The Orb (feat. Ashens)



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    This orb is a ball of fun!
    Featuring Stuart Ashen (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written, Produced and Assistant Directed by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography & Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien (
    Editing & Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (
    Costume & Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    Prop Design by Chloe Dungate (
    CONTENT WARNING: Blood. Like an absolute shit-tonne of blood.
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    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Sammy, Jack, Paul, Matt, Mike, and Chloe.

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    1. Ravenclaw BNed


    2. Sunalika

      This is just... Messed up I liked the hole better :V It was less scarier and no... Cat blood ._.

    3. Se7enty

      ...the fact he can distinguish regular blood and cat's blood.. is just a little bit concerning

    4. The Chris

      *Orb and hole.*

    5. Mâgâmêr

      That depends

    6. Ata Erana Keelan

      This is fine...

    7. Lucy the weavile

      The orb™

    8. Just some Eddsworld Trash named Emi

      Where do we get the tomee bear and the mug LOL?

    9. speauss

      bleah that's still blood

    10. Marigrace Zorilla


    11. Millie The Mouse-bat

      Me during the apocalypse. *Sips tea* Ah it's still catblood! *Keeps drinking*

    12. Hannah Wilson

      Is this guy okay?

    13. _kawaiiarts_ :3

      Legs who need legs *İF YOU HAVE THESE ARMS.*

    14. gabriel games

      Tomska is Tom from eddsworld

    15. Devon

      I want to stop watching these but I can't.

    16. Devon

      Bleh it's blood.

    17. Lizzy fizzy X3

      pop goes the orb™️

    18. tomboy 993

      Me:what is that... Tom:an orb Me:why is it here exactly? Tom:cause it can Me:are you drinking blood? Tom:yup...wait it’s the cats Me:you need god

    19. 2021Nadiya Abdi

      0:54 “Well now you have ostrich legs” *Shaddup*

    20. 2021Nadiya Abdi

      0:47 “yknow what they say why have legs.. *when you cannot*

    21. Leilani animation

      Tom's Teddy from eddsworld

    22. Alexander Weller

      Stop drinking it!!! (pop) Oh, great. Now I'm a donut. Perfect.

    23. galaxi moon

      The orb

    24. Amat Studios

      Who’s watching in 2056 😂

    25. Christian Leal

      1:04 blah that's blood

    26. I have no knoledge how to be human .-.

      *This is fine*

    27. Sethy _bois

      *Tom's mug fell in the hole* Tom: ah shit I just bought that

    28. ree ree

      Wasn't that orb in "I'm very hungry"

    29. Mangle {Male}

      **BlOkE ChOkE**

    30. Homero Medina

      Tom has slowly gained weight. Doesn't bother me it's just that I don't want such a great comedy channel to go away because the creator is having healthy complications.

    31. Celtic_Wolf

      the hole is back again i swear tom does not care about anything lol

    32. Scotchh IDMG

      2:12 Pause quickly and the baby orb filled guy distorts it's weird

    33. Milk&Cookies


    34. Karon Pad

      The orb™️ came from the hole™️

    35. GalaxyNights XZ

      Here is my theory on the hole and the orb: The hole summoned a bunch of orbs to abduct people so it could consume their essences and make more and more hole people for its armies to invade earth and make it so that Hole people and orbs are the dominate race...things? Please post your theories as well.

    36. Maria Kasirye

      There’s once an man Who swallowed a dot It was because a orb who cam from the HOLE

    37. GalaxyNights XZ


    38. AngelCnderDreamer

      The orbs are my friends!

    39. Hibye 23

      That’s his new favorite mug

    40. Jacks Gaming & More

      The Hole is Back

    41. RuthlessRuth

      No the cat! 🐈

    42. Alice Angel

      Friend explodes: this is fine (drinks) eu dats still blood

    43. damian harmon

      Did the girl fall in the hole

    44. universe _sprinkles

      "Imagine multiple Hitlers singing a high note out of their vocal range"-"The actual sound of death itself" These subtitles are the freaking best XD

    45. GWAUN DE MAN

      Have you seen the cat HE’S NOT ANWERING HIS PHONE 😂😂😂🤣

    46. Nitroz


    47. Tøri Larssøn

      The orb came from the hole. Where did the hole come from?

    48. Doodle Noodle

      *This is fine..*

    49. COOL_B0i Playz

      Oh no the hole again?!? XD

    50. Fire Rose

      I’m basically any case