S**tstorm Donald Rages on Twitter While Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas | The Daily Show

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    Donald Trump tweets a denial of the 3,000-person death toll in Puerto Rico, and Roy Wood Jr., Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng file dispatches on S**tstorm Donald from the middle of Hurricane Florence.
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    1. ivan ivanovich

      Its Obama's fault.

    2. Leo Storm

      the iceberg comment.....epic, truly epic edit - 1:54

    3. Zane

      And watching all those talking heads condemn Drumpf for this is so frustrating, because you know half of them don't give a sh*t about any of the dead either, but they just know they need to pretend to.

    4. Zane

      At this point I'm getting a little tired of people who actually work in politics, just coming forward and saying they think what Drumpf did this time is 'unacceptable'. Great, you have some common decency, should we reward you for that? What are you doing to actually make a difference?

    5. 155mm Artilleryman

      The economy is doing great. Jobs . Life seems good to me. MAGA!!

    6. Maitreyee Deshpande

      That iceberg joke.😂

    7. Joseph Stockman

      How to scare liberals again Kavanaugh was confirmed!!!!!!!!! Take another L

    8. Kremly Marrero

      Deep South have some respect, if you get offended by other peoples views and then insult them by name calling and child like remarks, its probably because in the back of your head you know that all of this is true... I went to Puerto Rico to help my family and friends mean while you probably never have left the South period... Trumps Needs to Go..and NOW!

    9. INTO the LEAN

      OUR president and FEMA did everything they could for puertorico and he did the same for florence. MAGA !!

    10. INTO the LEAN

      Puerto rico once had a navy base that would have been very capable of helping them through this crisis and they protested the militaries presence beliving the democrats socialist rhetoric - greed and corrupt allowed the infrastructure to fail and the housing industri was taking shortcuts and building homes that were not hurricane resistant AT ALL. the intial response was delayed due to no logistical resources in the area and the follow on support that did manage to start arriving was neutered by corrupt politician fr-news.net/online/vidéo-USc8FDUR_Gw.html the water was delivered and the old governer fr-news.net/online/vidéo-QLJs0zQRW_w.html numbers and time lines have been altered - this POS wanna be news person ? news anchor ? comedian ? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU NOAH go on and on about this in a clear example of trump derangement syndrome - no noah we still dont belive you and like your news agency you are a fraud.

      1. Richard Kennard [Spring Valley HS]

        #FakeNewsNFriends #FoxIsFake

    11. Lenta Lenta

      Ru gcgj

    12. 0 000

      Aw he's so Stormy, aw aw he's so Stormy, he likes it like that 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    13. AllesSchwedisch

      I feel like crying for all of these people that died due to neglect.

    14. Campfiresong

      Issappauling, issoutrageous

    15. fuck

      This is what happens when small-to-none minded people elect a fool who has no understanding of America. Wake the fuck up, people.

    16. spawn

      I'm south african and utterly disappointed in you trevor. What happened to you?

      1. spawn

        +Richard Kennard [Spring Valley HS] 🤔

      2. Richard Kennard [Spring Valley HS]

        He's busy making America great again.

    17. carlosvacos 333

      Hate it when rich people like this are socialist (trevor has a net worth of 18 million usd). If you are a socialist so bad and hate trump give your money away. Otherwise stfu

    18. Mad Dog

      Who gives a s*** about Puerto Rico we ought to just sell it and use it to pay off our debt that Obama created

    19. 14104 x1

      Isn't this president associated with some illegal stuff? I'm confused, why is he still president?

    20. smart man

      Trump is a psychopath who only cared about the fact that his building was the tallest after the Twin Towers were hit by terrorist attack on 9 11. He makes me sick. If there is hell, he should go there. He would say the Devil likes him and he likes the Devil a lot.

      1. Richard Kennard [Spring Valley HS]


    21. William Ridge

      Hurricane Florence blew threw, but hurricane trump is still blowing strong!

