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    It's time to see whether these chips will reign supreme, or be impossible to redeem, as we ask the age old question: Will it Nacho? GMM #1360
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    1. Michelle Corcoran

      OH WAIT GMM IS BACK 😱 I wAs StArtIng To DiE 💖💕💕💕Thank god My favorite people are back

    2. Britnie Levi


    3. Steve Alexander

      Yay season 14🎉🎊

    4. Katie Pluim


    5. Erica Thomas

      Watching your videos always helps my depression. I love y'all!

    6. george simpson

      How about a „will it make link puke?”

    7. Kohlton Miller

      You guys are going back to your old format. ❤️

    8. KatieCat

      You should give us the recipes to all the Foods from the "Will it" series that works.

    9. Marissa Does Art

      I'm so glad the old two GMM and GMMore are back.

    10. GD Corgo

      7:30 Mr. McLaughlin, I'm nacho feeling so good...

    11. Lucas

      I missed you.

    12. Leah Lee

      White ppl eat anything , "watch out for your kids folks" .

    13. Yuuki ;3

      Mr. Rhett I'm nacho feeling so good.

    14. lisa ROXXI sandoval

      *BEST* *PART* *OF* *THE* *VIDEO* 14:53

    15. 6000 subscribers with No video challenge

      Question answered

    16. Cheyenne Dorsagno

      So happy to have you guys back in whatever format it may be

    17. space wolves

      The world is right again!! They're back!!!

    18. D. Koenigsegg

      I’m glad OLD FORMAT IS BACCCK!!!!

    19. D. Koenigsegg

      IM SO EXCITED!!!!

    20. tropico boy

      Link vomiting is so hilarious.

    21. D. Koenigsegg


    22. drew clark

      This might be and probably is offside for your show but I think it would be incredibly entertaining watching you guys try marijuana edibles in like an hour long video..

    23. Tilda W

      Will it soup?

    24. Super Bestest Sweetheart Buddy Lynn

      "You could have dinner with us... my brother makes good head cheese! You like head cheese?"

    25. Yorick van den Ouden

      I am so happy the old formula of 2 videos is back, way easier to follow again!

    26. wolf girl

      Tomorrow can you do a will it spaghetti so I know what's good or not on Sunday

    27. Name is Nameless


    28. Tilda W

      Will is spaghetti

    29. Katie McNeely

      You should have them actually cook things like the pig head nacho, in a way that's not just boiling. Because all those parts aren't bad when you actually cook it right. Though, y'all seem to have a penchant for good things then one or two bad things so y'all can gag and spit them out for shock value

    30. Tasaberi


    31. Teurteul

      Always nice to have you back guys, but I was waiting for a "nacho nacho meeen", it's a bit disappointing :P

    32. Martha Robertos

      Mythical Crew better be back too!

    33. Ashmal Sultan

      So late

    34. GoldenPIXEL 105

      1:20-1:26 looks like Ron Swanson

    35. Rich In Love

      Shouldn't have watched this while eating lunch. My turkey sandwich is so much less satisfying...

    36. Saniya13 05

      "We don't sell mushrooms yet" -Link 2018

    37. Michael Josleyn

      But I just started loving the new format 😭

    38. dj cheesecake

      Awesome!! I loved the one episode a day, I'm glad it's back.

    39. amelia the cute kitten

      I was eating nachos watching the video

    40. ARandomGamer

      My mornings finally have purpose again and on a Will it episode.

    41. J Sqaure

      I’m glad that this is back! Tho,I wanted to see you guys on tour and can’t because I live in Ohio. :) oh well i love the videos! STAY MYTHICAL!💙💙

    42. Lit Cat

      Yayyyayayayayayay I love u guys

    43. Louise Kent

      I loved nachos 🙃

    44. Sam I am

      I LOVE GMM I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Sorry I had to let that out..

    45. Smakk Makk

      yes i loved the old format i really slowed down on watching the show when you got the new one

    46. mr. wizard

      mythical more back!

    47. Ashe

      SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU GUYS BACK NOW I CAN EAT MY BREAKFAST IN STYLE Even if it is to a will it. I want link's shirt badly.

    48. Jason B

      Will it edible

    49. King Kai

      I liked the 4 short videos a day better.

    50. Rhea Shin

      Can you guys bring back gmcrew?? I miss it!! Also, I would like to see the process of these amazing videos!!