What Happened? (feat. 5secondfilms)



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    This investigation starts off with a bang!
    Featuring 5secondfilms (fr-news.net/client-5secondfilms)
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (fr-news.net/client-TomSka)
    Cinematography by Ciaran O’Brien (twitter.com/ciaranobrien)
    Edited by Jack Howard (fr-news.net/client-jackhoward)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (fr-news.net/client-lildeucedeuce)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry (fr-news.net/client-andrewmfilms)
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    1. Windows 8

      What happened to daddy? Well honey *takes out gun*

    2. Kitten & Courtney

      I have searched everywhere for this.

    3. Master Herobrine


    4. Space Life


    5. Darius Beverly


    6. Adara's Studio

      May someone explain *what happened?*

    7. AshiDraws

      What happened here?

    8. Anima2022EX

      how many bullet is in that deagle?

    9. Xzeno Master

      The ending is very dark but coming from Tom it is expected

    10. Second Time

      2:10 WOAH TOO FAR MOM

    11. Mâgâmêr

      So he took the gun and then *SHOOT*

    12. SonicZ Rab

      Well he took this gun and he...

    13. [H_aven]避難所

      xD LMAO

    14. Lemon Lime

      So um.. *What happened?*

    15. jhesa meer

      I thought the last who asked will say what are you

    16. Milicassie :D

      I love this!

    17. Gamertube

      *5 second film* *2:09** minutes long*

    18. Peter Heales

      what happend

    19. Elialitaaa Plays.

      2:00 Sad emotions :( **The child comes** Child: What happened to daddy? Mom: Well honey! Me: THIS SON OF A BI##H RUINED IT!!!

    20. Gunnar Loho

      WELL HONEY!! (o-o) HE TAKE THE GUN AND.... (O-O)

    21. kheoawesome0 Yt

      ~well honey...~ XD

    22. Mystical beast games

      wait what happend??

    23. FBDMO

      1:34 when you join a group chat and everyone’s texting at 4 am

    24. Raph c-j

      Anyone else on a Tomska binge?

    25. Cici K 101

      Omg that is super creepy am really scared to ask people what ha- all... Nvn

    26. Violet Victoria Jorden

      My friend: OH MY GODD WHAT HAPPENED HERE Me: Well... *Gun shot noise* My friend: ...... well here goes nothin... XD

    27. Elias Gonzalez (eg5054)

      0:35 lol wtf is dis

    28. CopTopGamer YT

      its gliched

    29. Doom guy

      What happened was idiocy and dumb assary

    30. Toby ARTM

      He didn't reload

    31. Mudança Temporaria

      yay humor '-'

    32. Hopes and Dreams 299


    33. The Kid Review's

      Guys what happened 🤨

      1. Raph c-j

        Well he took the gun and he *(GUNSHOT)*

    34. Luv 12 tacos

      Wait a second...... *what happened* ....?

    35. Blood


    36. Brandy Dorig

      so i was gonna show this to my mom but she left to get some fries (sour cream) but when she come back she said.... "what happened?" (i'm gonna add this) me: well mom....*shot by a gun that came out of no where*

    37. Mister Silverr

      Wtf was this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Losing brain cells

      what happened to daddy? WELL HONEY

    39. hector delgado

      *lol roblox*

      1. Raph c-j

        hector delgado what does it have to do with Roblox?

    40. 〈Clex〉

      News Report: “Last night 8 officers were killed. You may be asking yourself ‘what happened?’ Well you see here-“

    41. ShannonHasNoFriends

      I dont get it *what happened*

    42. A roblox Do do gamer

      How much bullets are in there why so much bullets

    43. ღ cutestgamersara ღ


    44. Sgt. RJ Gorillo

      m y t w i n b r o t h e r

    45. Lanna Gacha

      My friend told me this was funny but I really don't get it... So what happened exactly?

      1. Lanna Gacha


      2. Raph c-j

        Lanna Gacha well he took the gun and h-*bang*

    46. alan playz

      What happened

    47. Somani Mapping

      And This is why People hate the Police.

    48. Fakiinq Laughz

      *WELL HONEY :D*

    49. Syamel LC

      What happened here

    50. wild ice

      *This is how the world ends...* also what happened?