What Happened? (feat. 5secondfilms)



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    This investigation starts off with a bang!
    Featuring 5secondfilms (fr-news.net/client-5secondfilms)
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (fr-news.net/client-TomSka)
    Cinematography by Ciaran O’Brien (twitter.com/ciaranobrien)
    Edited by Jack Howard (fr-news.net/client-jackhoward)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (fr-news.net/client-lildeucedeuce)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry (fr-news.net/client-andrewmfilms)
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    1. ZakkTheCookieMinecart

      Who much ammo did that desert eagle have

    2. Ian Fong

      What happened here?

    3. Diego Roldan

      The end is 10 years ahead. so far, I'm watching in 2019, it's still 4 years in the future Also that kid can't be 10

    4. Jay Steele

      wELL HONEY

    5. Cat lover Tanya James

      Now I just wait till someone dies and asks them what happened

    6. gladis ochoa

      Kid:mommy what happened to daddy Mom:WELL HONEY! Me:*dies of laughter*

    7. Sally TV

      Why does the gun have so much bullets

    8. Entroxx

      Love how the law is in a sketch about the police

    9. XYAnimation

      After mother shot her self kid got depressed 20 years later GF:you never told me what happend to your parents Boy:Well they picked up this gun and u know what happens next

    10. Silent Echo

      *wELl HonEY*

    11. L. Ennard

      How many rounds does this pistol even have?!

    12. T R A S H新 ドラゴン

      *wElL hOnEy!*

    13. Hopeful Fox


    14. Dylan FromYT

      The fuck xdddd

    15. eli cohen

      Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah

    16. sleepy kitkats

      You know it's a tomska sketch when the punchline is death

    17. SpoodytheOne

      Seems you have an STD *S*atanicly *T*ransmitted *D*eath

    18. JACK WRIKERSON _370

      So what does actually happend ? Well he just points his gun in his and head and....."SHOOTS" And repeat process

    19. vix bluhound

      That's would be one horrifying power for a killer

    20. Animate _Everything!

      This made me laugh for 3 DAYS straight I got grounded for 5 days 😢

    21. AwesomeNess

      *Alternate ending* How did this happen? Well he took this gun and then *click*.....*click* *click* Huh....gun’s jammed.

    22. AdamFazbic

      *"WHAT HAPPENED?"*

    23. Viperage03

      Its like bird box, you see (or in this case, hear) a certain thing, you kill yourself

    24. koty gonzo

      Again needs to be contained anther congnito hazered

    25. the back breaker

      Oh my God it's the law from video game high school and it's a law from this video

    26. spaceinvader kiwi

      Why XD

    27. kevin31784

      This could be an uncontained SCP

    28. robloxgamerproTR BATUS

      We should say W.H or draw a picture :)

    29. Corwin Rainier

      I have not been able to find the outro music, despite the annotations. Does anyone have a link to it?

    30. Aki dem

      What happened? Guy: Well he- me: (shoots) no.

    31. candy luver

      So what happened?(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    32. SmolPidgen -

      wait but like. what happended

    33. Cody_Playz

      What happened?!

    34. maged play games the best games


    35. Ivar Drevel

      I know what happened They get Gun And Shoot(BOOM) Explode them self dead

    36. Domo Domo

      "Well honey-"

    37. icemanscott reacts

      This is just like bird box

    38. trebor sabre

      I haven't laughed like that in a long time 😂😂 oh btw what happened

    39. jakesgamerchannel and vlogs

      2:11 WELL HONEY We're the f#ck did she get that gun

    40. Nanami sakura

      😂😂😂😂 the mother's face!!!

    41. Catalina Kennis

      "What happened to daddy?" "WeLl, HoNeY!"

    42. Raph Crafter

      What happened here?! Oh they just watched a compilation of fortnite meme

    43. Gacha Alyssa

      Her mum so scary

    44. GlitchMaster2

      it was a murder case all along

    45. Leni Nelson

      Hey Tom ska *what happened* 1:53

    46. Generic Goat

      A few years from now there will only be 1 person left on earth.

