The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E10 Season Finale

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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    The Martin Garrix Show: Season 2 Episode 10.
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    1. Mariela Sanchez


    2. Divesh Kaisukar

      if u like martin Garrix like

    3. Pamela Molina

      8:48 el papa the martin garrix es igual al abuelito de UP

    4. Priyaansh Mehta

      Which Club DId He Perform In "5-6 Years Ago"? Because he wasn't 18 and was allowed in the Club?!

    5. A E K A Y 4 7

      My life sucks man

    6. journey1186

      omg i would love to record under martin garrix label if i produced

    7. Nolan Valerio

      i’m ... in love with him

    8. Shyam Shankar

      +x forever🎧🎧🎧

    9. Javier Navarro Mena

      Eres un máquina martin sigue asi

    10. Windysaint

      +x ❤️🔥 amazing 😉

    11. teresa geronimo

      Nooo final de temporada noooo 😢😢😢martin garrrix te amo

    12. Rebel Records tv

      Spaceships still a jam

    13. Chacon Diego


    14. Carmen Saray Méndez González

      Por que Martin Garrix no es mi novio😫😫😫😫😫

    15. Mantenimieto de Aeronaves 2018

      Woo for me is the best dj/producer ..I love yours tracks😍😍

    16. Marie J.2002

      Nice Show im ready for seoson 3 😊😍😍💪

    17. The Dark Shadow

      That one sentence when you said fans are your friends and family! You were a god to everyone out there and you will be god even in the future. You are the best of the best!

    18. Champagne Papii


    19. _ La_Guzz

      Nessun italiano ha sentito a 6:56 ciao Martino?

      1. Nivia Minelli

        Io siiiiiiiiii

    20. Sanu Bagdi

      love u martin

    21. Jayden Leija

      Plz post another season!!!

    22. Cay x.

      We need Season 3😍

    23. Marianny Rojas

      I love you martin greetings from latinoamerica venezuela, eres el mejor

    24. csb  3

      Just watched both seasons, what a genuinely good guy. Wish him nothing but success and happiness in the future. 👍

    25. Awesome SkyscraperProject

      Where is season 3

    26. Nicolas Nestoras

      Season 3?

    27. Max Mustermann

      Please bring back ''The Martin Garrix Show''. Peace.

    28. bassboy music

      Can any1 tell me the name of the starting track?

    29. Eyceus RubiusMoars

      THANKS MARTIJN ❤️➕✖️

    30. dipu kanojia


    31. MILDIOU _YTB

    32. Game to Fame Returns

      Can you teach me Martin?

    33. Game to Fame Returns

      I’m your biggest fan and I’ll definitely be there if you have a show at Dubai

    34. francis mama

      thankz , about this.. work much more

    35. Jose Joaquin Barroso

      When will you post "The martin garrix show S3"??

    36. ʀɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅ•ᴘʏ

      Kygo!! 💘

    37. Chris Krunchy

      Waaaait the last song is Brooks..?

    38. Zaira Hussain

      Ahhh I binged season 1 and 2 in one night, I want a season 3!

    39. Данил Скотченко

      Hallo, mijn naam is Saturn's DJ. Ik ben je achtergrond voor 14 jaar. Ik werk al in de club en misschien als we elkaar ontmoeten, zullen we het zien. Ik zal op je antwoord wachten. Ik geloof dat je zult antwoorden en hopen

    40. Fabian Guppenberger

      For all the gamers: The boat looks like "Hijacked" in BO2 right? :D haha

    41. Akari Jaco

      Es un chico muy maravilloso y por ser así tiene gente muy buena apoyandolo

    42. Priyanshu

      please make more shows. it's my inspiration

    43. daniel ruiz

      My inspiration garrix

    44. fabian salazar

      I want more ¡¡¡

    45. oxwaves what's up stuts

      starting music name plzz?

    46. DJ CHRIS

      I miss those episodes we are waiting for more bro 🙏🔥

    47. Valerie Perin

      IM READY FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!

    48. YOLO

      Le amo tanto tanto a Martin estoy muy orgullos@ de ser garrixer

    49. Zim Zaman's Official

      Best Show Ever

    50. andrew

      still waiting on season 3!

