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    Standoffish: lacking cordiality; unfriendly; "a standoffish manner"
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Camera by Emma Price (
    Music by Stephen Grant (
    Writing Assistance by Tom Bown (
    Featuring Chris Bingham (
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    Special thanks to Beth, Richard, Matt, Tim, Oli, Steve, Amy and Tanner.

    Ajoutée Il y a 9 ans


    1. Globbinbobin 1


    2. Starellinx

      Uhh no thanks I'm. VEGAN

    3. Starellinx

      I'll play Xbox okay just put the guns down

    4. thepaintbender 9806

      In the stand off they should have had a random person in the back confused and putting a gun up to their head yelling I'LL SHOOT I'LL DO IT

    5. Freddy Leigh

      Well dang

    6. sir soy sauce

      not playing video games that's fine but video games that's fine but vegan what kind of monster are you

    7. Neo's toon World

      That me when I say I don't like pizza

    8. Toasty Engineer

      Stand of fish

    9. Ace Cooking


    10. Crudestjuggler

      Stand of fish

    11. i regret posting 99% of the comments ive posted

      i read the title as stand of fish

    12. Drink Dr. Pepper


    13. Can of Pepsi

      *Stand of Fish.*

    14. Silent Stick

      I thought this was about a standoff with a fish...

      1. Silent Stick


    15. ItsAmy YT

      thats me when my friends don't like Roblox x'D

    16. Odin Vik

      man, member tomskas old crew

    17. Marknite 971

      Casually puts gun in cerial box

    18. Thunder Butt

      Vegans existet in 2009

    19. 80s Sam

      Eddsworld reference on phone

    20. Jack Greenwell

      *I'm good at trolling noobs* read more

    21. Jason Kishpaugh

      Would love a remake

    22. One 234

      On some real shit where the fuck are her eyebrows

    23. Matilda Muller

      I'm pretty sure that Beth was about 12.... Should we be concerned?

    24. DerpJerd

      Wait the sniper...uh... What happened

    25. PauloAlexandrefBR PI5

      i prefer call of duty and PS4

    26. Nina Taco12

      I don't really play vidie games *Points gun at her* No thanks I'm vegan *Points gun again*

    27. Tom Murray

      Yeah, Halo!!!

    28. Snapple lover Madison Oof


    29. Maxxao

      Is this Lincoln?

    30. EdiMations Channel

      Stand of fish

    31. Russian Cloaker

      *If you dont got a Kill i will fucking kill YOU BITCH*

    32. Matti Logi

      Why am i just seeing this now?

    33. Adriyaman Banerjee

      I'm triggered by how that guy is holding the P90

    34. TemShop :3 MONEY!!!

      9 years ago this is what i was into? Sweet i was raised right!

    35. Adam Edge Copeland

      Bigger forehead than Jacksfilms'

    36. lachlan keller

      Ugh flip phones, what is this 2017?

    37. Garr

      Great acting though

    38. Weeple Loves Sheep


    39. Businessboi

      *puts the gun back in the cereal box*

    40. A person that likes memes

      Stand of fish?

    41. Rafael Carlsen

      That forehead

    42. Captain Blocker’s

      The power of xbox

    43. Momicheto BG

      All for one game and becon HAHAHAHAHAH;D;

    44. App Maniac

      Now I am happy that I am a gamer !

    45. Aaron GamingPlayz

      That’s what I do when I have a problem

    46. The Doctor 498

      Woah this was 9 years ago

    47. Paradise the dragonet

      No thanks I’m vegan

    48. the stash W


    49. Adam Hill

      completely random question, how were they using a mac as a monitor??

    50. r0bo Cozmo13

      The reason they never shot was because they forgot the bullets