Valentine's Lies



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    You never can trust a woman... or a man... or anyone.
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Featuring Daniel J Layton (
    Dodie Clark (
    Kimberley Miller (
    Damien Slash (
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Co-Edited by Jack Howard (
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    Special thanks to Sammy.

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    1. Ice_Wallow_Cmen

      wtf is Happening..

    2. another comment

      This YT channel is the best I liedn't

    3. 1-800 fxck-you


    4. ethan DuBose

      shoves carrots in eyes, YOU LIED TO ME...

    5. Momoiro

      This isn't really a comment section

    6. Ammo the Godzilla 1999

      That moment when you realize your whole life is lie.

    7. I can Emma Rosner

      This is amazing 😂😂😂😂

    8. Puppet Player

      Moth: Why would you lie I thought we had a connection

    9. Isali !


    10. Sick Ducker

      Tom was the original trap?

    11. thesnowbaccagamer

      Little did we know THE PILLOWS ARE GOD

    12. thesnowbaccagamer

      Top 10 anime plot twists

    13. Scotchh IDMG

      Is Tom here the voice actor of Tom from Eddsworld?

    14. Prince Bobo

      I really thought it was Jack was a lamp.

    15. DemolisherMan

      Waiiit whaaaat?

    16. MgaDrkSkll


      1. MgaDrkSkll

        It created a parodox because if the comment isn't true the it's saying if it's not telling the truth and the answer woukd be yes and the yeah.

    17. mario kart

      1:37 Yes! I am the painter! OOoooOoooO.... Best part of the whole thing

    18. The dragon Tamer

      I dont have a VCR I can fix that

    19. Boom boom Pow

      Apparently makeup gives you hair now lmao

    20. ApeX

      still one of the best videos tom has made

    21. Hallo the Smolest Creepypasta Bean

      There were so many plot twists-

    22. Mr Scribbles

      1:44 BEST PART EVER

    23. Loken 4000

      I love that you can see how much fun this was to make

    24. Eddiemate

      Wait... but... they’re both... gay...

    25. triadix

      lol! This is the random I like a dose of everyday XD

    26. The comment Reader

      Do any of you know there’s a secret ending at 2:38 It’s not important if you don’t, I just thought you all should know

    27. Mikhil Muhunthan


    28. Ultra Instinct Agent Eleven

      plot twist it wasnt Tom at all it was secretly just an animation that was animated so well it looked real :00000

    29. Master Gamer

      best scetch ever

    30. Az Doodles

      These guys have a paintbucket, a brush, a vcr, a screwdriver, and a police badge.. but still no condom

    31. Icesaiahpaul Heath

      What just happen

    32. Wulf


    33. Plant Gacha1228

      Do you know Dan (Jane) in the begining....he looks like Dylan from Bates Motel!!!!!!!!

    34. harrior

      What the hell have I just watched? xD

    35. Laiokyis -

      So really these two where undercover cops who came into this house to stop the robber but Tom turned on her and ended up being gay and a robber. Right

    36. DanDestroyer 3

      Thank you Tom very cool

    37. Miner Pro Man

      This is inception at its finest

    38. TXB3

      Actually the character Tomska was playing is gay because he was kissing a woman he thought was a man

    39. DizDeLusa

      Still wondering to this day whether this outro song bit was made for this or is part of an actual song

    40. bauko28


    41. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

      I wish Jack was my lamp. Damn.

    42. Nassim Sahraoui


    43. Mr. DeadlyDeX

      I'm Max and I like ur videos sooo much and appreciate ur hard work and ur sooo funny!!!! I laughed sooo hard JK I lied My name isn't Max

    44. the phandøm phamily with a løve for drama

      I love this, this is hilarious 😂

    45. Bruna Reivax

      Well that scalated quickly

    46. TOL

      Hahaha this is so funny!! 😆

    47. Julian Coops


    48. Dzhei Bee


    49. Nicky Jones

      0:00 low-key rockstar games ad

    50. PhantomKiller76

      We're not robbing you Yes, I am the painter And I am the VCR repair man I don't have a VCR I can fix that 😂 This reminds me of those try not to laugh challenges, I failed right away