The Orb (feat. Ashens)



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    This orb is a ball of fun!
    Featuring Stuart Ashen (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written, Produced and Assistant Directed by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography & Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien (
    Editing & Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (
    Costume & Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    Prop Design by Chloe Dungate (
    CONTENT WARNING: Blood. Like an absolute shit-tonne of blood.
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    Special thanks to Sammy, Jack, Paul, Matt, Mike, and Chloe.

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    1. Sonic Z07

      He is drinking the blood in the mug!

    2. peter desposito


    3. Shouyo Hinata

      The damn hole again lol

    4. Candy Girl

      I just watched the hole and than watched this. So it made sense.

    5. Eun-Sook Melon

      *Takes sip of drink* Bleagh that’s definitely cats blood.

    6. Eun-Sook Melon

      No..I love......Orb. *BREEEAHHHHHHHHH*

    7. ElectronicApple


    8. Austin Osburn

      I'm still more worried about the space octopus.

    9. Black Arts

      Pretty much the sequel of "The Hole"

    10. GreatRosey

      No 👏 one 👏 Cares 👏 When 👏 You're 👏 Watching 👏 This SO 👏STOP👏IT

    11. Diego Roldan

      2:00 Wasn't that an episode of dr.who? Like the season finale of Tennant and Martha?

    12. Marcello Crooms

      We are the andrewoids doctor monsters new best friends were perfectly polit part machine part Canadian!

    13. Sammy6apples

      Don’t mug me

    14. Jacob Clark

      "have you seen the cat? he's not answering his phone" have they been raising their cat like a human?

    15. Kiro Kuzumaki

      The continuation of the hole???????

    16. Aki dem

      There’s the hole now a orb what’s next the infinite door

    17. the gaming doggo

      The balls go inside the hole

    18. Ned Riley

      No the hole

    19. Odium

      The Hole 2

    20. Fouad From family guy

      (Sexy sex music)

    21. RealWorking_On_Name

      The Hole The cats not picckinfgjadnfgjkadjns jui[pa f dm, phoi

    22. Chris Campos

      The cat doesn’t answer a phone

    23. Michaelflash123s stuff

      2:01 Dr who in a nutshell

    24. Brylan.O

      Here from Cringe Bear

    25. SweetPear withExtraCheese studios

      *Imagine multiple Hitlers singing a high note out of their vocal range*

    26. UnHappy Gacha

      That hole is here again why

    27. Ali Winchester

      The Hole 2 (feat. Markpiler)

    28. Jana P

      "is everything alright?" "well that depends" "on what?" "the orb" 😂

    29. Wolfe 123

      Were did it come from The hole Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeern

    30. Rose K

      *DON'T MUG ME*

    31. GachaLisa 2020

      "This is fine"

    32. Brandon Faunce

      I don’t care about the orb I care about the fact that no ones hugging Tom maybe it’s because he’s scared like if you get the reference

    33. kathryn watson007KSKEKSKDKEKEKEKWKEKW

      This is a second hole video

    34. Dino Mono

      The hole is back!

    35. Aryan Sheik

      Tom is such a good actor

    36. Rundy Ftw

      Who needs legs when you can not

    37. RealTime GamerX

      orb of death

    38. Samantha Lemons

      have you seen the cat?... hes not answering his phone. like what?

    39. Queen Aunt

      1:10 ...Tommy bear....

    40. darcy boyd

      turn on subtitles thank me later

    41. Shelby Johnson

      1:03 Absolutely my favorite part

    42. Water Melon

      Yay the hole!!

    43. True gold Struck

      It came from The Hole

    44. Veda Ziccardi

      "that is still blood" lmao

    45. filipina sta ines

      1:10: Isn't that Tom's(Eddsworld) toy?

    46. Devon playz

      2:15 nothing happend no one just died in front of me

    47. Mattias Whitehead

      0:12 simon pegg is that you omg jk

    48. Wolfe 123

      The hole is back

    49. Matthew Hume

      Ashens: "Tom, have you seen the cat? He's not picking up his phone and-" **Orb sends baby orb into mouth** Orb thought: "Stop talking nonsense fool"

    50. Owen Cole

      You should do the orb II: the Orb-ening. And the space octopus comes back.

