Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters

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    Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters
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    You've gotta hand it to these heroes and villains, they're way more powerful than they look. For this list we're looking at shows like The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Dr Slump, Mob Psycho 100, Overlord, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sword Art Online Alternative: GunGale Online, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, A Certain Magical Index, and more to find out who is the most broken and OP anime characters that look like wimps and losers! Be on the look out for favourites like Escanor, Zeno and Arale!
    #10. Llenn
    #9. Tony Tony Chopper
    #8. Sebas
    #7. Pride
    #6. Kusuo Saiki
    #5. Touma Kamijou
    #4. Mob
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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    1. the grasshopper that scared jin

      My Senior yearbook quote is gonna be praise the sun or big boi ban comin thru

    2. rozgay elefantas


    3. H2O Delirious

      Saitama or "One Punch Man" should be #1

    4. H2O Delirious

      Saitama or "One Punch Man" should be #1

    5. VJSL 777

      No. No1 should be Zeno or goku or even broly....

    6. Sans808 Gaster808

      Escanor is the best

    7. Sewer Slide

      Is escanor is pride doesn't he underestimated his foes he fight

    8. Anthony Rivera Mora

      Seven deadly sins, Lion sin pride, Lord Escanor, goddamn it i feels chills everytime i heard this speak

    9. TheOnlyRealJohnson

      I want a pink P-90, too 😅 Or blue one

    10. RRoJ


    11. Robbe Roels

      Quick question, where is Meruem?🤔

    12. Gian Zazueta

      Dude Zenón is the most powerful in this list

    13. Jeffey boi 438

      4:56 assassination classroom plot twist

    14. KyrixFX мσтιση ɗєѕιgηєя

      Mob looks like saitama

    15. Fallen Angel

      Where is kenshiro?

    16. Tejay Greene

      512 looks like goather the goat sin

    17. Tejay Greene

      Here for escanor

    18. Rory's Channel

      1:33 He says "he" instead of she

    19. LTD Homo

      The seven deadly sins I guarantee that meliodas can beat escanor because meliodas is cursed. And cannot die

    20. Biak Hnin

      zeno and arale are stronger than escanor

    21. Bene Aymen

      U think Escanor can beat goku?

    22. SSJ NeV

      Checked if any DBZ characters are gonna be in this...was not surprised at all

    23. chased54

      Yo saitama literally kills everything in one hit, and we still haven’t seen his strongest yet. So where is he

    24. Prajwal Pawar

      If you are talking about anime character with overwhelmed power than Zeno is in the top

    25. Elite ThronePE

      If Saitama beat escanor in one hit the HE BE OUR master lol

    26. Alpha Dragon Zerosix

      saitama should be here...

    27. Shivendra Pratap Mandavi

      Top 10 suprisingly overpowered anime character ," who decided that"

    28. PillowFighter


    29. The Hacker

      Where is saitama he is cool and overpowered

    30. 1k subs with no vids?

      If you question y saitama isn't on here, here's y he's not. 1.he's a gag character. 2.sebas is on here. 3.mobs on here

    31. Thor The God of Thunder

      Bugs Bunny beats them all.

    32. _Kid Numb_

      What anout meliodus

    33. CndyChriz

      Escanor thought me to be manly. I use my own pre as shaving cream. Wait...

    34. Raul Danted

      Wait for Asta

    35. Rayane Aguenarous


    36. Dueltainer Louie

      Here for Escanor.

    37. Dennis Hass

      Where is One punch man

    38. G.Chin khan Kap

      The no.5 has the power of alucard from hellsing

    39. Der Wolf

      Zeno is one of those people you don't piss off. Because if he says something is true it is. If he says you don't exist YOU DON'T EXIST. But all he wants is a friend, got that in another him, and something to keep him entertained, got that really big tournament thingy.

    40. Christopher Nguyen

      Surprised Alucard (Hellsing) is not in this list

    41. Ct. Legend

      Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun Praise the sun

    42. Fallout Wasteland

      Arale should of been in the tournament of power

    43. Jonas L Wu

      Honestly, I can match Escanor with All Might. Wait, where is all might?

    44. Pewdie Smash!

      I have some logics Escanor got his power from a grace and a grace come from the supreme diety which means the supreme diety is stronger than him ._. And why saitama isn't here and a funny humor joke Goku's ssj3 grows hair for power Saitama loses hair for power Deku eats hair for power😂

    45. WayanTV


    46. IPlay RandomGamez

      Escanor... Younger version of Master Roshi.

    47. IPlay RandomGamez

      Zeno... The japanese version of Thanos.

    48. IPlay RandomGamez

      #6 The old version of Saitama

    49. robo warrioir

      Why didn't u put pepa pih

    50. Husnain Naeem

      Daaaaaaammmmmm !!!