The Martin Garrix Show: S2.E6 Palm Springs

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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    The Martin Garrix Show: Season 2 Episode 6.
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    1. Martin love

      ❤❤❤love Martin!

    2. Marra Dumaguit

      Martin garrix

    3. Markus Pescasio

      Release waiting for tomorrow been waiting

    4. Cyberlight 222

      oja burnout super vet nummer

    5. Cyberlight 222

      is tie ergens hè gelijk muziek draaien

    6. Cyberlight 222

      hè grappige intro ik heb ook een FR-news kanaal

    7. loving angel

      2018 who?

    8. Diana Beguin

      I LOVE YOU!!! 🇳🇱🇱🇷🇧🇪

    9. Senna RAMSAY

      I love how half of his diet is pizza 😂 I love you so much and you don’t even realise what you have done for people ( me ) ♥️

    10. Seveyna Garritsen

      Love You DJ Marty!

    11. Seveyna Garritsen

      Martin's mom looks like she's 87

    12. Dhaniel Sexte

      Hey, is not there an episode with Troye? 😐😐😐😐

    13. Dhaniel Sexte

      Oigan ¿no hay capítulo con Troye?

    14. Dhaniel Sexte

      Lovely family

    15. Seveyna Garritsen

      Gimme them eggs Martin

    16. Seveyna Garritsen

      I Love you Martin ➕❌

    17. Pardo Pardo

      R.I.P. Avicci

    18. Jesús García Naranjo

      6:02 Rory Kramer?! This is the videographic of The Chainsmokers. Never see Martin Garrix with Rory Kramer

    19. Gabry e  basta

      7:22 😂😂

    20. XoTheWekendXo

      3.50 song name?

    21. RandomDogeee


    22. nıl roman


    23. vince 020


    24. peque TOMORROWLAND


    25. JhoniBravvo Junior

      *O melhor*

    26. DJ Jay

      Je echt de aller beste dj van de wereld ik hoop dat ik ook zoo goed word

      1. DJ Jay


    27. Reinick Von

      In China it's impossible that a producer works with his family

    28. Migue Ch

      Llore con este video..genial Bro

    29. jaimyplay.s

      Martin garrix je bent zo goed

    30. Genes1s Sabillon

      This video is too much

    31. Genes1s Sabillon

      Beautifuuuuuuuuuuul 😭😭😭😭😭

    32. DeIdioteYoutubers

      Krijgt nederland ook is wat aandacht jeeej

    33. Rene Vd weijden

      Why the fuck would u dislike this 😅❤️

    34. Cuppycat

      Royalties for Louis!

    35. Park Jiminnie

      Te amo Martin eres y seguiras siendo mi inspiración ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Randaeka saputra

      @Martin Garrix Is my motivasion.................

    37. abhishek nut

      Luv uhh garrix

    38. Lupita Morales


    39. 김태태

      I want need korean in all his video but korean is only in this video...😢😢

    40. Andrea Aranda

      - "What can I do to help?" + "Give me a hug."

    41. B2 tech and gaming

      I want to produce music man i am just fifteen ....u are my mentor

    42. O canal dos amigos amigo


    43. Gacha Historias

      ❤Martin garrix❤😀

    44. Karol Luna

      quien subio el video???! si se supone que Martin garrix NO habla español😅

    45. Just Jashiro

      Martin ik wil ff zeggen dat je een groot inspiratie bron bent voor mij ga zo door


      In het nederlands is je stem veel beter

    47. Alexis Hernandez

      I love martin you are my favorite sing . you are my babay jajajajajaja

    48. Isi

      that family scene was cute

    49. lol11385

      Martin love you ( ik ben Nederlands)

    50. Magda Angel

      How l love Martín Garrix💙💙💙💙Simply the best DJ... 💞💞