    51. John Morawa

      THE HOLE!! Like if you watched the hole

    52. Regular Wizard

      The hole 2

    53. McMuffin

      This is fine

    54. Ellitri 777

      This is fine...

    55. OpalPaw

      I’m getting Doctor Who vibes

    56. nicco dimartino

      0:28 the hole is back!

    57. Kyzoren D. Tirrem

      It's in Fortnite now...

    58. Philby Tan

      I want the next one

    59. RyanTheBeautiful

      When you've had to shit for ages but your toilet has been broken for a week and you just hope your death comes painlessly.

    60. Daniel Cooper

      We need a trilogy entitled "The Cat".

    61. Sister Stephanie Donato

      Turn on subtitles English-United kindom-with extra jokes >:)

    62. Hypershadicguy64

      1:05 “Uragh, that’s blood.” 1:35 “Uragh, that’s definitely cat’s blood.” 2:19 “Uraghat is still blood.” These made me laugh the most. 😂

    63. Ben and Sam

      The orb™️

    64. arrow6277

      Wow. Im...Speachless...I It's beutiful.

    65. ThatCreeper Girl

      The second I saw the Don’t Mug Me mug i immediately thought THE HOLE

    66. TedLikesHats BecauseTheyAreGood

      “Why have legs, when you can not.”

    67. Taruna Hyuga

      oo its still blood🤣

    68. Libby Harris

      How is he so chill about that orb?? 😂

    69. Toucan Play At That Game

      That's a picture of the cat. "Oh." "After it was turned into a mug." AHHH.

    70. Deborah Corahs

      When he said the cat I imdeatly thought of ringo from eddsworld . ...... Anyone else ?????? No likes uh? Oh well I guessed it.....

      1. Justin Scarborough

        Deborah Corahs you just depressed me

    71. White Glint

      "Bleh, still blood."

    72. Wolfmastershock

      Turn the captions on

    73. Capissotor

      Moral of the story: Don’t trust orbees

    74. Liezel Gabini

      And THE ORB?

    75. Liezel Gabini

      Meh where did THE HOLE come from by the way?

    76. ParaphaPanda

      So... The orb is the internet?

    77. Tabitha The Cat

      Subtitles - English (United Kingdom) with extra jokes........ Should be interesting

    78. PutridFoe 65

      Don’t *mug* me.

    79. Snarky Scotsman

      Baby orbs, also known as Borbs.


      What is that? It's a Orb. *SCARY SOUND* Where did it cone from? From the hole. *DRAMATIC STING*

    81. Cmp Karma


    82. Harrison Wilts

      The orb the sequel to the hole

    83. Marco Joselino Magtabog

      Tommie bear is featured

    84. Dat Little Seagull

      “Why have legs, when you cannot?”

    85. zane monster


    86. Alexandria Nguyen

      Quick turn on your captions! (Sexiness intensifies)

    87. Johnson Pedrinho e Ramon

      In the hole

    88. A peoplez person

      Tomee bear

    89. Orchid Dreams

      *This is fine.*

    90. GroundBreaking Studios

      What ever is in the hole is creating evil entities which could possibly end mankind,the whole animal kingdom and perhaps even planets.

    91. Tamara XIFX

      The hole moved from where the other place was

    92. MMCH SuperToad 97

      Whats the outro instrumental! It sounds so familiar

    93. Diane Bodeker

      Tommie bear is back

    94. Diane Bodeker

      The hole is back

    95. raichu kawaii

      1:10 hey that's the plushie of Tom in eddsworld!

    96. 1K With No Vids

      2016 - Why have legs when you can not 2018 - PewDiePie has no legs

    97. Gary the Legend Jones

      Man blows up I'm fine

    98. Amr Abdin

      Hold on did he say the cat wasn’t answering his phone HOW DOES A CAT HAVE A PHONE OR AWNSER A PHONE

    99. Fred Bear

      What are the orbs and how do they grow up so fast

    100. Moises Guerra

      The hole made the orb which made the space squid which made the guy who made the magic spoon.