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Tyler, The Creator

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    From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
    DIR: Wolf Haley
    DP: Luis Panch Perez
    PRO:Happy Place

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    1. Cedric Lindsey

      How you get a navy ship bro.

    2. Purpp the Kid

      Master peace

    3. water pasta

      Yall went bananas


      I love this with my whole entire being

    5. Wyatt Pleasant

      I came back to this video for the 1000th time you see you again tyler

    6. a . c . k

      I love kali uchis parts

    7. Jeremy Johnson

      Why is this guy famous again??? Freaking weirdo

    8. Deja Lewis

      that’d b cool if you did this w/ all the songs from flower boy and made like a little movie

    9. Nazariet V

    10. FaH

      There I watched it. You happy FR-news?

    11. DatUhu

      I shouldn't like this as nuch as I do. But god damn

    12. Adrian Brogan

      FUCK yes he got Kali again

    13. J No


    14. Pink Cupcake

      I love travis and a$ap rocky

    15. shy


    16. Hilo

      Wes anderson

    17. tøp trash


    18. Kimberlin Avery

      I want 2:05 on repeat

    19. KingPNW

      Beautiful work, Tyler.

    20. Serious S Bash

      Idk now why, but This sounds like Brockhamton.

    21. Michael Rios

      What's the second song? I can't remember.

      1. Tanya Ainslie

        Michael Rios Where This Flower Blooms

    22. Elijah Florence

      This song is too nice

    23. Michael Greniker

      Tyler on some next level shit. Love this shit man.

    24. K.E.V.

      so dope

    25. NA ME

      "OK" "OK" "OK" "OK" "OK"

    26. Daniel Clark

      I'm a Mexican-American Hip-Hop artist from Chicago

    27. Bcarni2

      Nicest aircraft carrier ever

    28. Yung Yent

    29. KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin


    30. Jj Aa

      This is what i call art.

    31. Drink Me and Be Happy

      Kali uchis and Tyler are too good for this world 😭😪

    32. Cypuu

      It's pretty good, but POTATO SALAD always in my heart

    33. The Wurst Gamers

      This video was really good. I’m gonna save it for my next cookout

    34. Papa Zane

      Man been a while since Tyler's done anything that really captured me but damn man, I like it. Surreal as hell.

    35. Säsch

      This should be on Broadway!! I would love to see a Tyler Musical!

    36. Hair lyne

      piece of ART

    37. Basic White Chick

      Füñ 🙉

    38. Amanda

      I wouldn’t have expected this but thats good.

    39. Kung Fu Vampire

      Don’t know what I just watched, but it was incredible. YEEEE

    40. arijana

      deserves wayyy more recognition

    41. Tooth Fairy

      Мне одному низкие чистоты с уши долбили?

    42. Lee Sharp

      Love this so much. Keep coming back to it

    43. mr high

      Ok ok ok ok boke boke ok

    44. Karl Naidoo

      Thanos got Tyler too😭😭

    45. KPAD

      Dumb monkey faced motherfucker

    46. cheeky Bum

      Was that Frank ocean at the end?

    47. Young T

      Good shit

    48. John Smith

      ROFL!!! There's an F-15 on an aircraft carrier?!? Whoever made this stupid fucking video should be fired.

    49. Sultan Fitness

      Mandela effect. I swear there was an album by tyler that was called "Fuck Flower Boy" but theres only a album called "Flower Boy"

    50. Vincent Portal

      Save the bee !