    22. Chris laflamme

      3000 IS a fake number. It was about 61 by the end of it all. 3000 dose not take into account the ones who died do to lack of medical etc. 3000 is the number that came out of Washington university. What they did was computer data predictions based off multiple things. How many people died on average the years prior, the number of people who have died in other hurricanes In other parts of the world, then the number of people who died in Puerto Rico the year of.. In fact, if you look into it yourself which is always best, you will see that the official number didn't even jump way up to 3000 until way after Washington university came up with it. So I ask, how is he wrong?

    23. Cody Anderson

      This is all I can take, hearing trump day after day destroying the name of the country I once loved, lying through his teeth and destroying everything America stands for. A few years ago I would have fought tooth and nail in defense for this country but now it just feels pointless. My job has a sister firm in Toronto and I’m moving there by the end of the month and I truly hope my country can heal from this madman and maybe one day I’ll come back, but for now, 🎶OHHHHH CANDA MY HOME AND NATIVE LAND🎶!!!!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    24. Take Notice

      Hold on there Trevor No duh. Don’t you think it would be better if Puerto Rico wasn’t so corrupt and actually used all of the support for their actual citizens? How about you report on the real tragedy here, PR lied and didn’t distribute goods for political reasons.

    25. L & L Book Reviews

      How is it outrages? Why would he be lying???

    26. Food ASMR

      I’m still waiting for a republican to make a decent argument on how trump was right for that.

    27. theugliestART

      I had to deal with this storm personally. I live near the lower east coast of the carolinas. andddd When me and my people heard he was coming... It made it even worst! Smh

    28. RobbyOnTheWay

      Put this insane president finaly down!

    29. SHADAB

      i dont know whether the world benefited anything from america but it is definately suffering under trump.....hard time for people there ...they certainly would have been happier with donald duck as there president

    30. Scott Rivett

      Fake news

    31. Tender Tuna

      Desi is underrated.

    32. inam majid

      Saddened not to see even one puny comment about Darude Sandstorm... tana na na naaaa

    33. MRiGOThim

      Trevor Noah😍😍

    34. MRiGOThim

      Ronny Chieng😍😍😍

    35. MRiGOThim

      Those “invisible glasses” gets me every time 😂🤣

    36. MRiGOThim

      “Wait, say that again”😂😍

    37. Jean-Ru

      Why Trevor

    38. Miranda Miranda

      Worst president ever.

    39. joanne jones

      What a fool

    40. Daniel A. Thyringer

      The Nazi regimes diplomatic corpse did not do a job worse for a long time. Given you know that movie.....

    41. Daniel A. Thyringer

      There is a handle.

    42. Daniel A. Thyringer

      As the remainder of your ( his) kids do.

    43. Daniel A. Thyringer

      The one rinse.

    44. Catherine FF

      Hey Trevor- What were you hoping to accomplish by SLANDERING, HUMILIATING, and SHAMING DANNEY WILLIAMS for asking for a proper DNA Test from his deadbeat daddy, BILL CLINTON? You're a REAL PIECE OF SH*T WHORE for the Clintons-Obamas. fr-news.net/online/vidéo-rLOp2yBhuTE.html

    45. Catherine FF

      Here's another video for you DUMB F*CK Trevor Noah Fans: Hillary Clinton- A Career Criminal fr-news.net/online/vidéo-kypl1MYuKDY.html Trevor Noah is a PIECE OF SH*T FRAUD with an illiterate fan base that is incapable of thinking for themselves.

    46. Catherine FF

      Here's a video for you DUMB F*CK Trevor Noah Fans: Haitian Immigrants for Trump, "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html Where did all of the money go that the Clintons stole from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund? GO F*CK YOURSELF, TREVOR.

    47. Kevin Kuo

      None of that covfefe shit 😂😂😂

    48. Delano Green

      Never thought this day would come. "BUT I MISS GEORGE W. BUSH!!! Omg, what hell have we become?

    49. Clockmak3r publictruth


    50. Black Ninja

      Lmboooo oooohhhh GoD the news report at the end was amazing u gotta implement all the time. too funny!