Primitive Correctness (feat. Crabstickz)



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    Ugh! Get with the pre-times.
    Featuring Chris 'Crabstickz' Kendall (
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    and Edie Flowers (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by Jason Forge (
    Costume Design by Miss Jacqueline White (
    Sound Recording by Joel Neale (
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    Executive Producer Richard Webb
    Produced by Jane Bell
    Production Executive Eirwen Davies
    Line Producer Francis Gilson
    Production Manager Susan Warwicker
    Production Accountant Nicola Dunstan
    Production Design by Gemma Bailey
    Art Department Assistance by Tanya Bailey
    Assistant Directed by Steve Roberts
    Floor Runner Alex Woolley
    Production Runner Zoe Waterman
    Focus Puller Kate Molins
    Camera Assistant Sonia Rodriguez
    Lighting Gaffer Tom Nowell
    Costume Standby Ashley Ann Andrews
    Location Manager Peter Kelly
    Colourist Sven Brooks
    Special Thanks to Ashens
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    1. Arphila

      This sure has aged well

    2. GreatRosey

      Who else watches SuperWoman and realized that she stole the "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" thing from Tom?

    3. Whoopity Doo

      It feels like something out of horrible history.

    4. brøncø shøwman

      The sequel of EARLY MAN

    5. Joseto

      The only argumet was that it is "incorrect" not that it wasnt true

    6. Griffin Bowling

      They had porn in the 80s?

    7. AlphaChocolateTruffle

      “Spit roast?” “Maybe afterwards”

    8. Phuubz


    9. Complexity

      Chris is more logical than most newspapers now

    10. Mathias Voorhees

      Is the last part a reference to the thousands of Mexican immigrants (or better yet to the thousands of illegal Arab and African immigrants that made my country poor and criminal, I live in France).

    11. TDB705YT

      My favourite part is the BBC watermark in the corner

    12. Childhood Kingdom

      I still can't get over how funny this video is 😆

    13. _Fluffy_ Bean_

      It's *OBVIOUSLY* not Adam and Steve. Adam liked Jared, and Eve liked Melissa. I thought that was obvious.

    14. Game Masters

      so did you make this

    15. WOLFBonnie Playzz


    16. Lukas Saunders

      I just noticed Tom got those thicc af thighs wew it's getting a bit steamy in here

    17. Just some Stuff

      They have to be B.C Ha ha, get it If you don’t I’m sad

    18. SilentLegend YT


    19. idkwhatislife

      What next... Mortaly changled

    20. Ecthelion Of Gondolin

      Crabstickz looks like Jon Snow

    21. Elliot Gallacher

      Horrible Histories looking great.

    22. EMBEAM

      People like that are so annoying

    23. d u c k

      “Spitroast?” “Maybe later,” God damn, that sex joke.

    24. Uma Dilaurentis

      Did he just say we ask them and then pluggered them

    25. Austin MacDonald

      1:49 oh god I did not get that joke the first time I watched this lol, I suppose times are changing😂

    26. zachary schaloff

      Ugg, clubbing is now called rape. Get with the time

    27. Texas Reilly

      Bleh 2018 any 1?

    28. NO ANIME

      2:39 ya welcome

    29. SuckyDucky

      Not my proudest fap ever

    30. Telemon Official

      For BBC? Daaaaamn!

    31. Leo Sauropod

      i'm pretty sure this gag is on a children's TV show: horrible histories

    32. Katawari Unawi TV

      Wow I just realized that caveman is good at english

    33. Tea Loving Fool

      Well, I know what to do for the next social studies project.

    34. Momoiro

      oh wow

    35. Dominic Boucher

      Was this on horrible histories?

      1. Dominic Boucher

        +TomSka omg you replied wow thank you amazing

      2. TomSka

        I wish

    36. Jenny Fisher

      Silly liberals

    37. Minozen


    38. Josue E Perlin G

      B A N T E R

    39. Don Cheadle

      What is.. BC?

    40. Hutch2Much

      “except for two gatherers, that’s pretty hot”

    41. BurrYEETo live

      Wait, did this actually air on BBC?

