S**tstorm Donald Rages on Twitter While Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas | The Daily Show

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    Donald Trump tweets a denial of the 3,000-person death toll in Puerto Rico, and Roy Wood Jr., Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng file dispatches on S**tstorm Donald from the middle of Hurricane Florence.
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    1. Daniel A. Thyringer

      The Nazi regimes diplomatic corpse did not do a job worse for a long time. Given you know that movie.....

    2. Daniel A. Thyringer

      There is a handle.

    3. Daniel A. Thyringer

      As the remainder of your ( his) kids do.

    4. Daniel A. Thyringer

      The one rinse.

    5. Catherine FF

      Hey Trevor- What were you hoping to accomplish by SLANDERING, HUMILIATING, and SHAMING DANNEY WILLIAMS for asking for a proper DNA Test from his deadbeat daddy, BILL CLINTON? You're a REAL PIECE OF SH*T WHORE for the Clintons-Obamas. fr-news.net/online/vidéo-rLOp2yBhuTE.html

    6. Catherine FF

      Here's another video for you DUMB F*CK Trevor Noah Fans: Hillary Clinton- A Career Criminal fr-news.net/online/vidéo-kypl1MYuKDY.html Trevor Noah is a PIECE OF SH*T FRAUD with an illiterate fan base that is incapable of thinking for themselves.

    7. Catherine FF

      Here's a video for you DUMB F*CK Trevor Noah Fans: Haitian Immigrants for Trump, "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html Where did all of the money go that the Clintons stole from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund? GO F*CK YOURSELF, TREVOR.

    8. Kevin Kuo

      None of that covfefe shit 😂😂😂

    9. Delano Green

      Never thought this day would come. "BUT I MISS GEORGE W. BUSH!!! Omg, what hell have we become?

    10. Clockmak3r publictruth


    11. Black Ninja

      Lmboooo oooohhhh GoD the news report at the end was amazing u gotta implement all the time. too funny!

    12. Trumptard

      Trump is a shit bag

    13. NightCrusher76

      Or just, delete Twitter a?!?

    14. Tom Scott

      roy and ronnie are veterans!!!

    15. HBDW

      Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal- fr-news.net/online/vidéo-kypl1MYuKDY.html Here's a video for your dumb f*ck fans, Trevor! You're a disgrace. You're just a zero-integrity WHORE for the Clintons/Obamas.

    16. HBDW

      Haitian Immigrants for Trump, "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html F*ck you, Trevor. You're nothing but a pathetic, dishonest whore for the Obamas/Clintons.

    17. Train489 Official

      You dumb liberals always make what’s good like trump into a monster, f u

    18. Joshua Chukwudi

      You know? I still can't believe that country like United States actually elected Donald trump as their president. Donald trump is the most stupid foolish president I have ever seen. Also there's a possibility that Donald Trump could be on drugs.

    19. Pirate john

      I agree with so many of the posted comments, I just hope we all go out and VOTE in November to restore checks and balance and remove these spineless crooked liars from their obvious abuse of power

    20. TROQUE4

      People r still fucking dying. Suicide rates are up, half the traffic lights don't work and so many peop!e lost their jobs they r getting desperate. The president of the United StAtes is a racist Asshole. Congrats republicans, u won't b forgotten.

    21. Use Your Brain

      Haitian Immigrants for Trump, "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html

    22. Hogan Maestri

      "Disgust, outrage, and confusion" three words to define the era

    23. Independent Beatnik

      "Puerto Rico mayor, two others arrested on corruption charges": www.cbsnews.com/news/puerto-rico-mayor-two-others-arrested-on-corruption-charges/

    24. Independent Beatnik

      The hate-mongering, lying dumb f*cks who just conveniently added thousands at the last moment to Puerto Rico's death toll are the ones who are being extremely disrespectful of those who died. How a number can go from just 2-digits to thousands is f*cking unbelievable and was done just to make Trump look bad. God forbid he opens his mouth up about it.

