Video Of The Wedding Stephen Ruined With Almond Milk

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    In July, Stephen challenged Late Show fans to incorporate the phrase 'an almond doesn't lactate' into their wedding vows. Viewer Paul Glassman did not disappoint.
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    1. Natalee  Steele


    2. Atticus Finch

      Why Cornholebert didn't attend royal wedding. Longshanks throws queers out the Window.

    3. Ind Pol Com

      A Goldberg can never be FOR America !! His loyalty lies elsewhere !!

    4. candace Skeen

      Clearly, with trumps go-hard on “milk” names he had to have been himself when purchasing said “milk” without reading the entire lettering near, over or under the word “milk” and got a shock when expecting to taste the refreshing, ice cold- lactate of a cow?! That he prefers to eat with ketchup?! Gross dude!

    5. gnova7

      What is the song at the end card of the video? Is there a full version

    6. Elizabeth Cochran

      The groomsmen in the background hahahaha

    7. JWvictims

      The worst part of being vegan is getting up at 5 a.m. to milk the almonds.

    8. Ayan Ali

      That first joke, killed me.😂😂😂

    9. Kurt Sudheim

      I wondered if anybody picked on the guys going "Yes!". My only q is are they happy for the shirt or just that he managed to work it in so well

    10. Tiago Blanch

      Congrats Paul!! Laughed a lot!

    11. TheBusyJane

      Some respect for Jonah Goldberg for having the self awareness and sense of humor to not dispute the magic convention call.

    12. Nicola Rottermann

      That is so funny and cute 😍

    13. Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake

      Your awesome Steve!

    14. SoLoMoN DaViDSoN

      The kind of feel good segments we need right now!

    15. Jan Edmunds

      Stephen!! Number one new popular baby name!!! Could you have Randy Rainbow on your show??

    16. Wrong Turn

      Well, if you name a bunch of cows almond, then your almonds can lactate.

    17. Wrong Turn

      Oh Stephen, Trump Admi-no-stration is still following their MO. They are not cracking down on something really white (milk). They are cracking down on the browns (almonds) and yellows (soy beans) trying to join the same ranks as whites. Sadly they don't know that all milk was once green (grass that the cow ate).

    18. ButterscotchBanana

      milk milk/ noun noun: milk 1. an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young. "a healthy mother will produce enough milk for her baby" the milk from cows (or goats or sheep) as consumed by humans. "a glass of milk" *_the white juice of certain plants._* "coconut milk" *_a creamy-textured liquid with a particular ingredient or use._* "cleansing milk" Oh wow, the term _milk_ applies to non-nipple-related fluids, too! Man, it's almost like this administration is full of stupid people that make stupid demands and don't understand how words work!

    19. Andy L

      I would have done this in a heartbeat. I honestly wished it was last weekend instead lol

    20. OC GMBeverlyHills

      Speaking of milk cows...

    21. Shani Smith

      I want a shirt too 😄!

    22. EFF U

      Go Paul lol the best part is he will keep her laughing

    23. tammie mcgill

      Love the T shirt!

    24. Hellmuth Christian Stuven

      Hello CNN. You might find this a GOOD story to cover: The Danish Minister of Finance, in prime time in TV, just told Fox News @krish_regan to PISS OFF ("don't urinate on Denmark"), due to her LIES about Denmark. ALL what she covered was 100% FALSE. National uproar in Denmark today.

    25. FailNinja

      Coconut milk has been a term for centuries and last time I checked coconuts don't lactate.

    26. Crystal Sherman

      What did the groosmen hold up in the video?

    27. Ya'el Rothke

      What do you mean ruined

    28. Narret

      “An Almond doesn’t have nipples” Genetic Engineer: **looks around** It’s my time to shine!

    29. Josie Fox

      So what about coconut milk or milk of magnesia?

    30. Mycel

      if that couple is about to have a boy as their first child, I think Stephen just named him. xD

    31. Hyb Cuz

      Oh dang everybody got a t shirt. It's like those Oprah moments.

    32. Hyb Cuz

      Do the groomsmen know it's only one t shirt?

    33. Duder

      a free keychain? hum interesting...

    34. jay hathaway

      hahaha. he probably already had named his first born stephen. this is my favorite clip ever. so awesome i watched it twice but i noticed you left out his best man who is partially hidden from view in the clip. 9 shirts please

    35. Argiod Silvertongue

      Love the T-shirts!

    36. ForeverMe543

      Plot twist: it was all her idea.

    37. BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]

      They deserve to have something free given to them.

    38. Duane Nickerson

      Oh, I guess it's ok to break the wedding vow if you keep the campaign promise.......

    39. atlaskiki reality

      This guy can ruin anything. He is liberal

    40. SoulJah Roch

      Thanks for the apology/Korekchun. It's a rare gift in American Culture. 🦁✌

    41. Thomas Urech

      The hardest part about working in a vegan coffee shop is coming in at 5:00 am to milk all the almonds.

    42. Frank Bowman

      The landwhales are mating....

    43. Mrrreell S2

      What a twinkie nincapoop. If you don't want to spread hate and divisiveness then just shut your mouth - problem solved!

    44. rowansjet

      Bold of you to assume the wife wasn't in on it.

    45. Scratches Of A Girl

      Only a true fan would do that. Congratulations 😍👌

    46. dalysea26

      hemp milk

    47. Richard White

      I told you someone would take you up on your offer. I would do it.

    48. Max Verstappen

      Promise kept

    49. silirat

      Wait.... Magic the card game or Magic with card tricks?

    50. Tar {PUKE}