The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E3 World Club Dome

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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    The Martin Garrix Show: Season 3 Episode 3 World Club Dome
    ♫ Waiting For Tomorrow is out now:
    This episode features a recap of my show for BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition 2017 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Had such a great time, thank you for coming!
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    1. Martin Garrix

      Another episode! Such good memories 🔥

      1. NiYas raZ

        Martin your attitude amazing lam respect...

      2. Dee Slaton

        Come to Georgia please I wanna meet u

      3. Sandra C


      4. Paulina creaturita ;-;


      5. Mina2004 Baghdadi

        Martin Garrix ➕✖️

    2. Lorena Soto

      You are so genuine. ❤️

    3. Moika

      Martin siempre transmitiendo buenas vibras 💯

    4. 987654321Simon S


    5. 987654321Simon S

    6. Anuj chetia Anuj chetia

      Martin Garrix Amazing

    7. Anuj chetia Anuj chetia

      Martin Garrix no 1 DJ in the world

    8. Estrella Mendez

      aqui en México casi no se te conoce que pena que aqui no allas eventos de esos

    9. Manu W.

      soo good how he trys the speak german :D :D

    10. Let’s Mix By J-Ütz

      I want to learning DJ from you Martin my idol

    11. Flavien Thézé

      Song 4:30 plz?

    12. Daezih

      Germany loves you ♥ Best DJ

    13. Sagar Bharat

      Song name 00:18 please

    14. bellarmina hernandez

      Straightly coming from Instagram story that u now post 2 minutes ago

    15. Jafar Japu

      U r awesome Martin 😘✌🏻

    16. 44t46re BRU

      como se llama la música del comienzo?

    17. Manisha Tailor

      i love u +x

    18. ruth sarai vargas rodriguez

      Bello Martín as un vídeo hablando español te amo quiero que seas mi novio

    19. HEY MEN!!

      Eso debe ser una adrenalina de otro mundo men!!! Genial !!! No me imagino los nervios al survise a esa tarima brutal. Bro me inspiras ;)

    20. Meghana Ghadigaonkar

      I'm Soham will you be my friend my god

    21. Meghana Ghadigaonkar

      Hey Martin

    22. Jarno Pizza

      He Martijn!!! Respect!!

    23. Paulina creaturita ;-;


    24. Strech

      Music from 0:14 ?

    25. NiYas raZ

      MarTin attitude lovit lam respect garriX...

    26. Massimo Neth

      It was amazing ♡

    27. Austen Chen

      2:07 oh my god Martin is so kind❤️ the action made my day

    28. Naama Loll

      Martin is such a good guy!!❤️

    29. Lulu_tk

      This is better than game of thrones😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Toni99

      This was soo sick! 😍🔥

    31. DJ Harshit


    32. Graham Robinson

      Child lock 🤣

    33. Gucci gang

      1.10 which song

    34. conor


    35. Evann Blaze

      The only thing that motivates me to continue Music Production and Djing is Martin Garrix, even though I am strictly not allowed to do so. I try my hard works to be like martin garrix and to be famous and to Dj in big shows. I wish even if I can dj in a small event. Check my songs!!!

      1. Evann Blaze

        VSHTRAY oof thats good

      2. VSHTRAY

        Evann Blaze I am a youtube but that’s just where I’m starting off, I have many plans. Starting off as a gamer gonna work my way into edm to become a dj. Just seems more logical, getting myself known then moving to a dj. I’m gonna go ahead and sub to your channel 🙂

      3. Evann Blaze

        VSHTRAY THNX sis. Seems like you are also a youtuber !! Who wants to be famous.

      4. VSHTRAY

        Evann Blaze don’t give up no matter what.

    36. Antonio Jimenez

      Like si ahoas Holandés

    37. Adriana Hernández


    38. Darleen Knuever

      I will never forget this amazing show ❤+×

    39. OisinS69

      what was the ocean remix called during the montage?

    40. lenteja xD

      Csm no entiendo nada !!! :(

    41. Camila Rivas


    42. Bennet 161

      0:25 song?

    43. Raduane Bhuiyan

      it's really crazy night.fucking amazing

    44. Cool Chill

      Child lock 😂

    45. Cool Chill

      "don't shake I'm trying to help you relax" awwww I love Martin 💓

    46. Mackleyn Rios

      Cómo se llama la canción que suena el el. Minuto 01 con 10

    47. Cy’ovgee •

      Name of song in the first part ?

    48. Gloria Vazques Valensia

      Te adoro

    49. 邓海锋


    50. cleber santos

      Song 7:00??