Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters

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    Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters
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    You've gotta hand it to these heroes and villains, they're way more powerful than they look. For this list we're looking at shows like The Seven Deadly Sins, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Dr Slump, Mob Psycho 100, Overlord, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sword Art Online Alternative: GunGale Online, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, A Certain Magical Index, and more to find out who is the most broken and OP anime characters that look like wimps and losers! Be on the look out for favourites like Escanor, Zeno and Arale!
    #10. Llenn
    #9. Tony Tony Chopper
    #8. Sebas
    #7. Pride
    #6. Kusuo Saiki
    #5. Touma Kamijou
    #4. Mob
    #3, #2, #1: ???
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    1. Shaswat Vimal

      Where is goku and Vegeta you idiot

    2. InvaderK0n9

      Saiki just wants to live a normal life...

    3. legendary Henry

      wt does mob have ultra instinct...

    4. legendary Henry

      sword art online... NANI I HAVENT SEEEN IT

      1. legendary Henry

        is it suposed to be other version?

    5. Snowden Drifts

      Is it just me or does mob look like a younger version of saitama?

      1. legendary Henry


    6. Jay Mondo

      I only clicked for Escanor🔥🔥🔥

    7. Michael Hubble

      This list sucks why would you put sebas a warrior butler designed to be stronger then almost anyone in the world on a list of SUPRISINGLY powerful characters that's fuxking retarded

    8. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Why not put Son Goku on that shit tier list? Half of it has main characters on it anyway. What a shit show.

    9. Pablo Ignacio Arancibia Sturla


    10. Ravioli Pingu

      Where is saitama and might guy

    11. Anita Merani

      So happy to see Saiki😍😍😍

    12. Havana Cook

      I just finished season 3 of The Seven Deadly Sins it's awesome

    13. drmdmd1

      LION SIN OF PRIDE #1 !!!!

    14. DummerPig9

      where is saitama????????????????????????/

    15. a ded meme

      they should've added more spots


      Really?? TOUMA?!?!

    17. King of Loot

      I dont think escanor can delete entire universes why is he number 1?

    18. Shadow Skrillex

      seriously no guy?

    19. Seba Smith

      Praise the sun

    20. Rudy Raito

      that character in 100 psycho mob remind me of saitama...

      1. XxSladexX YTB

        Mob is strong in terms of psychic ability while saitama is strong in physical strength

    21. Suba Krishnakumar

      Oof. Poor Vegeta.

    22. biggibby54

      Dang the avengers could use Escanor instead of the Hulk...

    23. Clorox Bleach

      where is kaguya she is immortal btw and can litteraly block and dodge anything through teleporting and can repel with rinnegan Genjustsu can get anyone killed even Goku in his best form she can simply catch goku in a genjutsu make him think hes powerless and bone ash him disintegrating his body into dust

    24. W1ND MAK3R


    25. raj ahir

      Best of the best character ever created and no one can compared to him son goku most powerful in all people's heart Goku only one has a more fan than whole anime and cartoon world

    26. dani2004 Michev

      Llenn-P90-guest whos the noob

    27. Ice dragons J

      1* zeno

    28. god gamer

      Thx for including some one from sevan deadly sins

    29. BatWafflezz Bahena

      Where’s black clover?

    30. Hanzoadam

      I’d of said accelerator from railgun

    31. Storm Hawks HD

      Surprisingly? "The most powerful sin" We already knew he was more powerful than meliodas at peak

    32. Tshering Seday

      Praise the SUN

    33. Outcast501

      escanor is OP and he gave merlin a bath...#unfair

    34. Joshua

      Where is saitama?

    35. YourBoi BrillDaGamer

      Question: where is olo mayhta?

    36. Meinard Aidolfh Ugale

      Where's saitama?

    37. ACWolf700

      Meliodas packs a punch?......says who?.......using bad subtitled clip of Escanor?.....who decided that.................Cruel..Sun!..........the one who decides things around Escanor........die

    38. Newman Vlogs

      PRAISE THE SUN! Escanor number 1 he is one badass.

    39. kennenking

      escanor's soundtrack gives me goosebumps, its waaaaay to good

    40. Ivan plays Roblox

      what about godzilla earth and kaneki and eto youshorima

    41. Takiya Jainul

      What about nagato?

    42. Andy Huang

      WHERE IS SAITAMA????????????????????????????????????????????

    43. Yank Deems

      Like escanor, I too gain more strength as the sun's called photosynthesis

    44. Clyde Laya

      Saitama is on another league and level


      What about kars?

    46. One good Artists

      Top ten anime physics

    47. Tom Mayfield

      Merlin should be on the list rather than Escanor.

    48. Stray Cat

      Where is bobobo?

    49. dishant kasare

      Where is kaguya from Naruto she is totally OP 🔥

    50. Redd Fury

      The moment i saw that bartender i knew he was Escanor.. No mere mortal could have a moustache that perfect.