Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters

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    Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters
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    You've gotta hand it to these heroes and villains, they're way more powerful than they look. For this list we're looking at shows like The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Dr Slump, Mob Psycho 100, Overlord, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sword Art Online Alternative: GunGale Online, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, A Certain Magical Index, and more to find out who is the most broken and OP anime characters that look like wimps and losers! Be on the look out for favourites like Escanor, Zeno and Arale!
    #10. Llenn
    #9. Tony Tony Chopper
    #8. Sebas
    #7. Pride
    #6. Kusuo Saiki
    #5. Touma Kamijou
    #4. Mob
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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    Ajoutée Il y a 5 mois



      Mokorov from Fairytail ???!

    2. Anime Police

      *ahem* Shaggy *ahem*

    3. strive

      i see escenor i click

    4. Sciemniak000

      Sorry folks, but that is not the true form of Escanor.

    5. Natsu Dragneel

      -Sits next to crush- Me: boner, don’t rise, don’t rise Boner: who decided that, I’m the one who will decide

    6. Swuid YT

      Omfg thank you so much I just had a anime marathon for high school DxD

    7. Loby Gaming

      praise the sun ☀ ☝

    8. Ohh Yeah Daddy

      Escanor Is The Big Daddy...

    9. MC guy23

      Even though escanor is proven stronger, Meliodas should’ve been here too (oh and saitama)

      1. JoshyJosh

        MC guy23 *Who decided that?*

    10. Lorenzo Postma

      Goku MUI XD

    11. Weeabo Warrior1842

      I get that Zeno would be strong but did you know grand priest is stronger?

    12. The GTC

      Question: Where is shaggy-sama?

    13. Mpho Kutumela

      Wheres Bisky from Hunter X Hunter

    14. robloxy gamers

      Saitama number two.

    15. Lindsay Millar

      Yeah where is one punch man?

    16. Saitama Wkwk

      Escanor THE ONE

    17. White Tiger Freak

      My question is where is Satan from the Devil is a Part-Timer?

    18. Kelsey M.

      YAY!!! 😎😎😎😎😎😎PRIDE IS ON THIS LIST😎😎😎😎😎😎 #FMA

    19. Cringebait •nah

      I guess no giorno Giovanna 😭

    20. Handome Gamjiv

      Where is saitama and Allmight??

    21. Pikmin Steve

      Can’t forget, old men in anime always have greatly surprising strength.

    22. Jaun Nartatez

      Uncle Ruckus needs to be added

    23. The Stealthy Bomber

      Oh my gosh Sebas is the anime version of Volkannon from Rune Factory 4 both are awesome butlers with awesome mustaches, like to use fist based weapons, and are two of the strongest older folks to every exist. I must watch this show now!

    24. The Stealthy Bomber

      1:42 😨 that was a low blow

    25. youtube dee

      I think android 17 from dbs was need to be on the list

    26. Thefoxingamer

      Who decided that?

    27. Bernie Libres

      2 prides. 1 from FMAB and 2 from NNT

    28. sabi U


    29. Vlad Anghel

      Where is Guy?

    30. Nero

      I usually don't like op characters but, I freaking like escanor

    31. kevin rodriguez

      Where's shaggy

    32. Raptor ravesHD HD

      Where is saitama

    33. Greninjaex 0419

      #1 Ali-A !

    34. Meliodas Sin of wrath


    35. The Robloxian

      Where the hell is Levi

    36. Park Jimmy

      Top strongest animal shifters 2:19 Chopper

    37. Ryan Delicano

      seems like every representation of Pride is overpowered.

    38. Zodia Clan

      Shot she cut his balls off even if it’s not real

    39. Jordan Mckenzie

      Escanor 😂 OP

    40. Orange Draws

      Where’s lord twigo

    41. gangster hubert 111

      Well i lost 10 bux

    42. FiVe !?!?

      Praise the sun

    43. Khang Vo

      we all know that the one punch is missing

    44. pubg ros

      Daishinkan can kill escanor and meliodas

    45. Kenneth Edwards

      Where is kale form dbs

    46. Gilberts S

      Why are you not afflicted by my commandment?.. of course it has no effect , I've no reason to feel hatred to those beneath me.... all I feel towards them is. Pity ... Such insolent pride

    47. Grizzly Fiveboss

      Hacker 1:23

      1. JoshyJosh


    48. Micro Death

      Wait. Where is Almight?

