The Orb (feat. Ashens)



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    This orb is a ball of fun!
    Featuring Stuart Ashen (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written, Produced and Assistant Directed by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography & Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien (
    Editing & Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (
    Costume & Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    Prop Design by Chloe Dungate (
    CONTENT WARNING: Blood. Like an absolute shit-tonne of blood.
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    Special thanks to Sammy, Jack, Paul, Matt, Mike, and Chloe.

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    1. Skeleton Bros

      Captain disillusion ... those weird light things..

    2. Flower Mother

      Dr. Clef as Tom!!

    3. Arkham son & Krjedi

      Tom: you know what they say why have legs when you... Cannot I died 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    4. Curious Cheerios

      1:11 is that Tom (from eddsworld) stuff bear!

    5. Zyclone

      The Hole 2: The Orb

    6. Leni Nelson

      Have you seen the cat he's not answering his phone

    7. 12345 54321

      the orb is love, the orb is life, the orb is Shrek.

    8. EcipseTheFennecFox DaFoxieHybrid

      How old is tom?????

    9. BuzzKill

      I love you tomska

    10. Allyson Phillips

      The hole

    11. Shan Chaudhry

      It was disgusting when Tom spits out blood. I guess that blood comes from The Orb?

      1. Shan Chaudhry


    12. ColonelNonsense

      Ashens used dart! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    13. under fnaf

      Me" hey where's the hole? Tom" in the orb

    14. Ninja22588

      Is it me or does Ashens kind of look like Simon Pegg?

    15. The Yeeter

      Wait hold on, what about the space octopus???

    16. The Friendly SCP 173

      I love it how tom can tell that its cats blood that he is drinking

    17. Jarvis Wang

      it’s still blood

    18. Flying_Skyz _Playz

      I love the Eddsworld reference, also sorry if this upsets long time fans

    19. PoOp ZiL LA

      The Hole 😃

    20. Martín Londoño

      2:16 This is not fine

    21. Yael Uribe

      The hole comes back again! Haha

    22. Melody Romanøff :v

      "Bleghh there still blood"

    23. Ofelia Gurdian

      *This is fine*

    24. Vince Nguyen


    25. Loganlearnedhowtospell I am not donkey

      Tom have you seen the cat he’s not answering his phone an... he fell in the hole

    26. Spibber

      Have you seen the cat? *hes not answering his phone and...*

    27. Marie Martinez

      The orb from terraria 🆒

    28. Kitty Draws

      THE HOLE RETURNS!!!!!!!

    29. dragon master

      0:08 anybody notice the cat is not answering their phone

    30. slendy gachafornow


    31. Mikayla Cudjoe

      oh yeah. that,s the orb (the actual sound of death itself ) me ch a : where did it come from ? came from the hole (HE TALKING ABOUT THE HOLE AGAIN)

    32. Jackluigi1


    33. marwinout

      Fucken love ashens

    34. Its time to st0p

      *this is fine*

    35. Foxclaw 98

      1:10 is that tomee bear?

    36. Scarlet Nightshade

      Still blood.

    37. Colten Demster

      Person: "Tom wheres the orbs" Tom: "... In the hole"

    38. ConnorTheWolf

      Ashens' voice is like soft velvet; just really sexy in general.. Oh god, I think I may be gay...


      The hole with only boys ORBStm

    40. ハイブリッド Anton

      Is the the same one as the hole?

    41. Ghalaghor McAllistor

      That's still blood.

    42. digital dragon jade


    43. Bill Cipher

      who watched the *hole* vid to eat the orb?

    44. Thelukerpooker !

      Not the hole again

    45. SMG3 !!!!!

      Sequel to the hole

    46. Lumine

      *bleh* "that's blood"😂

    47. Armarta

      Dude looks like Simon Pegg

    48. Megtheridon

      Next ASDF needs to feature the orbs.

    49. Megtheridon

      1:03 Blaaaaaaadat's blood. XD Legit lol'd.

    50. Josef

      Youre gonna geht fat