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    Standoffish: lacking cordiality; unfriendly; "a standoffish manner"
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Camera by Emma Price (
    Music by Stephen Grant (
    Writing Assistance by Tom Bown (
    Featuring Chris Bingham (
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    Special thanks to Beth, Richard, Matt, Tim, Oli, Steve, Amy and Tanner.

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    1. another comment

      She shouldn't have said the V-word

    2. Louis Juon

      That girl looks underage 🤔

    3. Sethy _bois

      Wanna play with us "Sorry I'm a xbox fan" *shoots*

    4. Robobill vlogs

      Like if you’re reading this in December 2018

    5. Kermit the frog ,

      Everyone is laughing because they play xbox.....fuck you i have a xbox one X and it is way better than a ps4 pro

    6. Gluten_ Free_ Ass

      Beth has no eyebrows

    7. Maxwell Kurdyla

      Stand of fish

    8. Derpasurus dino

      Was her name ben

    9. cool im awsome

      There probrably all airsoft guns

    10. Austin Smith

      Saying your vegan in a gamer house will definitely get guns pointed at your face

    11. Netoone

      Why does everyone have guns

    12. Dogger Games

      2018 or 2019 someone?

    13. Barrington A3


    14. Hakamu

      This apartment is for EPIC GAMERS!

    15. Jason Abiel Tiosh

      rule of gamer : 1. No vegan 2. Play games 3. Have fun 4. Play awesome games 5. Kicked out the anti - gamer 7. Enjoy 8. You realize there is no number 6 9. U mad? 10. Also gamer have to know memes

    16. jordan hayes

      Wow..This was uploaded and then 4 days later Michael Jackson died.

    17. chairs are evil

      Did anyone get an add called sex game

    18. Gregory Cordell

      Stand of fish

    19. Dinoclaire101

      I keep reading the title like 'Stand Of Fish'

    20. Nismonath5

      Classic Tomska

    21. Nikodem Kraszewski

      RIP XBOX 360

    22. Jack Lissaman

      This apartment is for G A M E R S

    23. peter parker

      i would jump right into the pizza baby no litraly i would like jump

    24. Lyall Talarico

      Stand off fish.

    25. Minater 247

      Standoff fish

    26. The iorn  Gamer

      They pointed a gun to her head all just for video games? They must be really obsessed with those things.

    27. Captain LastrEo

      Not a Gamer: Alright, you can live if you agree to play. Vegan: *Some Sins are unforgivable.*

    28. Aggressive Pizza


    29. Qrish MiXo

      She looks like Ruby Rube in the age of 14 Lmao I'm sorry

    30. TheDarkestGamer100

      Even bing joined in the vegan thing

    31. Robloxiscancer 3

      What an *_EPIC GAMER_*

    32. ophiucus 12333

      2018 HERE!! :D so THAT was 2009 comedy,does great old days why did I have COMEDY STOP IT I DONT LIKE YOU...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    33. Globbinbobin 1


    34. Starellinx

      Uhh no thanks I'm. VEGAN

    35. Starellinx

      I'll play Xbox okay just put the guns down

    36. some random sloth

      In the stand off they should have had a random person in the back confused and putting a gun up to their head yelling I'LL SHOOT I'LL DO IT

    37. Freddy Leigh

      Well dang

    38. ted. 360

      not playing video games that's fine but video games that's fine but vegan what kind of monster are you

    39. Neo's toon World

      That me when I say I don't like pizza

    40. Toasty Engineer

      Stand of fish

    41. Ace Cooking


    42. Crudestjuggler

      Stand of fish

    43. i regret posting 99% of the comments ive posted

      i read the title as stand of fish

    44. Drink Dr. Pepper


    45. Can of Pepsi

      *Stand of Fish.*

    46. Silent Stick

      I thought this was about a standoff with a fish...

      1. Silent Stick


    47. ItsAmy YT

      thats me when my friends don't like Roblox x'D

    48. Odin Vik

      man, member tomskas old crew

    49. Marknite 971

      Casually puts gun in cerial box

    50. Thunder Butt

      Vegans existet in 2009