Valentine's Lies



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    You never can trust a woman... or a man... or anyone.
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Featuring Daniel J Layton (
    Dodie Clark (
    Kimberley Miller (
    Damien Slash (
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Co-Edited by Jack Howard (
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    Special thanks to Sammy.

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    1. Christian Stanley

      I gotta tell you something.. this actually isn’t a comment

    2. Damian Quinn


    3. Macey Tarena


    4. Bronze Felix

      Hope everyone had a good valentines day

    5. SOS DcIhop


    6. Jagaimo

      And 5 years later, still a classic.

    7. Jacob Clark

      "I'm not even a natural brunette" for anyone who doesn't understand this brunette is the feminine version for brown hair in French P.S. this is just in case it was a little obvious it was French though because he said "I don't actually speak French"

    8. ZinZeun

      1:08 Removes her his makeup, changes his voice ... Seems legit

    9. Taylor gamer177

      I'm not even a man. DAN DAN HAAAAM

    10. Jessica van der Merwe

      So confusing but awesome 😂

    11. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

      This is still one of my favourite videos ever and it's Valentine's (well yesterday) so might as well watch it again.

    12. Kratoskiller231


      1. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

        To you too!

    13. Hansel Ze FlammenWerfer

      It's a trap!!!

    14. Baku Gogo

      It is Valentine’s Day that I’m watching this. Forever alone lmao

    15. zarah cross

      This sort is so unintentionally gay everyone in this short is gay if you think about it

      1. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

        +zarah cross Lol yep. Jack is the only one that's not gay in this.

      2. zarah cross

        Except for the lamp

    16. PianoInFlames

      Is Chiaren related to Conan.

      1. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

        Ciaran? Don't think so.

    17. Cheezy Boi

      I watched this 15 years after it was published 😂

    18. Smileodon Playz

      I'm exactly 5 years after this was published

    19. Charlotte Campbell

      What a coincidence I'm watching this on valentines day 😂 😟

    20. TheAimlessHuman

      I’m watching this a few days before Valentine’s Day...

    21. Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme

      "Wait, so you're gay?" Gee, considering he didn't know you were even a woman when the date started

    22. Primrose Petals

      "Oh we kissed -" *BOIII*

    23. michael jordan

      This is genius

    24. lillber2007

      It's so weird knowing now that the guy who plays the robber voices Zeke in Xenoblade 2.

    25. XT_NighTraiN 7804


    26. Weeb Kitty. uwu

      1:59 *That little smooch was everything.* 😂😂🤣👌

    27. GalaxyGirl :D

      Tom I’m a dress.

    28. Domineill

      Plot twist

    29. Kyanberu//

      What is the ending music?

    30. Devon Zimmers

      i love this channel

    31. gabsgot 0life

      Dodie and dan kissed!

    32. • ғʟᴜғғʟʏʟɪʟғʟᴏᴏғ•

      Me:*reads description* Me: or a lamp

    33. Veda Ziccardi


    34. Saxon Stubbs

      “I am the vcr repairman!” “I don’t even HAVE a vcr” “I can fix that”

    35. Mr. Dripz

      You guys are just a bunch of idiots, what a shitty contact, quit *I L I E D*

    36. HarriHaffi

      Fun! So Why haven'r I've seen this one before!? PS: Tony's chocolonely är den rätta chokladen!

    37. Richard Li

      Anyone wank to 0:10

    38. Golden Armadillo

      This should have been called Valenlies.

    39. Tom Young

      Marvel: Infinity War will be the biggest crossover event in history. TomSka on multiple occasions: Hold my beer.

    40. jacob_ films

      1:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Maria Thais Navarro


    42. Galaxy Girl

      Just popping back to see old dodie once again

    43. The Blue Umbreon

      I love fourth wall brakes

    44. Noon Stone

      What a twist

    45. Lillian DaHooligan

      Lamp: "WHAT A TWIST" Moth: "LAMP???"

