The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E10 Season Finale

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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    The Martin Garrix Show: Season 2 Episode 10.
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    1. Shyam Shankar

      +x forever🎧🎧🎧

    2. Javier Navarro Mena

      Eres un máquina martin sigue asi

    3. Windysaint

      +x ❤️🔥 amazing 😉

    4. Abigail Vazquez

      Nooo final de temporada noooo 😢😢😢martin garrrix te amo

    5. Mustafa Sadik

      Animals :v

    6. Myst Rc

      Spaceships still a jam

    7. Chacon Diego


    8. Carmen Saray Méndez González

      Por que Martin Garrix no es mi novio😫😫😫😫😫

    9. Mantenimieto de Aeronaves 2018

      Woo for me is the best dj/producer ..I love yours tracks😍😍

    10. Marie J.2002

      Nice Show im ready for seoson 3 😊😍😍💪

    11. The Dark Shadow

      That one sentence when you said fans are your friends and family! You were a god to everyone out there and you will be god even in the future. You are the best of the best!

    12. Champagne Papii


    13. Sery g.

      Nessun italiano ha sentito a 6:56 ciao Martino?

      1. Nivia Minelli

        Io siiiiiiiiii

    14. Sanu Bagdi

      love u martin

    15. Jayden Leija

      Plz post another season!!!

    16. Cay x.

      We need Season 3😍

    17. Marianny Rojas

      I love you martin greetings from latinoamerica venezuela, eres el mejor

    18. csb  3

      Just watched both seasons, what a genuinely good guy. Wish him nothing but success and happiness in the future. 👍

    19. Lili Rami

      Where is season 3

    20. Lili Rami

      Season 3

    21. Awesome SkyscraperProject

      Where is season 3

    22. Nicolas Nestoras

      Season 3?

    23. Max Mustermann

      Please bring back ''The Martin Garrix Show''. Peace.

    24. bassboy music

      Can any1 tell me the name of the starting track?

    25. Eyceus RubiusMoars

      THANKS MARTIJN ❤️➕✖️

    26. dipu kanojia


    27. Ugo Servant

    28. Game to Fame Returns

      Can you teach me Martin?

    29. Game to Fame Returns

      I’m your biggest fan and I’ll definitely be there if you have a show at Dubai

    30. francis mama

      thankz , about this.. work much more

    31. Jose Joaquin Barroso

      When will you post "The martin garrix show S3"??

    32. Richard Irala

      Kygo!! 💘

    33. Chris Krunchy

      Waaaait the last song is Brooks..?

    34. Zaira Hussain

      Ahhh I binged season 1 and 2 in one night, I want a season 3!

      1. Lili Rami

        Martin garrix best dj of the world power

      2. Lili Rami

        Zaira Hussain season 3

    35. Данил Скотченко

      Hallo, mijn naam is Saturn's DJ. Ik ben je achtergrond voor 14 jaar. Ik werk al in de club en misschien als we elkaar ontmoeten, zullen we het zien. Ik zal op je antwoord wachten. Ik geloof dat je zult antwoorden en hopen

    36. Fabian Guppenberger

      For all the gamers: The boat looks like "Hijacked" in BO2 right? :D haha

    37. Akari Jaco

      Es un chico muy maravilloso y por ser así tiene gente muy buena apoyandolo

    38. Priyanshu

      please make more shows. it's my inspiration

    39. daniel ruiz

      My inspiration garrix

    40. fabian salazar

      I want more ¡¡¡

    41. Nik pawar

      starting music name plzz?

    42. DJ CHRIS

      I miss those episodes we are waiting for more bro 🙏🔥

    43. Valerie Perin

      IM READY FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!

    44. YOLO

      Le amo tanto tanto a Martin estoy muy orgullos@ de ser garrixer

    45. Zim Zaman's Official

      Best Show Ever

    46. andrew

      still waiting on season 3!

    47. Lukas Stinson


    48. Fioralba Sula

      Season 3 please

    49. Anel Cruz

      When's the next season coming.......

    50. Ryan Putranda

      what's that song? 00.13