What Happened? (feat. 5secondfilms)



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    This investigation starts off with a bang!
    Featuring 5secondfilms (fr-news.net/client-5secondfilms)
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (fr-news.net/client-TomSka)
    Cinematography by Ciaran O’Brien (twitter.com/ciaranobrien)
    Edited by Jack Howard (fr-news.net/client-jackhoward)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (fr-news.net/client-lildeucedeuce)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry (fr-news.net/client-andrewmfilms)
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    1. carla Bishop

      What happened too daddy mom:WELL HONEY

    2. LayLay Waffles


    3. Chelsey Gibson

      What happened here we'll he put the gut to his head and🤕

    4. Geminy'Z

      We're agree that was "The Law", no ?

    5. Leilani Martinez

      What happened to daddy? -randomly pulls a gun out- WELL HONEY

    6. Jose Rodriguez

      Police: what happened Police: well he picked up the gun an.... (Shoots self) Me:Ahh!! Mom: what happened! Me:we'll he took the gun and... R.I.P me

    7. Primo Bud



      2:09 *TO BE CONTINUED*

    9. Rusell Zapatero

      Wow,how many bullets does the gun have?😂😂

    10. winter wolfgodess

      That guy's face in the background XD

    11. Jayvon Otey

      Some still say the "what happend" event never stop See u next tim on Saturday o clack 9 news

    12. Pheonix star 2

      *WELL HONEY*

    13. Rockomoly

      What happened

    14. XxCrystal kitty :3 xX

      *son runs to mom* Son:What happened to daddy? *moms turns around and puts gun on head* Mom: *WELL HONEY!…*

    15. zion_nicole 07

      "oh no my twin brother"

    16. Piggywiggles

      What was that violin crescendo sound effect every time just before he shot him self? If someone could help that would be great

    17. Imbored05

      *What happened??*

    18. Roblox Games

      Best part was from 0 to2:32

    19. Anime Mischa

      MY SIS:Its like this Me:OH GOSH HECK NAW Random Guy:WHAT HAPPEN Me:oh its like this*points gun behind*

    20. Kyllie Harrison

      Whaaaaaaaaatttt haaaaaaaaaapppeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnneeeeedddddddd

    21. Family Matteau

      Oh oh o my gwd!!

    22. KiraPlayz

      Wait i don't understand? *What Happened*

    23. Lucas Ena


    24. Nomie Rembert

      Kid:what happened to daddy? *mom pulls gun to her head* mom:WELL HONEY! Me:this will be nonstop ;-;

    25. Flashbang Lover

      Well honey! 2:09

    26. Oquendo Family Shenanigans

      What happened?

    27. AlexerV E


    28. YoItz Nashima

      Son: What happened to daddy? Mom: *WELL HONEY!*

    29. Jacky Lin

      Now like eight fingerprint on that gun I wonder how they figure out the murder The gun?

    30. Tomidachi Girl

      Kid:What happened to daddy? Mom:Well honey...

    31. Sandra Adams

      Me:What happened to daddy? Mom: Well honey! *grabs gun* Mom:He put his head on the gun.... Me:Ok! whats next? Mom: And then he shot Himself! *shoots gun to head* Me:MOMMMYYYYY WHYYYY DID I ASK *calls 911* call: HELP MAMMY SHOT HERSELFFF WAAAAAAA! Idk: Ok ok ok why? Me: IDKKK SHE JUST!!! IDK I ASKED WHAT HAPPEND TO DADA AND THEN SHE SHOT HERSELF!!!!! idk: Uhhhh whats your address? Me: 92e48432443432 idk: Ok uhhhh *typesss randommmly bec forgot allll those nukmmveersss* idk: you live in space??? Me: Yes Yes Yes!!!! Idk: uhhhhh SORRY WE CANT HELLLP CYA KID HOPE YOU LIVE A GOOD GOOD LIFE!!!!!!!! Me: but what about mama?? Me: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      1. Sandra Adams

        Mom in heavan: jesus crise why did i do this??? wa!

    32. Caleb Brick 5256


    33. Josiah Nicholls


    34. Joshua Malchie-Inman

      This would work great as an SCP. The gun paired with the words, I mean.

    35. jngyng

      This cycle will keep going

    36. ngoc lieu

      *N E P O T I S M*

    37. It's Just Me

      oh my god i didn’t expect that I can’t watch this sorry tom

    38. A.Renee Brown


    39. robert harty

      Kid: what happened to daddy Mom:WELL HONEY:D

    40. BalloraFnaf StrangerThings Girl

      Who watched the roblox video of this??

    41. Jojo

      the end 😂😭😂

    42. Doki doki Nar Suki


    43. A Punch of life l

      This never gets old anyone in 2018

    44. GachaWolf :3

      😂😂😂 This is something Trump's Armies would do

    45. Vera Briels Espuerta

      *that whimper thouXD

    46. Derp Gamer

      I still don't know what happened

    47. martin tolenaars

      W E L L H O N E Y

    48. Lily Samuel

      Lmao why would u show that to ur son XD I bet u when she shot her self and the cops ask the son he said “ oh mommy did like this she pick up the gun - picks the gun up - and she put in her head like this - puts the gun on my head - and then she press this button- shots his self with the gun - “ and he dead and then it keeps going in a life circle lmaoo

    49. JordanCskywalker !

      *What Happened?*

    50. Jeremy Fitzgerald Likes Fries

      2:11 WELL HONEY