Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (feat. NerdCubed)



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    The more you know…
    Featuring Dan ‘Nerdcubed’ Hardcastle (
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    Co-Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by Michael Dean (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Boom Operation by Liam Abbott (
    Makeup and SFX by Erin Stevenson (
    Featuring Charlie Belle as Susie (
    CONTENT WARNING: Comedy violence, gore, and a drilldo (it’s exactly what you think)
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    1. Broken Hearts


    2. Arkham son & Krjedi

      Am I the only one that noticed that you were about to drill him with a dildo

    3. Salted F i n g e r s

      Is it bad that I never knew what NerdCubed face looked like until I saw this?

    4. MHM Bigarab

      I would do the same thing to my mum blowing her ass off for cheating on my dad

    5. Ultimate Marvelfan123

      All I could think of was In The Heights. No mi diga

    6. every think


    7. Callie Miller

      Dan I'm so sorry

    8. Callie Miller


    9. AthkoreProductions

      I would leave a comment, but you already know what I was gonna say. It was this.

    10. Flying_Skyz _Playz

      Hey Tom.... being serious now, could you possibly bring Matt and... oh god I hate myself, bring Matt and Tord on the show, please? I know this could bring back harassment and well shipping back from Eddsworld.... but please if you read this, ask Matt and tord if they could get on, Thx! ( sorry for rambling)

    11. NieMonD

      Check that out if you like buying stuff you don't need and hate having money! *Yay!*

    12. A- Animates

      Susie and her bad timing.

    13. Emariixx

      0:25 tomtord?

    14. Blueprinting YT

      "Tell me something I don't know." Me: A trash bag isn't a trash bag unless you put trash in it. Tom: '-' Fair...

    15. Forever Alone Agent

      I think tom want to say that he knows bcuz dan told em

    16. AlanaUniverse

      What the hell tom

    17. Elvie Rose Robinson

      What about: you don't know everything.

    18. Game Loser

      Death by drill do



    20. AEGA

      U r getting fat

    21. Scallywags Stockdale-Linke

      Will I get a GF

    22. Harris Ashraff Shamshuddin

      My favourite parts was when he said: Tell me something I don’t know TELL ME!!!!!!

    23. Blackfirefox

      1:50 oh god

    24. Daniel Lowry

      I think you're getting confused between omniscient and omnipotent there

    25. Milkshake

      Tomska becomes a literal fucking god

    26. Verbugter Kommentator

      Hey Tom can u grant me infinite wishes

    27. Jareds Disaster

      I wheezed so hard when he had that dildo on the screwdriver

    28. Dank Memes

      You can drink Spider Milk.

    29. Western Spy

      why are you fat

    30. PercyTheBird

      2 of my favourite FR-newsrs together

    31. Z3X SHADOW

      Half this stuff isn't even true XD

    32. DriftTek

      I was just waiting for the end to be like:"I f*cked Susie"

    33. Charlie Fielding

      I love how the facts became gradually less factual over time it was amazing.

    34. Possessed Undertaker

      This is the one place where I could see someone try to attack another person with a drilldo.

    35. Bron Brader

      Dan is too innocent and precious for the dildo drill

    36. smurf man

      Dis is odin

    37. aldrin tan

      super genius!

    38. The Lapis Ladd

      Well…that was…unique

    39. digital dragon jade

      There is no such thing as a poisonous snake! Didn't know that, did you?

    40. Nonsense but in a Bunch


    41. TheMasterAlien

      Well this is fucked up even with the dick drill

    42. Anxiety! At the Coffee Shop

      Ohio is the only state that doesn't have any letters from the word mackryl

    43. Johnnie Johns

      I think I know something you don’t know.THE EARTH IS FLAT

    44. Omega Suo

      Wait. If someone tells something that you don't know... Doesn't that mean that you already know it?

    45. Blue Rey

      dan: your adopted tom: I KNOW THAT!!!

    46. Gentlemen Kitty

      Here's something that you don't know....... *that thing that you don't know*

    47. John Gonzalez

      You don't know me

    48. Laust

      This is so Much me and my friend Just less violent

    49. DevonTheBrony

      The letter w is the only letter that doesn’t contain itself.

    50. BurgerBuddy

      Should I call the cops?