    51. Lukas Stinson


    52. Fioralba Sula

      Season 3 please

    53. Anel Cruz

      When's the next season coming.......

    54. Ryan Putranda

      what's that song? 00.13

    55. pranav soni

      is there anyone who tell me the name of the music which is in first 2 mins of that video

    56. NASIM NIX

      Love you man✋..keep your work up💙💙💙

    57. Emilia Huon

      I loved all the episodes it would be nice if you could continue can be a season 3 of the Martin Garrix show I love what you do I'm one of your big fans but who has never met you like this I'm the best I love yo 😍❤💛💜💖💗💘🔥😘

    58. Shivani shenai

      Episode 3?

    59. Oxã Lis

      My best love u damn ❤❤💕💖💗💜💝💞💘💓💘

    60. Plantaaa 33


    61. Plantaaa 33

      Martin Garrix best.....

    62. Florence Bex


    63. wesley kiestma

      beste, ik ben beginnende fl studio gebruiker en ik zou wel wat hits en tricks kunnen gebruiken van hoe ik best een kick start een liedje maakt en pauze ertussen en voor op het einde van het liedje. gewoon een basis ben ik al super blij mvg wesley

    64. Dee Dmy

      We want season 3 team martin.

    65. Secptix_Gamer

      i dont know him but this is awsome for my first video

    66. Nikhil Nick

      0:26 that vocal chop was lit and i love that vocal chop soo much #martingarrix

    67. vasiliki m.

      we are waiting for the new season!!!

    68. Chloe Burston

      0:50 😂😂♥️♥️

    69. Inzagee

      paus at 2:51 and take a moment for our lost brother :'(

      1. AOM Recording Studios


      2. Nassir Trabelsi

        RIP LEGEND!

    70. Ryan The Retro Gamer

      Date uploaded, my birthday!

    71. Emi Ev

      Why R u so good lookingg like you on fire boiiii 💖💖💖🙌😍😂😂omgggg

    72. BRGR


    73. Dj arcady

      Thanks Martin garrix love in Perú 😇😇😇😇

    74. James Bond

      Good I like

    75. lopez wither

      what is the song called at 6:26

    76. Sasang Lenthang

      can you please do an episode about the winter Olympics

    77. Ossi R

      Martin has been practicing some editing skills

    78. 김상윤

      This is why I love Martin!!! Keep having good works Martin!

    79. solo mouad

      9:54 Moroccans are everywhere

    80. Laia Mimó

      you can't imagine how much I love you Martijn Thankyou for appeared in my life, thanyou for beeing my inspiration in my good and bad moments, just Thank you You are my entire world, you are the reason why I smile eveyday thinking that someday I'm going to meet you and talk and maybe eat some pizza, I'M NEVER GOING TO LOSE HOPE HOPE SOMEDAY MEET YOU, IDOL Your biggest fan Laia @laiesfalistatpura (insta)

    81. TheChinese Guy

      Name of the song at 6:22 please?

    82. Ricky Berwick

      Je bent toch nederlands

    83. ricardo servin

      Como puedo comprar productos de Martín Garrix soy de México 🇲🇽

    84. Sofia Puccini

      6:03 ME IF I EVER MEET HIM

    85. BikeMotion

      how can you dislike this omg

    86. Bhagyesh Patil

      Is season 3 gonna be there ?

    87. King Danger

      When It’s the next season? Martin

    88. fri lled

      Waiting for your new season.....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 please upload your new season! please! please!

    89. Michelle

      New s????

    90. Sarath P

      What is the 1st track


      The love between two man 7:12

    92. Robert Hadron

      you videos give me inspiration to keep making music, thanks for that Martin!


      I love him so much➕✖️❤️😂

    94. Zombiust Omg

      Si lees esto suscríbete a mi canal crack

    95. Antonio Garix

      Which song 0:11

    96. Lollo OnTube

      Why there isn't italian sub?

    97. wonderwall

      A next season ? Or is it the last ?😢

    98. UpopMusic

      Season 3 ? ? ? ? ?

    99. Jan Jakoubek

      8:49 Martin's father looks like from Up-Carl Fredricksen