone was wondering, the hieroglyphics are not a super cool subliminal message. It just says "king of the, king of the clouds" which, cool but a waste of 20 minutes translating. lol

    26. Alitioner

      Brendon Urie y las reliquias de la muerte 1:29


      Im the king of the crabs!!


        Rachel Edinger lol

      2. Rachel Edinger

        you cant unhear it

    28. carlos ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


    29. NeedAnAce

      Dear,Brendan Urie (or how its spelled) I would like to tell you I'm gonna use this Amazing song to sing to school :3

    30. IceManStudios

      Pray for the Wicked is one of the 3 albums that I can listen through without skipping a song CHALLENGE: I want everyone to guess what the other 2 albums are :)

      1. Rachel Edinger

        i give up

      2. IceManStudios

        Rachel Edinger no it’s not

      3. Rachel Edinger

        I honestly dont know why i care so much...........but is it even a P!ATD album? If so is it Vices and Virtues or A fever you cant sweat out?

      4. IceManStudios

        Rachel Edinger No

      5. Rachel Edinger

        Too weird to live too rare to die

    31. Violet Alchemist

      Immediately in love with this song ❤😍😍

    32. Ethan Espinoza

      Holy crapple! The hieroglyphics spell out KING OF THE KING OF THE CLOUDS!!

    33. easy breezy memey squeezy

      bop after bop....mans will never die :') im grateful

    34. Vera TheKing

      Selling replays, 1 replay cost 1 like 😂 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

    35. Heather Peterson

      Anyone else have a 68 video playlist of all panics songs? No ok *leaves*

    36. TEOMEO gaming

      My friend, A slight Panic! Fan: What's your favourite song? Me, A hardcore Panic! Fan:

    37. Gissela Vaca

      i love this video , wait! this is only the audio I can´t wait to see the officila video

    38. Randa Khanafer

      “some only live to die, i’m alive to fly higher” amen.

    39. Ranon Gonzalez

      I like this song but it doesn't make sense, the clouds are below the sun, that means he doesn't event trust himself

    40. Layal Khore

      “Imagination take me somewhere I dont know” is my favorite lyrics from this band. Can you imagine how the person writing this was feeling in that exact moment?

    41. Holy Vake (hv1058)

      were those ancient egyptian hieroglyphics

    42. kumo the dutch Angel dragon

      *every other supernatural character*

    43. CloudyCatGod

      looks like i found my new outro and intro

    44. Shivani Jaiganesh

      THIS IS MY SECOND FAV SONG (next to high hopes)

    45. Engel Minaya

      It sounds like jeff buckley in Grace.

    46. Fangirl trash

      Can someone edit the chorus of this song to when Bakugou blasts into the sky.

    47. FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot


    48. Little Muffin

      You know why I hate this album? Because you can't choose one song to be your favorite cause ALL ARE SO DAMN GOOD.

    49. Ruberta Playz

      OMG I hpget it now so here is the trilogies. *High hopes - him wanting to be famous *Hey look Ma I made it - him making it with his struggles *King of clouds- Him being famous *dying in la- people forgetting about him *la devotee - him sacrafising kids for power *miss Jackson- him sacrafising *dont threaten me with a good time- him getting into satanism *say amen- him having and losing the devils key and him dying *if you love me let me go(I forgot -_-) - him in trying to hold on to life *Emperors new clothes- him being Satan. Like if you like my theory 👍

    50. Cambria Linn

      0:45 Mom: Why are you listening to Satanic music Me: I’m not Mom: Are you sure?