Tiffany Haddish Doesn't Need Men, She Has A Blanket

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    'Night School' star Tiffany Haddish has a substitute for a boyfriend. Well, multiple substitutes.
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    1. 83Jude

      Reunited & it feels so good!

    2. Pat Amodle

      Wow, what a character, so candid and cute and... How hot is she?!?

    3. veronica eve

      He's so smitten with her lmao who wouldn't be lmao 💛💚💙💜💖💋

    4. Corrigan Metcalf

      she shouldve said grapefruit oil ( let me know if you get the grapefruit reference )

    5. Literally Sarcastic

      So Tiffany and Kevin are both in top ten Trending . 3 days after Katt Williams calls them out ???

    6. surfer2003 01098095795

      That fucking blanket ain’t going to get out of bed every time a raccoon topples over a garbage can and someone has to get out of bed to investigate the situation to make sure it isn’t a burglar

    7. TakeTheRedOne1st

      She is just my favorite person ever 😂

    8. shadlesMcgee

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!i spent 2 days looking for my candy bar i ate a week ago also check out some chill camping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Gary Claspen

      BooBooJeffries haaayyyyyyyyyyyy. I like her!

    10. Phyrexian Juggernaut

      Haddish with the judo throw.

    11. Bete Noire

      I doubt that her blanket is able to appreciate her displaying her mogambos.

    12. karma beach


    13. TheFamouswarrior

      Whoooo! There’s nothing wrong with chocolate!!! 🤗

    14. geekgirrrl

      Yea... that beat was hot too. Damm

    15. Hayward Bomaye

      She's gorgeous bruh 💜💙💛

    16. Lorne Jim

      They're called Lesbians...hence why she doesn't need a man 🙄

    17. Rob Gibson


    18. Rico Man

      Shave that dirty old mop off yo ain't young no more except it

    19. Rob Gibson

      Men: we don't need women we have sex ai robots now. Remember that one feminist #agenda21

    20. Sean


    21. Football Head

      It’s always the pump and dump girls saying this 😂.

    22. leroy jenkins

      The carpet matches the beard.

    23. Hermann Fegelein


    24. Nick ProGamer

      Men don't need Tiffany haddish We got hands XD

    25. P0ETICsin

      Craig Ferguson would have handle this like man to woman better .

    26. Sofía Venegas

      Top 10 celebrities who flirted to stephen on his show.

    27. Julio X Palomino

      His beard looks stupid. Haha

    28. glue

      only reason she'd get a man is her money

    29. Ladywood2

      Tiffany is a smart, funny and beautiful woman. Any man or woman who ends up with her will be super lucky!

    30. Lora Z

      Man everybody has the hots for Stephen

    31. Darcy Poirier

      I would love to be that blanket!

    32. Miriam Arroyo

      "you should condition it" 😂😂😂 I love her

    33. Freddie Johnson

      I don't need a woman just her feet

    34. Aetreus

      Dayum she fine... *Sheeeiit*

    35. Mai Lobo

      Where can I get her damn dress I’m obsessed

    36. Nba Trill

      1).Sub 2). i will sub back 3). comment done and we will both be happy ☺☺☺

    37. Jomar Y. Rodriguez

      How is this trending

    38. Zitronia

      love her

    39. MtDew Guy

      Tiffany was the guest co-host on Live this morning filling in for Ryan Seacrest. She was great! Very funny, witty and had some good stories to talk about.

    40. John citizen

      she has a vibrator!!!!!!!

    41. smeary sword

      If she wants a kid then she will need a man.

    42. Steven Xenoknight

      There should be a requirement to be on the show. C or better. Of course you don't need a man, because they aren't approaching you.

    43. Kate

      Tiffany Haddish, you are awesome!

    44. Biba Imrišková

      I feel like they’re a lot more guarded around each other this time.. wonder if there was a scolding back at the Colberts after the first interview? 🤔

    45. Brent Stevenson

      Wow, Tiffany is so gorgeous!

    46. Alozie Chibueze

      What's up with all the females flirting with Colbert, 1st it was Nicky, 2nd was Anna Kendrick and now Tiffany. My young handsome self need to step up 😄😄

    47. Geoffrey Feinberg

      She's everywhere.

      1. Christel Headington

        That's why, all the talk shows are in NYC or LA, so when someone has a movie, TV show or book coming out, they can just go from 1 set to another.

    48. c2757

      "Tiffany Haddish Doesn't Need Men, She Has A Blanket" - I wonder if she gets strange looks going to the opera with a blanket?

    49. Damani Pavy

      Tiffany ass gettin fatter