This Tweet Trumps All Other Horrible Trump Tweets

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    The president's latest message about his handling of Hurricane Maria is quite possibly the worst string of words he's ever assembled.
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    1. Kevin McCauley

      this guy is even more goofy with a beard

    2. CX 32

      Idk those graphics were pretty goood

    3. tammy dwight

      Shut up

    4. Lyon Play

      Mr. Colbert should work on his lips when he does imitation of Trump

    5. DexRey Agon

      Why has no one drug this moron out by his ankles? Make America Great Again? This idiot is making America a laughing stock of the world! AAAAAHHHHH!!!😱

    6. Ravoughn Henry

      Trump just might be the savior of this country. I know, that first lines a kicker but hear me out. Through his outrageous and abhorrent rhetoric, he's amassed a lot of followers both in and out of the high political spectrum. Think about it, he said he was going to drain the swamp and he had pretty liberal views when he was younger. In his presidency, he has successfully highlighted and dragged all the worst people in politics into the limelight for the public to see (especially in the conservative /republican party) . His ENTIRE cabinet has been in the political closet pulling strings and using money to lobby for legislation against this country's citizen's best interest and now we see ALL OF THEM. All the douchebags blocking helpful legislation are being outed. It's a stretch, but trump might be batman.

    7. K Ross

      I actually thought that was a really great graphic by the weather channel to give some perspective and convince people to go before things get bad

    8. Lou Bonnet

      Hook driving melt plant nation gradually prime picture.

    9. MenPlayingWithDolls

      Colbert: ' whose eyes count as carry-on bags' Jon Batiste: 'Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow.' Someone turn that man's mic off.

    10. Kate

      Every time I think Trump couldn’t do anything more despicable, he goes out and does just that. What a fucked up excuse for a human being

    11. billy Red

      What a bunch of hypocritical sore losers the country is in the best state for decades, Go Trump six more years ho ho ho.

    12. Walt Hamer

      “If you’ve seen trump tower I’m pretty sure blind people decorated it” Colbert is definitely the most respected American right now- I mean that a lot. Even though that’s not really saying much.

    13. Tina Schlobohm

      I love these shows but they are not doing us any favors by normalizing this disgusting administration and Mr. Trump.

    14. Annie Bobanee

      Who is her audience?Ducks,Geese,idiots?

    15. B. Bailey

      "Trump has had major problems with the Dept of Justice; mainly the justice part" - LOL

    16. eliduc

      lol, I have no idea why this stuff is funny to me

    17. Steve Holmgren

      Pre Neil de Grasse Tyson, "You're in our prayers." Post Neil de Grasse Tyson, "We are thinking of you" It's the same thing, one is just more honest.

    18. Jef Bowles

      Poor president Comb Forward 😐. THIS just shows even the handicap people are not emune 😑

    19. Sean OToole

      Heard this idea from Josh Fox. All of these storms should be named after the creators and deniers of "Climate Change", "Hurricane Maria" should now be called "Hurricane Trump"!

    20. Chauchi V

      I’m Canadian, I’m not sure how the US government works, but there’s got to be a way to vote someone out. I can only imagine those Americans who didn’t vote that waterhead in must be so embarrassed having him represent them. I can’t believe he hasn’t been taken out yet,, there’s always tomorrow...

      1. Bane

        It's the same with Obama and lots of presidents in the past. It's usually divided fairly evenly. I would much rather have Trump in charge than Bernie Sanders, Hillary, or Obama. Even though I don't agree with everything Trump has to say, because he says and does stupid things, he's far better than his competition. It's about picking the lesser of 2 evils.

    21. Renee Moody


    22. Santiago Silva

      Everyone calm down...colbert has felt a recent freedom to get you all fired up. Major problems going on, he can do trump voice and you all fall in? Come on

    23. Marlene Love

      OMG shut up you satanic freak the gig is up

    24. SraPollofrito

      What's going on with you, Colbert? You are insulting innocent people to insult Trump. WTF.

    25. Mirel Gradinariu

      Is this reality?

    26. GronktheBoxer

      If he ever gets his left wing liberal president he wants this show will have to be cancelled because you know he won't talk bad about that president so what does that leave for him to talk about?

    27. Gimme The Scoop

      MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!! The left are losing!

    28. V Ttt

      Sure, i get that alot of americans felt invisible or forgotten, lied to etc by the establishment... but if you want things to change in a good way dont ffing give a man like that the most powerful seat in the world. Idjuuts!

    29. welch roberts

      After the sealed indictments are opened I hope there is one for Stephen Colbert, and he is shot for Treason.

    30. Splaticus Blah

      Trump is not the giant douchebag of the universe. We know there may be many universes which means that Trump is the giant douchebag of the multiverse.

    31. Cybr Friends

      Trump is an embarrassment for humankind.

    32. evaldas lajauskas

    33. Pamela Gale


    34. ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch

      Ah, i love colbert, but dont make fun of peoples faces when it isnt just an expression. Some people have bags under their eyes genetically and thinking this is wrong or funny hurts them and perpetuates an unecessary problem. Dont cross the line into bullying!

    35. DarkAtHearts

      I was in Hurricane Ike. No cars float if they're parked already. The water seeps in slowly and fills the car.

    36. Steven Bauer

      Long live the new King of Late Night

    37. Rosemary Williams

      So My President hates me because I'm Black, Middle Class, Yong Female, and Now you want me to add my disability to that list? What The Bleep is Going On! I'm going to DVR the PURGE!

    38. Kimmy Howell

      Somebody....anybody...delete his twitter already

    39. Eric Manso

      Moses for the win

    40. Thomas Bouric

      Sunny Thunders sounds like a co-star for Stormy Daniels.

    41. David Mitchell

      The sad thing is, some Americans still love him. Please WAKE UP. They'll hate me too, oh well

    42. jenifer cronin

      WHEN. I. SAY. THIS. I. MEAN. IT. from the. BOTTOM. OF. ME. HEART. ... .. SUX2B.U !

    43. jenifer cronin


    44. jenifer cronin


    45. Jonatc87

      What. "(Implied: When it's) 7ft tall, it's extremely life-threatening." No. If it gets even halfway to your knees, the risk of tripping/knocking is severe and you can drown... Why wait for 7ft?

    46. István Sipos

      this is terrible for blind people. and I'm sure, there are good blind people. on both sides. both sides.

    47. Elijah Marshall

      genetic emotional first both expensive beside persuade dynamics just raise resident.

    48. Chip Gaasche

      Colbert is like a child that didn't get his way. Pathetic excuse for a talk show host.

    49. Marny5580

      Trump is just aching to push that War Button - he has said 'why have it if we don't use it?' I have come up with something that I can live with: if Trump pushes that button, I hope and pray that he is the last human standing - alone - on the entire planet. Who will he bully?

    50. Ronney Rendon

      Cabbage Patch American!