    42. The Smart Nooby

      this should be on horrible historys / HH

    43. Tate Winter

      "spit roast?" "maybe after" lollll

    44. niftyd123

      Hunter= man gatherer= hot

    45. Ethan Gamer Higgins

      in the top left it says BBC Comedy

    46. zact lee

      Now comes in tablet. Always gets me. Will never be not funny.

    47. dex


    48. Eragon The Dragon

      A moustache does not look good on crabstickz

    49. Ocean

      What? Nobody died here? Is this really Tom's channel?

    50. Hamyel

      I watched this when it came out couple of years ago... My English was still developing itself while I got immersed in to the internet culture, and now, I've returned, my English corrupted, my linguistics more advanced than they have ever been. I had 100% forgotten the spitroast joke and now that I've seen it again, it shall haunt me for the rest of my days

    51. Humanz Smells

      Ft. Casey Neistat

    52. tangram YT


    53. AngryHotdawg

      When I watch this after not seeing it for a while the banter at the end always gets me xD

    54. SmokeyTiger101


    55. Quantum Funsofun


    56. Kaocat:3


    57. MasteKiller Games

      I think about this video a lot

    58. Shan Chaudhry

      Is that the song "Shoot All Your Problems Away" at the end? Nice! Also, Banter!

    59. ArtyAlmi

      Why does this feel like an adult horrible histories

    60. Phåtøm_Få6t _989

      Hi welcome to clillys

    61. dogs forever

      Spit roast? Maybe afterwards... I choked

    62. cathy7789 AJ

      Did anyone get the Adam and Steve pun by Superwoman?

    63. The Under Serious News

      [Amused and Aroused caveman sounds]

    64. Max Barlow


    65. Weeple Loves Sheep

      hygienically challenged.

    66. kizi bru Scott


    67. ziz nator

      that spitroast bit there took me a minute.... hhehehehhe just gotta spin it niiiiice and slow like

    68. Somecampcampjunkie Thatlikesotherthings

      YAY no butthurt people in the comments

    69. sophia roote

      legit years after this i remembered this video and i actually thoght this was from horrible histories XD

    70. Isaac West

      Next thing you know, women want rights. (No I'm not sexist, yes, yes' everyone deserves equal rights). Political Corectness is a polite way of controlling your speech. A women in the UK got arrested for saying "Allah is gay" (she's wrong of course because Allah isn't real).

    71. AbnormalGaming

      lol it’s casey neistat

    72. Behrad Nazari

      best part begins from 0:00 to 3:05

    73. Adrian Knappertz

      chris is so amazing

    74. Vianney Ferrand

      Political correctness is a real problem

    75. lovefoxes

      how did you get away with uploading a sketch from horrible histories?

    76. Psycho Wings


    77. Harrypotamus !

      That spit roast joke was really well done.

    78. Notti

      What even is spitroast Im soconfused

    79. Penny Jim

      I now understand the page 3 joke. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way I found it funny.

    80. yeetus fetus

      The sun God's name is Ra I'll leave now...

    81. republicofsandals

      "It's not the 9050's BC anymore". I wonder what decade they were referencing.

    82. Randy Wasina

      The history of the Internet people

    83. Lidan Auburn

      Everyone is talking about the spitroast joke, and I'm here only now realizing that "Now on Tablet" was about a stone tablet...

    84. Orbi Man

      "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!" - Dying in my bed 😆

    85. Ben Moore

      I’ve just understood the gay marriage allegory now

    86. dr obnoxius

      Hellu all hail the Sun 🐶

    87. klystron2010

      I'm suing Tomska for stealing my look.

    88. Jonathan Nicholls

      The first and last time the Sun has ever been concerned about their content.

    89. Luna Lovegood

      Why does this look straight out of horrible histories lmao

    90. Allan Törngren - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 5B

      Now available on Tablet. ;)

    91. athena rodriguez

      He sounds like my grandfather haha And the other reminds me of my mom XD

    92. Matilda Muller

      Horrible histories

    93. Rohan Person

      1:49 Spitroast? Fucking got me good. I was laughing for a full minute.

    94. xxxBløød Møønxxx


    95. Rygart Arrow

      I hate political correctness

    96. Daniel Dowd

      Wait... how do they know it's bc

    97. beatrice but not really

      Ugh still works at the S*n and hasn't changed

    98. Quick Guy

      The sun is scum

    99. You know what time it is

      Stone Age porn