    46. Joshua Pripon

      I love this I watch it over and over

    47. SIO plus Gacha equals life


    48. 21 p!atd

      i want bloopers

    49. AlanaUniverse

      Anyone else ever thought they’d see the day where Tom wore a dress Yeah me neither

    50. holly

      “you all thought i was a lamp but i’m actually.....not a lamp”

    51. Christian Johnston

      Pugsley is in here 2:31

    52. ItsZombieGamerZ


    53. Gaburiu Ingumiu

      This is the best and most confusing video you've ever made

    54. Tanoshii Wolf


    55. Jahyvelly Gaming

      I didn't know taking of makeup would change your vocie to lol

    56. CurlyWurly77


    57. Alpha 295w

      This sketch might as well just open a portal through time and space

    58. Zanar Naryon

      And people say there's no bi representation in media

    59. ObscureOdin

      We were all bamboozled

    60. Uma Dilaurentis

      Is this opposite

    61. -Praise Robo Jesus-

      soooo technically they're both gay? A boy dressed as a girl to get a guy that was dressed as a girl. The girl went along with it and got with the girl she thought was a guy- im overthinking this arent i

    62. ExposureToFilm

      Directed by M. Night Shyamalan

    63. N word

      I am a lied

    64. Vellerdium

      wtf is Happening..

    65. your roommate

      This YT channel is the best I liedn't

    66. 1-800 fxck-you


    67. ethan DuBose

      shoves carrots in eyes, YOU LIED TO ME...

    68. Momoiro

      This isn't really a comment section

    69. Ammo the Godzilla 1999

      That moment when you realize your whole life is lie.

    70. I can Emma Rosner

      This is amazing 😂😂😂😂

    71. Puppet Player

      Moth: Why would you lie I thought we had a connection

    72. Isali !


    73. Sick Ducker

      Tom was the original trap?

    74. thesnowbaccagamer

      Little did we know THE PILLOWS ARE GOD

    75. thesnowbaccagamer

      Top 10 anime plot twists

    76. Scotchh IDMG

      Is Tom here the voice actor of Tom from Eddsworld?

    77. Prince Bobo

      I really thought it was Jack was a lamp.

    78. DemolisherMan

      Waiiit whaaaat?

    79. MgaDrkSkll


      1. MgaDrkSkll

        It created a parodox because if the comment isn't true the it's saying if it's not telling the truth and the answer woukd be yes and the yeah.

    80. mario kart

      1:37 Yes! I am the painter! OOoooOoooO.... Best part of the whole thing

    81. The dragon Tamer

      I dont have a VCR I can fix that

    82. Boom boom Pow

      Apparently makeup gives you hair now lmao

    83. TAKYON

      still one of the best videos tom has made

    84. A Blehmi Does Art

      There were so many plot twists-

    85. Mr Scribbles

      1:44 BEST PART EVER

    86. Loken 4000

      I love that you can see how much fun this was to make

    87. Eddiemate

      Wait... but... they’re both... gay...

    88. triadix

      lol! This is the random I like a dose of everyday XD

    89. The comment Reader

      Do any of you know there’s a secret ending at 2:38 It’s not important if you don’t, I just thought you all should know

    90. Mikhil Muhunthan


    91. Ultra Instinct Agent Eleven

      plot twist it wasnt Tom at all it was secretly just an animation that was animated so well it looked real :00000

    92. Qwaczar

      best scetch ever

    93. Az Doodles

      These guys have a paintbucket, a brush, a vcr, a screwdriver, and a police badge.. but still no condom


      What just happen

    95. Wulf


    96. Plant Gacha1228

      Do you know Dan (Jane) in the begining....he looks like Dylan from Bates Motel!!!!!!!!

    97. harrior

      What the hell have I just watched? xD

    98. SmolPidgen -

      So really these two where undercover cops who came into this house to stop the robber but Tom turned on her and ended up being gay and a robber. Right

    99. White Wood

      Thank you Tom very cool

    100. Miner Pro Man

      This is inception at its finest