    25. Independent Beatnik

      Trevor, you still have a show? I thought it would have been cancelled by now. Don't worry- it will be. More and more people are realizing what a FAKE-ASS FRAUD you are. Haitian Immigrants for Trump: "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs In Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html

    26. justin castillo

      Remember the good old days when he tweeted this and got few retweets and likes? @realDonaldTrump Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump More The federal gov. has handled Sandy worse than Katrina. There is no excuse why people don’t have electricity or fuel yet. 12:42 PM - 6 Nov 2012 844 Retweets 251 Likes K. WallaceBryce KepnerVince OlsonHabesLA1SastreiJoan Gipson Fredinmartin gee**Bumblebear**Libertarian Green Chain 624 replies 844 retweets 251 likes Reply 624 Retweet 844 Like 251 Donald J. Trump ‏ Verified account @realDonaldTrump Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump More The federal gov. has handled Sandy worse than Katrina. There is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet. 1:11 PM - 6 Nov 2012 7,762 Retweets 5,741 Likes BJ Erngren 🇺🇸 #BoycottNRA🚫retnuH .M nedearB❄️☘️ We can only Hope!!🌊🌊kouima arsene xavertMadi BearTom FoleyMG HooverKevin H.tj holloway 2,192 replies 7,762 retweets 5,741 likes Reply 2.2K Retweet 7.8K Like 5.7K

    27. ge st

      Hey Trevor. Go back to South Africa. I hear they are gearing up to slaughter whites. I'm sure you want in in that.

    28. D Winter

      Trevor, I know you're a hate-mongering dumb f*ck, so let me spell it out plainly- if a group of people suddenly change the death toll from a two-digit number to a four-digit one, a person doesn't have a right to question the sudden change in numbers plus why the change occurred? God forbid someone questions numbers and speaks the truth.

    29. D Winter

      Pathetic Trevor Noah has to twist words once again, like the lying, ignorant, pussy that he is. Let's see how a group of Haitian protesters feel about how the Obamas and Clintons stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the Haiti Relief Fund: fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html #FuckTrevorNoah

    30. D Winter

      So Trevor, when are they going to cancel your show like Netflix did with your drug-addict, ignorant, hate-mongering BFF, Michelle Wolf? You're both disgusting, unfunny, ugly, lying propagandist whores who love to twist words and take pleasure in being dishonest pricks for a dumb f*ck fan base. #TrevorNoahIsAPussy

    31. Jason Carson

      Trump is president of Puerto Rico too right....yeah, I thought so

    32. Gerardo Martinez

      I would like to see a trump supporter defend him about that tweet. For sure they'll just bring up Hillary or Obama even though this has nothing to do with them. Lol #fuck trump

      1. D Winter

        Your comment says it all. No use discussing further with an immature, ignorant bigot like yourself who thinks that all Trump did was "shoot toilet paper" to people. And by the way, nearly 3,000 people died on 9/11. I know that was a terrorist attack and not a natural disaster, but every single one of those people have names. The death toll didn't go from 16 to 3,000 within a short period of time. And if it did, anyone in their right mind would have a right to question it. That disaster cost at least $100 BILLION DOLLARS (and some even estimate up to $2 trillion in total) and left the entire area of lower Manhattan completely damaged for at least 9 months. I know- I lived there. But the rebuilding took at least over a decade to get to a place of decency- not complete, but decent. So think before you automatically accuse someone of being stupid because they question numbers. Your arrogance is appalling. Oh, by the way, did you know that the Clintons and Obamas released terrorists from prison who set off bombs in Downtown Manhattan? They were the FALN terrorists. Those bombs killed and maimed numerous people, one of them being my neighbor. So you want to talk about facts? Then get your facts straight. People like you make me sick.

      2. Gerardo Martinez

        +D Winter lol Wow really? You're talking about a category 5 Hurricane that left Puerto Rico with over 90 million dollars worth of damages, no power (for almost a year) and flooded the place. How is that even a question that the death toll went up! Aside that trump did nothing to help but go and shoot toilet paper to the people as if they were animals. I may not have an education but at least I'm not ignorant to the facts like every trump supporter.... You my friend have no common sense. Thanks for this comment you really are stupid.

      3. D Winter

        Did you even read the tweet and understand it properly, or do you just listen to whatever garbage comes out of Trevor Noah's mouth and believe it because you can't think for yourself? If a group of people suddenly change the death toll from a two-digit number to a four-digit one, a person doesn't have a right to question the change in numbers plus why the change occurred? Get an education, some common sense, and learn to think for yourself. Your comment is ignorant and pathetic. But I'd expect nothing less from a Trevor Noah fan.