    47. Moonlight Forever

      *what happened?*

    48. Nasio Mathieson

      Why are so many of you twins Both: Nepotism

    49. Demontale Chara

      Me : what happend? Mom : WELL HUNNY -picks up gun- Me: -logic- 👁👄👁

    50. Lajak Channel

      1:41 behind Tom yep the purple guy in real life who quit the Freddy fazbear pizza ria job cuz animatronic,annoying kids and do a crimes without any prove and become an officer

    51. Micky W

      This about 30 and a 1/2 5 seconds.

    52. The Tube Kid Banks-Frias

      Family member: *crying* 'How- wha- how did dis happen?' Police: Well you see he said some stuff, picked . up a gun and went li--' BANG

    53. Random Guy

      Aaayyy wahappend...!!!?

    54. Super Mario XR

      What happened?

    55. Rummana Idris

      What happened


      Well he picked up the guUn and *BANG* wait that’s not right *BANG*

    57. Team FM Reborn

      How many shots does that gun even have 😂

    58. ZendPixie

      Lol the first twin dude acts a lot like Wilford Warstache

    59. asian

      Rip the mom and the police who shot there self

    60. *xXCookie WolfXx*

      At the end "Mommy what happened to daddy?" *GRABS GUN* "Well hunny"

    61. Mohammed mixes


    62. The Swordsman SuperManROBLOX

      What happened to daddy? **random gun** Well, honey! **ded**

    63. Time2Portalz

      They should make the gun an SCP, that makes you suicide if someone asks what happened. Also it has unlimited ammo when someone asks.

    64. Ken Gamer

      Will he was pick up a gun and put his head and- *BOOM*

    65. Mystical Unicorn

      Daddy what happened to grandpa? Well He took this gun and he put it to his head like this and then *BOOM*

    66. LinaTheLittleCuty Playz

      2:12 What's Going On Bitch You do that 💥🔫👈 👍 NO GOOD DUD

    67. Rod Balaton

      The consequences of asking what happened So the lesson here is to never ask whats happeningbor else they will kill themselves or do what they did

    68. MinnieBlueWolf 07


    69. PsychoTheGodOfHell

      the end was so dark >:D

    70. Dominus Subscriber

      The girl might be crazy she said well honey she had a gun with a smile

    71. Damemelord Mc

      Tom was a great man before death and not many people know what happened WELL HE TOOK THE GUN AN-

    72. Onat Kemal Gede

      The last one is quite dark though

    73. Bendyie -w-

      What happened

    74. Gacha Milkshake

      lol 😂

    75. Obada Yahya

      What happened guys?

    76. MaXMario

      *WELL HONEY*

    77. Raptor Games and blogz

      Mom: **crys** Kiddo: what happend to daddy Mom: **pulls gun out** WELLL HONEY

    78. Brigette’s Animation studio

      Crazy psycho bitch lol

    79. PassingBy Ry

      Why do people keep on saying.. *What happened?* Edit: You could of put *Safety* first. There's a reason why that's there

    80. Twitch Tekkloop101

      Is that my man the law at the end

    81. Itzz Meh

      this ending though "well you see he pucked up this gun and- end of video "

    82. Losercubics 198

      I want to see a Tf2 or Borderlands 2 version.

    83. MiniMonsti xo

      yo what happened?

    84. CamZyy RBLX

      2:09 LMAOOO

    85. karen bluebird

      what happened to daddy and the mom rlly bish -_-

    86. Pie rate Boi

      Don't get it in even 2019 *What happened?*

    87. Lori Bennear

      Stop get some help

    88. mileena_san

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what happened?

    89. Hana _san

      Ha hahaha 🌚😂😂🌚😂😂🌚🌚😂🌚

    90. Kyle_Gaming 07


    91. muhamad 2005

      من هنا سرقك كودو اذا

    92. muhamad 2005

      من هنا سرقك كودو اذا

    93. رينو ryn

      What happened?

      1. رينو ryn

        +Alex G holy shit!

      2. Alex G

        Well he pick up the gun then bang.

    94. Inu Senpai

      I luv the last asking guy xD

    95. Oofedbois The Bloxhead


    96. Jordan Swager

      They dont know what the suicide is

    97. Philby Tan

      *Easy Step of killing ur enemies* You: Watch this video Enemy: *watches it You: so *What happened?* 😈

    98. Iza Mulkan

      I don't feel so good

    99. Josebit3000

      Is so dark at the end but funny too lol 😂

    100. s_lx

      Well honey!