Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at the truly unprecedented level of corruption swirling around the president of the United States.
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    Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyerséo-BkaYjdV6wCg.html

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. N.G.H. Calmarena

      He's attracting the idiots. Sad.

    2. Ally Bamma

      He is funny but wouldn't be laughing if he knew really what was happening .

    3. Dennis Menace

      Sounds like its just an excuse to sell 10,000's of 'space force' hats to his lemming supporters, this time he'll get north korea to make em

    4. CDevil

      Once again, Trump shows his ignorance and Pence supports it. "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies" Signed by the United States on Jan 27, 1967, this treaty ensures the peaceful, demilitarized use of outer space.

    5. Margo Sparkle

      Does the United States own Space?

    6. Data Masked

      Swing forward THEN sit. So that's what I've been doing wrong.

    7. maekayla1

      Space force is not a waste of money......Gotta stop the aliens😂😂😂

    8. Abram Sloan

      No, I LOVE IT.

    9. Abram Sloan

      THE UNITED STATES OF SPACE ...... I like it!!!!!

    10. Kenny Brown

      We do not need the kkk in space watching us nor bombing us.

    11. Francho Prada

      Us of a is a joke for the world 😂😂😁😁😁

    12. Trabinjin

      With each closer look episode the more Trump resembles my 83 year old grandfather with onset dementia

    13. Michael Blanchette

      We are so screwed...

    14. Marie Niyo

      His dumbass idea for a space force! That line kills me. I replay it over and over again.

    15. Rosie Vaughn

      "There is no place like space", what the hell is that!

    16. Wendi Cole

      you Democrats are so dumb a holes that don't have a clue what is going on go trump 2020

    17. Ingeborg Gueldner

      Just look at Dumb and Dumber! Are we watching Saturday Night Live?

    18. pattyp phan

      This president is real con man he can not build his great Wall of America. Then skip to making space Force.. hurry up 2020🔥🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

    19. Earl Bravard

      Laugh out loud funny, and isn't that just a little bit sad?

    20. Terril Davis

      But white folks are still superior to all others races, right?

    21. John Ponzo

      Fantastic Truth In Comedy!

    22. Emil Ram

      May the Force be with you?

    23. Daniel Esquenazi

      Why not just call it... Star Wars?? Oh, it's taken?

    24. Vanessa Perez

      I dont understand his supporters, seriously. Is there a bottom somewhere in sight? How low can you drag our country down ffs

    25. Mas

      one of the best CL episodes ever! hilarious

    26. Jello Shot

      Nick Fury to lead the Space Force!

    27. Ian Campbell

      Where's the money coming from? Will Mexico pay for that too?

    28. Ian Campbell

      Does he know Space Force is a really bad situation comedy from 1978?

    29. Diana Planas

      You are awesome!!!

    30. Ty Simkins

      Does it have to be space force tho?

    31. Daddy- Cool

      0:35 - 1:08 Trump sounds like that thing in Portal 2: Core.... space space space^^ ooohh i am in space ;P

    32. Diamond Girl

      Pentagon gonna be a hexagon lmao

    33. Ja Ja

      why is this joke still on tv? shows you many dumb people still need to wake up.

      1. Ja Ja

        the clown, the joke, the shameless twit who called Trump's run for President a joke and now he's the joke but he's not even funny.

      2. Jacob Lucas

        Before we continue, Jeff meyers or Donald Trump, which one are you are talking about?

    34. Gedorfmi Barah

      A Sapce Force? WOW! I've already forgotten about collusion, corruption and nepotism!

    35. Jase Boon

      Police Space Force was done by the Muppet Show...…………….Pigs In Space lmfao

    36. Thomas Earl

      In his own words, trump has been and remains to be the leader of a criminal organization.

    37. Ngocky99

      Does USA know that the whole world is laughing at them?

    38. Claire Kaplan

      They didn't go to the real Pentagon. Just the one on Earth.

    39. Don Gray

      You suck! Why do you have a show?

    40. Mark Paintner

      Somebody please slap Trump on a Rocket to Mars, or give Melania the key to his room, he has to sleep some time.

    41. Don Gray

      Spaceforce. Yah!

    42. Jorge Medina

      He sounds like a crazy version of Portal's Space Core

    43. Diane d'Lune

      This administration can find money for a mythical 'Space Force' but not enough funds for our medical benefits? Including children and seniors Medical, Medicaid & Medicare. Instead they're cutting $multi-billions from them and eyeing our Social Security Benefits to add to the $1.3 Trillions in loans to pay for the Tax Cut for the Rich. Trump & the bought-and-paid for GOP Congress is greedy, corrupt and without conscience.

    44. monkeymalletsvideos

      Apropos that Pence the Puppet intros the ultimate puppet show!

    45. monkeymalletsvideos

      Thunderbirds are Go! "Where's Brains?" "Sorry, she didn't win the election. She doesn't work here anymore."éo-BfIAKj3Gl1E.html

    46. Roger Gustafsson

      You think the Trump presidency is a movie. But it's reality. Cheeses!!



      1. CDevil This.

    48. SauceySandwich

      Hey, hey, hey, never joke about sitting on your balls, that is probably the worst feeling ever for man. I shudder.......

    49. Joseluis Ojeda

      He is an astronut

    50. Nestor Gallegos

      OH dont forget Sarah Sanders that other crazey B***H -Kelly Conway ,and Trumps Boys and inlaws they can go and make the Perfect world they dream of