    33. TRex Mama

      Trevor, you are one butt-ugly, ignorant, unfunny, disgusting, dishonest, zero-integrity moron. Your fan base is barely literate. They're stupid enough to believe in your constant twisting of words, lies, and flat-out fabrications. You're just an average piece of sh*t who has the emotional IQ of an 8-year-old.

    34. Vincent Nelson

      ...no marshmallows. 😂

    35. E T

      Haitian Immigrants for Trump, "Wake Up! Hillary Belongs in Jail!" fr-news.net/online/vidéo--QtAhtrRA1M.html Yeah, Trevor- The Clintons/Obamas stole millions of dollars from the Haiti earthquake relief fund, and you're twisting Trump's words once again like the dishonest, whiny bitch that you are. Trevor, go f*ck yourself.

    36. E T

      The Obamas and the Clintons RELEASED THE FALN TERRORISTS FROM PRISON- Obama released the leader of the terrorist group right before he left office; Clinton released the entire terrorist group right before he left office. The FALN set off bombs, which killed and maimed innocent Americans in New York City and Chicago: fr-news.net/online/vidéo-SRRL_vjrIk0.html

    37. E T

      KATV- Channel 7's Jason Pederson interviews Linda Ives, mother of Kevin Ives, one of the teenage boys who was brutally murdered by PAID CLINTON THUGS; interviews her private (pro bono) detective; shows footage of Billy Jack Haynes' formal confession as to his and THE CLINTONS' involvement in the 1987 murders. fr-news.net/online/vidéo-ntXFDkvGwes.html

    38. E T

      Meet Linda Ives, mother of Kevin Ives, one of the INNOCENT TEENAGERS who was BRUTALLY MURDERED by PAID CLINTON THUGS on August 23, 1987 in Alexander, Arkansas, all because he witnessed Bill and Hillary Clinton's cocaine drop: fr-news.net/online/vidéo-P_GjEqs0Yq0.html

    39. E T

      The Story of the Murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two teenagers who were murdered by PAID CLINTON THUGS because they were witnesses to Bill and Hillary Clinton's cocaine trafficking operation fr-news.net/online/vidéo-oQy_Fm5uAac.html (plus numerous witnesses were also murdered)

    40. E T

      The Story of the Murders of Teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry, witnesses to Bill and Hillary Clinton's Cocaine Trafficking Operation fr-news.net/online/vidéo-bk45bxuOKEc.html

    41. E T

      The Story of Bill Clinton's ABANDONED BLACK SON (whom Trevor Noah ridiculed and slandered, because Trevor is such an ignorant piece of sh*t) fr-news.net/online/vidéo-rLOp2yBhuTE.html

    42. E T

      The Original Clinton Chronicles- Bill and Hillary's Cocaine Trafficking Operation out of Arkansas While Bill Was Governor, Plus all of the Witnesses They Murdered Who Died Before They Could Testify: fr-news.net/online/vidéo-zCGW033-82c.html

    43. E T

      Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal fr-news.net/online/vidéo-kypl1MYuKDY.html

    44. E T

      OMG- look at the illiterate, low IQ comments right below mine. Trevor, your fan base has to be one of the dumbest on the planet. They can't read or right properly, let alone have the sophistication to tell a joke properly. But you know what? You don't have the sophistication to tell a joke properly either. You just act like a hate-monger and think it's funny.

    45. Mark Lanzarotta

      Who voted for this disgusting cretin? It doesn’t matter, the vote means nothing anyways. Why does the Republican base like an Electoral “College?” They don’t go to college, they go to jail after high school.

    46. Tixe 100

      trump-one of the few humans who learns LESS as he ages. Much less.

    47. Chas Stack

      how could we tolerate trump if we didn't have comedy ?

    48. Advance Certified marine marine MAN


    49. IsaDesOsiers

      Trevor Noah's Daily Show keepin' it real.

    50. Maria Hammarström

      Is someone going to write a slash fic about Trevor and Ronny, or do I have to do it myself? :D