    49. ZIGZAG!

      "Let me go, you old geezer!"

    50. Zeldris the piety

      Where is Lord Twigo???

      1. JoshyJosh

        Zeldris the piety He’d accidentally destroy reality if he tried to destroy the earth

    51. ILiketurtles40

      2 questions 1:where is aizen 2:where is saitama

    52. Tooded87 TheSecond


    53. Wolfy Gamer

      ☉ 🖕when escanor fought maleodis

    54. Ewix


    55. Andrei Cabal

      Who is here to see saitama but why he is not here?

    56. Shaun Oh

      one pun man

    57. ninja kid

      Sebas is here but where's Ainz-sama?

    58. Vishnu Bhattacharyya

      Ainz should be in this list And sebastian michealis as well

    59. Jack The Ripper Identity V

      Mob(#4) is saitama with hair 😆😆😆😆😆 or maybe his secret bother???

    60. Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness

      John wick 2:38

    61. aleena patrick

      Marvel universe vs Anime universe: who would win?

    62. Kareem Amjad

      Where is one punch men

    63. Meliodas Sin of wrath

      Speaking of meliodas where is meliodas on this list and where is saitama and by the way meliodas could Rec escanor in a second

    64. Alone at home

      Matt from wii sport

    65. Daichi Miura

      Lol shaggy has more powerful than escanor dude

    66. jelly josue

      I live one punch man

    67. YourAverageContent

      Where is Shaggy???

    68. Noob 24/7

      Pride (Fullmetal alchemist) vs Escanor sin of pride (the seven deadly sins) Who do you think would win?

    69. Predical Gaming

      Question: where is grand priest?

    70. ultra instinct vegito

      It's over 9000

    71. Light Dragon

      Ultra Instinct Goku Is the Strongest ( after Zeno)

    72. KING OF ALL

      Im not the top 1? Wtfck? I can just swoosh my hand then escanor existence deleted! Who decided that? Me im the king of all!

      1. KING OF ALL

        Or Escanor universe I can delete that this video piss me off

    73. NAAH Just NAAH.

      Escanor is the most powerful ningen i have ever seen *subarashi*

    74. Tom Tom

      No offense but personally for the people saying saitama for me it's just a common Goku punch in Dragonball

    75. XxReal_GamerxX XD

      I came here thinking Saitama was going to be in 1st place

    76. Oromis - Fps games & more


    77. Kellykulasa.

      Shaggy? Anyone?

    78. Miami Thug

      I think rock lee should’ve made the list

    79. CosmicEntity

      I like how all the comments are talking about the mighty ESCANOR

    80. Daichi Miura

      Dude where shaggy? He can oblirate T subs

    81. Cory Morris

      Escanor SAMA!!!!!!!!!

    82. Catherine Fuente

      excuse me where is ALLMIGHT

    83. Sir 101

      You forgot to put shaggy in number one

    84. Elida Rod

      No bleach chars ???

    85. Dion G

      Idk bout chopper. That’s a stretch

    86. WinterStorm_Kamikaze 19/98

      where is saitama he is strongest cac and look like a egg

    87. Christall try to watch some good anime yourself and then decide your top 10s! onegai

    88. Derpman Average Gamer

      no saitama??

    89. Norse

      Alot of EscanorTards

    90. Daichi Miura

      Shaggy UI : hold my beer

    91. xRadiation 7

      What about Koro sensei, nagisa shiota, or Akame?

    92. Gabriel Silvain

      No one can defeat the lions sin of pride

    93. Javon Espejo

      What about Shaggy?

    94. TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo

      One punch man doesn't exist?

    95. belmin sagliydcjywdakgbkyuewjds


    96. duckman8213 / Coldward

      Arale doesn’t count because she is an 80s gag manga character Vegeta even said so himself

    97. Acctg Buddy09

      Sasuke Uchiha is even droppin meteors y he aint here?

    98. hellbent 27

      Makes sense esconor can literally summon a min sun that dries up a lake in like two seconds made but yet very balenced because of at night he can't do shit

    99. fahad bhai

      I was searching for monaka...